12 Best Golf Bags In 2021

You ought to treat your golf clubs right if you want them to treat you well and give the best performance. Golf bags come in handy to provide your precious golf clubs a safe home, give you the pockets you need, the comfort you crave, and the classic style you desire. Regardless of the type of bag you need, the golf-bag market avails something for us all.

What should you have in your mind when choosing the type of bag to buy? Factors such as how frequently do you play should guide the choice you make. For instance, if you are the golfer who hits the road as often as thirty-six-hole-a-day golfing trips, you need a lightweight bag with adjustable and comfortable straps. Are you a gadget person, or you probably have so much stuff?

When it comes to buying the best golf accessories, every golfer requires some help. Do not sweat yourself since we are here to guide you. For our best golf bags series, we have handpicked the best of each type. Consider us as your shopping assistant and read on to get the very best stuff.

best golf bags

Our Top Picks of the Best Golf Bags

Best Disc Golf Bags

1. Kestrel Disc Golf Bag 

Kestrel Disc Golf Bag | Fits 6-10 Discs + Bottle | for Beginner and Advanced Disc Golf Players | Extremely Durable Canvas | Disc Golf Bag Set | Small Disk Golf Bag

Kestrel Discs focuses on producing the best golf gears as possible. The kits are tested as the weather changes with different players who have different levels of skills to ensure that the products can serve everyone and in any condition. Kestrel disc golf bag is not an exception. The design is made with the player’s needs in mind and to withstand any challenging course. The bag is made to hold up to 8 discs and a water bottle without hauling the disc golf set.

The kestrel Disc Golf Bag is built to serve you for a long time, with a custom design to handle challenging courses, harsh outdoor conditions, or even your car trunk. Kestrel is among the best golf bags, and it comes with two separate pockets to help you organize your stuff. You will also be able to dominate and reach golf discs with ease.

The bag is ideal for all ages. Any golfer, regardless of their age or body size, can entirely use the bag. This is because the bag is made with adjustable straps for all shoulder sizes to ensure that your golf discs rest on your hips. The bag should give you maximum comfort and satisfaction, and if for whatever reason you become dissatisfied, you can always get a replacement or 100% money back.

2. Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Backpack

Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Backpack | Blue/Black | Frisbee Disc Golf Bag with 17+ Disc Capacity | Introductory Disc Golf Backpack | Lightweight and Durable | Discs NOT Included

Dynamic Discs is a creation of Jeremy Rusco in 2005, and the focus was to sell relevant disc golf brands online. In 2012 there was a partnership between Dynamic Discs and Latitude 64, a Swedish golf disc manufacturer, to manufacture golf discs designed by Dynamics. The first of its kind, Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Backpack is a perfect choice for beginners. It is made with a compact footprint with adjustable straps to make it easy and comfortable to carry around.

The introductory level disc golf bag has a compartment with 17+ discs capacity depending on the number of putters, midranges, and drivers you throw. The pack also has two zippered storage pockets large enough to carry disc golf accessories, values, and an apparel item. That allows you to bring everything you need to use on the course.

Additionally, this best golf bag comes with two mesh side pockets that give you more disc capacity or any other storage need. The two ‘D-ring’ compartments are ideal for carrying towels and other golfing accessories. Buy the bag with all the confidence because you have the assurance to get all your money back if the bag does not meet your expectations. It is also good to bear in mind that the package does not include Discs or a water bottle.

Best Golf Cart Bags

3. TaylorMade Golf 2019 Select Cart Bag

TaylorMade Golf 2019 Select Cart Bag

The 2019 TaylorMade cart bag has a padded shoulder strap on its belly, which is adequate for a cart bag, but it is not made as a carry bag. It is, therefore, not ideal for anyone who would wish to have a backpack. The bag is perfect for use on a motorized cart and also on any wheel pushcart.

The golf cart bag is a new product in the market, which both lightweight and very durable. It has zippers that are strong enough. It is the first of its kind with an individual slot to hold each golf club, which is far better than jamming your clubs into larger openings. It’s a great looking bag for a great price. I’ve had people comment on how much they like it every round since buying it.

