Best Beginner Golf Clubs

Golf is an exciting game, but it can also be intimidating, frustrating, and expensive, especially for new golfers. Many new golfers do their trials on the greens with borrowed golf clubs and golf balls, but you cannot borrow forever, especially if you want to take your skills to a new level.

When you decide to buy your golf equipment, you will realize that golf clubs, golf balls, and many other items to do with golf do not come cheap. A golf club is one of the essential equipment in golf. Golf clubs come in varying sizes, categories, brands, and qualities.

The most common golf club categories include the hybrid, drivers, woods, putter, and irons. Each type has its work cut out for it, and it differs in quality and price from the next. If you are a beginner, you need to know the best clubs to use because some of them come with features that only professional and skilled golfers can handle.

Since it is hard for a beginner to know which clubs to start with, we help by introducing five of the best beginner golf clubs that come with all the qualities that will make you garner confidence on the golf course.

Best Beginner Golf Clubs

Our Top Picks Of The Best Beginner Golf Clubs

1. PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set

Distinctive Left Handed Junior Golf Club Set for Age 9 to 12 ( Height 4'4' to 5' ), Left Handed Only, Set Includes: Driver (15' ), Hybrid Wood (22, 2 Irons, Putter, Bonus Stand Bag & 2 Headcovers

If you have a toddler that you want to introduce to golf, you need to buy the best beginner golf clubs that you are sure come with ease of use, room for improvement and comfort at the course. One such set is the PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Set that comes with quality features fit for your toddler. The set of five essential clubs will not overwhelm your child, but instead, it will acquaint him or her more with the game.

The thing you and your toddler will like most about The PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Set is its graphite shafts. Besides offering the child with maximum distance, the graphite shafts also help the toddler to accustom themselves to flex and the feel of graphite shafts at an early age.

The clubs are also lightweight since the graphite shafts are weighted-down, allowing even the smallest child player to use and carry them without any problems. Although this particular set is for children aged 3 to 5 years, you can also get sets for kids aged 4 to 6 years and 9 to 12 years.

The clubs come in both right and left-hand orientations. The complete set features a 15-degree loft driver with a large sweet spot for straighter hits, and two irons numbered 6/7 and 9PW with maximum forgiveness, a 22-degree loft hybrid wood, and a putter.

The set also comes with a bag with an orange design and shoulder straps, allowing the child to carry it like a backpack. It also comes with a leg stands for support while playing on the course.


  • Comes in both right and left-hand orientations
  • Ideal for kids aged 3 to 5 years
  • Lightweight and quality graphite shafts
  • Provides flex, distance, and forgiveness
  • Affordable
  • Perfect loft angles
  • Convenient bag with shoulder straps


  • Offers limited coverage
  • The bag may be too heavy for the little children when it has all the clubs inside

2. Wilson Women’s Complete Golf Set-Best for Women

Wilson Women's Complete Golf Set

Wilson is one of the top brands when it comes to golf equipment. One thing you will like about the brand is the versatility and quality of the club sets. Wilson has many clubs exceptionally intended for various sorts of players with varying expertise levels.

Women golfers do not have the same physique as the men golfer and therefore require clubs to feel lightweight. Wilson gives you the best beginner golf clubs with this fantastic set of women’s complete set. The set features 6, 7, 8, and 9 Irons, 5-hybrid, a driver, a putter, a sand wedge, and a pitching wedge.

It also comes with a convenient bag with a self-activating stand and adjustable shoulder straps. The shafts are lightweight and made from graphite, helping the women golf beginners with more confidence in their swing speeds and distance. It also comes with protective head covers for the clubs.

The set also features full sole and low weighting that enhances control for better shots. The driver has a large sweet spot and a high loft for better practice, improved ball flight, and more distance. The grips on the clubs come with soft alignment that provides comfort and security while swinging.


  • Soft alignment grips for comfort
  • Lightweight graphite shafts for speed and swinging ease
  • Driver with high lofting and sweet spot
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable to carry bag
  • Head covers for protection


  • Only suitable for right-handed players

3. Wilson Men’s and Teens Complete Golf Set

Wilson Men's and Teen Complete Golf Set

If you want to see your teen game of golf go from the beginner level to the intermediate level in the shortest time possible, think Wilson Men’s and Teens Complete Golf Set. The golf set is also one of the most affordable in the market, adding to its great features.

