About Us

If you are reading this, you must be as much of a golf enthusiast as I am. My name is Christian Adams, and I love playing golf for various reasons. I am not a professional golfer, but I love playing the game for what it makes me feel. Golf is all about patience, discipline, and letting go. One primary reason I love the game so much is that it teaches me not to compete with anyone.

Each time I hit the greens, I strive to do better than the last time, and in the process, I learn a lot. Golf has rewarded me with an extended family that is always ready to make me a better golfer. I also love the game because it comes with many adventures that you will not find in many other sports. You know what else I love about golf, the fact that I can go golfing with my family and have great moments.

Even though I am not a pro golfer, I know my way around the greens, and I have met some of the best players in golf history. Some of the top professional golfers I have had a chance to shake hands with include Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus among several other players. My blog is that I want to help anyone out there that has the same passion for the game and does not have the time to go through sports magazines to learn more.

About Me


I come from San Diego, California, known for its fantastic weather and sunny beaches. San Diego is one of the best natural destinations for golfers from across the globe. One of the most famous courses in San Diego is the Torrey Pines, which also happens to be a favorite for tiger woods. At this course, I first shook Tiger Woods hands, and the thrill was out of this world.

I also met my beautiful wife on this beautiful course when we were both in university but had accompanied our parents for a few golf rounds. I must say that I count myself lucky to have met someone with the same passion for golf as I do. We have three children who, by chance, also happen to be golf enthusiasts. In short, you can call us the golfing family.

Besides watching our parents play golf back then, my wife, and I did not know much about the game. However, the one thing we agreed on is that we were both passionate about the game. We went further ahead to learn everything there was to learn about the beautiful game, and this finally gave birth to creating a blog to help others that are golf enthusiasts but do not know much about the fantastic sport.

What I Will Be Covering

  • The History of Golf

The one thing I was curious about golf was its origin or birthplace. I set out to research where and when golf started, the country or birthplace of this fantastic game and discovered a lot. I am sure there are many other golf enthusiasts out there who do not know about the history of the game. Do not wonder any longer as you can read all about the early golf courses, and how golf, spread to become one of the most popular sports in the world.

  • Golf Basics and Rules

Every sport comes with basics and rules. Golf is one of those sports that come with rules that are hard to master, especially for a newbie. In y blog, I will explain everything about the game’s rules and basics in a language that you can understand with ease.

  • Golf Etiquette

Golf is a classy game that comes with etiquette. I will tell you all about the etiquette that you need to adhere to become one with the other golfers.

  • Golfing Tips For Beginners

It is very frustrating for anyone venturing into anything you know very little about. In my blog, I will guide you on what to expect, the tricks, the dos and don’ts, and whatever else you need to know to become an accomplished golfer. I will answer any questions you need to answers and share my golfing experiences in different courses around the State.

  • Lady Golfers

Many of the golfing blogs and articles focus mainly on male golfers and sideline the ladies. I intend to change that by providing you with pieces that will make you learn more about golfing as a lady in a male-dominated field.

  • Senior Golfers

The good thing with golf is that it does not have any age limits. For seniors who still want to feel the greens’ thrill, watch out because I will dedicate some of the articles to you.

  • Toddlers, Teens, and Young Adults

We all know that the best golfers today started their journey as teenagers and young adults. I will focus on the age group that is the future Tiger Woods or Sam Snead.

  • What You Need To Play Golf

Golf is not just about the lush green golf course. You need golf balls, clubs, carts, caddies, and much more to have a successful round. In this blog, I will tell you everything you need to know about the things that make golfing complete, including the holes, distance between the holes, and much more.

  • Top Players, Major Tournaments

Lastly, I will also tell you all about some of the top players who have changed the golf industry in one way or another. I will also tell you about the major tournaments that come with amazing rewards.

Even though my blog is all providing you with all the information that you need to learn more about the game, I am still learning and would appreciate help from you too. Contribute or ask any questions that you may have, and we can all help each other. Golf is not a one-person game, and when we all come together, we can add to the beauty of the game. Feel free to contact me by filling the form below, and we can all enjoy what we love best.