The TaylorMade golf 2019 select is among the best golf bags because it has enough pocket spaces to hold everything you need to carry. There is so much storage you will be fascinated, from the seven pockets, 14-way top, oversized front-facing pockets, and an oversized putter. The bag offers you more than enough room to place all your stuff. You might not carry the bag much since it’s a cart bag, but you will get enough compliments on the bag from the parking lot to the driving range. And for the price, you can never go wrong.

4. Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Cart Bag

Cobra Golf 2020 Ultralight Cart Bag

The ultralight cart bag has a cart pass-through strap, which gives access to all pockets while the pack sits securely on the cart. The bag has an insulated pocket to store drinks up to 12 ounces and keep them cold. It has dual fleece-lined pockets which are safe for valuables.

Apart from the special pockets, this best golf bag has thirteen pockets to give maximum storage capacity. There is a dual large size apparel storage pocket with key clips. There is a fleece-lined range finder pocket and customizable ball pockets.

What is fantastic about the Ultralight cart bag is that even with all the pockets and extra features, it is very light and user friendly at 5.3 pounds.

Best Golf Travel Bag

5. CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover

CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Padded Golf Travel Bag Cover with Oversized Pockets - Heavy Duty, Wheeled Golf Bag Travel Cover, Lightweight

The Constrictor II travel cover is made of a weather-proof 1800 denier advanced grade nylon. Fabric denier denotes the thickness of nylon fibers, and 1800 denier means that it is three times thicker and more durable than the ordinary 600 denier nylon. It also has the best handles, wheels, webbing, and lockable zippers.

This best golf bag has a central opening and two large side pockets with the best lockable zippers. The main space is large enough to enclose up to a 10 inches’ cart bag. Additionally, the main pocket is heavily padded on the top to ensure your club heads’ safety. The pack also has both internal and external cinch straps which assist in securing the clubs.

When not in use, you can collapse the travel cover for easy storage. The Caddydaddy product is heavy, weighing 9 pounds, although it has some easy-rolling skate wheels for mobility. It has a luggage tag and a business card slot for identification. You can never go wrong for the price since it has a 100% hassle-free one-year full bag replacement warranty.

6. Athletico Padded Golf Travel Bag 

The Athletico golf travel bag comprises 600D polyester and a vinyl base, ensuring that the bag is safe from abrasions and scuffs while on transit for durability reasons. This best golf bags has a 5mm of padding, lining the entire bag to protect your expensive golf equipment while on the go. You can use the travel bag while flying or for protection in your car trunk.

The golf travel cover is comfortable and easy to carry around since it has padded, Velcro-locking carrying handles. The manufacturer gives you a 100% satisfaction warranty or money back if the travel cover does not live up to your expectations.

Best Lightweight Golf Bags

7. Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Stand/Carry Golf Bag

Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Stand/Carry Golf Bag

Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight golf bag is the perfect little bag you can use for a weekend getaway, a par 3, driving range, or even an exec course. It features a two-compartment top that can comfortably hold up to seven clubs and one accessory pocket with balls, ball marker, pencil, and tees.

Orlinar is one of the best golf bags that features both a long-lasting carry handle and a shoulder strap for toting the clubs. Additionally, it is ultra-light with a weight of around 1.95 pounds, which means that you can carry it around the golf course with a lot of ease. Apart from that, it has stands to compliment the lightweight and ensure that you enjoy the day without straining.

The Best Women Golf Bags 

8. OGIO 2020 Convoy SE Stand Bag

OGIO 2020 Convoy SE Stand Bag

OGIO 2020 is made of durable 300D ripstop polyester fabric, which keeps your equipment safe with every use. It is purposely made for any golfer who needs a lot of storage and high organization in a medium-size package for a golf cart or trolley.

This best women golf bag features a 14-way top, soft-lined pockets for valuables storage, and a well-insulated large cooling pocket to give repository for cold drinks you might need while playing. Additionally, OGIO 2020 has a new design adjustable load balancing double shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry the bag for long and short distances. It also has a dual passage for the cart strap. It has a reasonable weight of around 5.8 pounds.