Some of the most notable clubs that make the club set one of the best beginner golf clubs include the driver, 3-hood, 5-hybrid, irons, and a putter. The driver plays a considerable role in developing the player’s confidence on the greens. It has a 460cc head with a lofted angle of 10.5 degrees and a down weighting that keeps the sole to the ground as the player takes a swing.

Besides beginners, the driver also provides intermediate players with confidence and sharpness when they tee off. The other clubs that complement the driver are the wood and the hybrid. Both clubs offer the players with maximum forgiveness with the same profile and build as the driver.

Though the hybrid is slightly larger than the driver is, it provides the player with a response at impact and a solid feel. The irons come with perimeter weighting making them the Best beginner golf clubs because of their stability. They help with distance, improve launch, consistency, and clean contact. Unlike the graphite-shafted woods, which are lightweight, irons are heavier.

Finally, the last club on the set is the putter that comes with a blade style. It has a soft insert that prevents skidding and smooth rolling. To complete the set is a stand bag with a lightweight touch and storage pockets. It has a padded top for comfort.


  • Affordable
  • Ideal for both beginners and mid handicappers
  • Includes quality clubs that offer forgiveness and high performance
  • Lightweight bag with storage spaces


  • Clubs not too durable
  • Bag does not come with durable construction

4. Wilson Juniors Complete Golf Set

Wilson Juniors Complete Golf Set

Unlike many other brands, Wilson does not create golf sets that overwhelm beginners and the younger golfers. Instead, the brand creates sets that help to develop beginner teens with their golfing skills from their early years. This particular set is for kids aged from 8 to 12 years though you can also get for other age sets.

The set also strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and quality, making them the Best beginner golf clubs that you can feel proud gifting your teen. The set features a wedge, a driver, a short iron, a putter, and a hybrid. The wedge is one of the most impressive clubs in the set. It features a weighted sole that provides the child to enjoy better swings and approaches on the golf course.

Even though the driver’s head is smaller than expected, it does not affect the sweet spot size. The putter comes with alignment markers that allow more accurate putt from the young players. The hybrid wood is also another feature that makes the set stand out. It has a flat heel that allows the junior players to efficiently get under the ball and strike the ball off the tee or out of the rough.

The hybrid also comes with a 25-degree loft. The shaft is lightweight and good enough to provide the young ones with enough flex and confidence. Lastly, the set comes in a lightweight bag that makes it easy for the junior players to walk the course with their sets. The bag also features sturdy standing legs and comes with wood and driver head covers.


  • Lightweight shafts with good flex
  • Driver and wood provide lots of forgiveness and distance
  • Weighted heels for confidence and encouragement
  • Right and left hand orientations
  • Standing bag for stability and ease of club sets movement
  • Head covers for protection
  • Affordable


  • Grips are too thin
  • Bag lacks a rain hood
  • Clubs have a limited range
  • Missing loft degrees
  • The grips are a little thin
  • No rain hood for the bag
  • Limited club range
  • Loft degrees are not given

5. Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set

Aspire X1 Men's Complete Golf Set Includes Titanium Driver, S.S. Fairway, S.S. Hybrid, S.S. 6-PW Irons, Putter, Stand Bag, 3 H/C's Right Hand Tall Size for Men 6'1' and Above!

Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set makes it to our list of the best club for beginners because it deserves a spot for its quality and effectiveness. Maybe we do not hear much about Aspire, but it belongs to the other more popular brands. The set comprises f all the essential clubs a beginner needs to improve their swinging skill.

It has a 460cc titanium driver, a fairway wood, irons, a putter, and a hybrid. The set also comes with a deluxe bag that matches the clubs and a unique design for taller players with heights of 6″ 1′, and the construction material is durable. The sleek bag provides the handicapped players with appearances on the golf course, which is also a confidence booster. The set is strictly for right-handed players.


  • Titanium 460cc driver
  • Graphite shaft wood with a lightweight feel
  • Sleek and durable stand bag
  • Ideal for tall players
  • Affordable


  • Only for right-handed players
  • Does not have any wedges

What Brands Should I Avoid Like The Plague?

If you are a beginner and still struggling with your shots or losing several balls in the water and sand, you probably have the wrong set of clubs. Maybe you could also be using older clubs that you got from someone to help you with your starting lessons or bought the cheapest clubs you could find in your local sports store.

