Disclosures And Disclaimer

Our goal is to make Newportdunesgolf a source of recommendations for items from coffee beans to espresso machines. We collect reliable data, make and taste coffee ourselves, interview experts, and share our own experiences.

We want you to choose only great products.


If you decide to buy any product that you found on our website, then you click the link. This affiliate link redirects you to the website of external companies, and you buy the product directly from the seller.

For help in attracting customers to their website, we receive affiliate commissions. If the product is not what you expected and you return it, we won’t get anything. Therefore, we are interested in recommending only those products that will delight you.

Product prices are the same regardless of whether you make purchases through an affiliate or non-affiliate link. Clicking on an affiliate link and clicking on an unaffiliated link does not change the price or anything else for you.

The affiliate system works – it rewards us for what we do well and punishes us if we did something wrong. Thus, we recognize our strengths and weaknesses and we have the opportunity to improve the site.

Types Of Affiliate Programs At Newportdunesgolf

Newportdunesgolf uses two main types of affiliate programs:

1. Amazon affiliate links

Newportdunesgolf  is a member of the Amazon Services LLC affiliate program, an affiliate advertising program designed to enable us to earn money by connecting to Amazon.com and other affiliate sites.

2. Affiliate links to products from a particular manufacturer

If you click on the product’s affiliate link from a specific manufacturer, and not from Amazon.com, we will also receive a percentage of the sale or some other type of compensation.

If you use these affiliate links, the price you pay won’t be any different than if you hadn’t used the links. You will not pay more by clicking on the link. These links are not paid per click.

How Do Affiliate Links Work?

The principle of affiliate links can be shown in the following example:

Imagine that you are the owner of a small coffee shop. You decided to make an advertisement with the help of friends and asked them to invite their friends to the shop. To encourage them to do so, you promised your friends 20% of the proceeds per order placed by each invited acquaintance.

But the shop is also visited by strangers who have come of their own free will. You can’t give your money to every client who appears in a cafe without the help of friends.

So you print out business cards for each friend and assign them a unique number. That is, Clara will have cards with one number, and Michael with another. When the client shows a business card, you will definitely know which of your friends invited him and to whom the proceeds should be given.

Affiliate links work the same way, only sites are used instead of friends, and a link with a special identifier is used instead of a business card with a unique number.