At some point, you will need to upgrade and go for the best beginner golf clubs from reputable brands that will help you to improve your singing skills, but it is not always as easy as it sounds. Golf is expensive, and you should avoid some brands like the plague if you want to save your game. Some of the brands to avoid are-

  • Expensive brands

Many of the expensive clubs are appealing to the eye, and they come with extremely great features. However, if you are a beginner, you should avoid the expensive brands and settle for the cheaper ones until you get the hang of the game.

Cheaper clubs will set your pace without affecting your budget much. Once you have the skill to play with confidence, you can then go for an expensive set of clubs.

  • Blades

Blades are great for professional players, but you should avoid them like the plague if you are a beginner. The majority of the golf industry blades are suitable for players with a 6 or lower handicap.

The features that make a blade stand out are its knife-like look at the club’s back and the tiny sweet spot. If you are not a professional player, the blade may cause you actual pain on the hands and arms when you take a swing.

  • Wedges with 60 degrees loft and above

Wedges with a loft degree of above 60 are also no joke for a beginner, and only professional golfers can handle them with ease. You will not feel comfortable taking a swing with such a wedge, and you may end up failing to lift the ball off the ground.

How Much Should I Spend On Golf Clubs As A Beginner?

How Much Should I Spend On Golf Clubs As A Beginner

One of the many mistakes some beginners make is to start their training with an expensive set of clubs, probably because of the excitement of playing golf.

If you spend money on a set of clubs that you do not need, it may lead to regret and even low quality of play because many of the expensive clubs come with advanced features that only skilled players can handle with ease.

Before buying the clubs, you should first be sure how much effort you are willing to put into the game and what you are hoping to become. You should opt for cheap golf clubs if you are occasionally playing for recreational purposes with a few friends or family members. The best clubs to buy for occasional golf with friends should not cost you more than $300.

You could even go to clubs that are as low as $150. However, if you are training to become a professional golfer, you could opt for a slightly more expensive set of clubs. Luckily, many brands offer cheap golf club sets that come at affordable rates and excellent features for beginners. The cheapest club in the market is a putter, which you can get for as low as $40 or less.

Do Golf Clubs Make A Difference For Beginners?

Yes, golf clubs make a difference for beginners. Quality golf clubs provide players with more comfort and distance on the course. However, some of the best beginner golf clubs also come with high rates.

If you were a beginner, my advice would be to go with off-shelf clubs that provide you with the fundamental aspects of playing golf. As you progress your skill level, you can opt for more expensive and better quality clubs.

Get to learn more about all the different types of golf clubs at your disposal to garner confidence. Start with the wedges and slowly upgrade to the driver, the hybrids, and the irons. When it comes to the putter, price does not matter, and you can start with anything that you can handle with ease.

Should I Buy A Golf Set Or Individual Clubs?

One golf course rule indicates that a player can use a maximum of 14 clubs on the golf course. You do not need a full set of clubs, if you are a beginner. The maximum numbers of clubs you need are nine, and in most cases, you will not even use some of the nine individual clubs. The most necessary clubs a beginner needs are-

  • A driver, which helps you with distance
  • A fairway wood, which helps to lift the ball out of fairway turf and provide you with accuracy and distance
  • Short irons are also part of the set and they come with the versatility to help you in different situations on the golf course. You can go with four irons for your first experience on the driving range or golf course. The best irons to use as a beginner are 6, 7, 8, and 9.
  • A sand wedge that helps you to hit the ball from a sand bunker or swing through a sand turf without being stuck
  • Pitching wedge is another necessary club to include in your clubs. The work of the pitching wedge is to loft the ball high by getting under it.
  • The putter is another essential addition to your clubs as it helps you get the ball into the hole in a straight line.
  • Besides the above clubs, you may also need a hybrid, which provides you with distance and better swing speed.

Wrapping It Up

If you are a beginner, you do not have to start your golfing journey by opening your wallet to expensive equipment. Some of the costly equipment, especially golf clubs, could have advanced features that keep up with the high price. Using such clubs as a beginner will lead to loss of confidence because they require a skill level that you lack.

However, by using any of the above best beginner golf clubs, you can kill two birds with one stone-save your money and enjoy quality swing using the best set of clubs. Start small, and with patience and lots of practice, you will progress to using expensive clubs that come with advanced features that your skill level can handle with ease and confidence.

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