9. RJ Sports Paradise 9” Deluxe Ladies Cart Bag

RJ Sports Paradise 9' Deluxe Ladies Cart Bag

The RJ Sports Paradise cart bag has vital storage, which is light enough for a golf cart.  It features a 9 inches’ main bag and 14-way full-length bag dividers to give room for each of your golf clubs. There is an external putter to enable your stick to stay handy for bigger grips.

This best golf bags comes with seven pockets that will hold all the accessories you might require for the game. It has a heavily padded shoulder strap for easy carrying across the golf course. There are four additional large side pockets where you can store your shoes. Additionally, there is an insulated pocket to keep your drinks cold.

It also has extra features such as a front ball pocket, one front organizer pocket, a scorecard sleeve, pencil or tee holder, a towel hook, a Velcro glove attachment, some matching rain hood, and a matching accessory pouch. Cumulatively the features weigh 4.7 pounds. It also has a one-year limited guarantee.

Best Walking Golf Bags

10. Champkey Lightweight Golf Stand Bag

Champkey Lightweight Golf Stand Bag - Easy to Carry & Durable Pitch Golf Bag – Golf Sunday Bag Ideal for Golf Course & Travel

Champkey bracket is made of aluminum alloy and has a high carry capacity that can hold even clubs. This best golf bag features five extra pockets where you can store equipment such as tees, golf balls, water cups, or divot tools and mark.

It is the lightest Sunday stand bag available on the market with a weight of 1.95 pounds and can comfortably fit up to nine clubs. It has a 100% money-back guarantee to back it up and give you the value for your money.

Best Golf Stand Bag

11. TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0

TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0

TaylorMade 5.0 gives enough space for everything you need to enjoy your game. This best golf stand bag has a 5-way divider top, six pockets, an umbrella sleeve, a matching rain hood, and an EVA molded hip pad put on the side to reduce friction and give more comfort. It has a fleece-lined pouch to store valuables

The automatic, anti-slit stand system with non-slip pads ensures that it is secure while standing. The dual shoulder straps provide comfort while carrying the bag.

Best Hybrid Golf Bag

12. Titleist Hybrid 14 Golf Bag

Titleist Hybrid 14 Golf Bag

Titleist hybrid 14 golf bag features high-quality aluminum legs and an advanced hinged bottom to give high level stability. For ease of carrying, it has a self-balancing, convertible strap system that has dual-density foam strap to ensure durability cushioning and long-term comfort. You can also attach it to a cart since it has an integrated cart strap system for ease of access.

Type of Bag

Type of golf Bags

The technology is rapidly advancing, and golf bags are not left out. There was not much choice for golfers who had to walk around with hefty bags stuffed with golf clubs in the past. Presently, times have changed, and there are new bag designs that are waterproof and weight sensitive.

When you go out shopping for golf gear such as bags, you will get various golf bags to choose from. They come in different shapes, sizes, and designs from multiple top notch brands, Galvin Green or even Cobra golf bags. Factors such as the number or type of golf clubs you will need to carry to the course, or the way you will transport your gears from one golf hole to the next will help you decide on the type of golf bag to purchase.

Do you know the different types of golf bags?

Carry Bags

carry golf bags

Carry bags, mostly known as Sunday bag, are the smallest of them all. The manufacturers design them so that they are the simplest to carry across the golf course. In addition to the small size, they are the lightest since they are made using some lightly weighing materials, which gives them a weight of roughly 2 to 4 pounds. There is very minimal if any, support structure put inside the bag.

Carry bags do not have stand legs; you must find a tree or a pole to prop them against or gently place them down on the grass while playing. They also lack a feature to attach them to a cart or trolley, not unless you are resourceful and innovative enough.

The bags are made in such a way that they can carry not more than nine golf clubs. They also do not have the luxury and additional space found on more giant bags to maintain the lightweight. The Sunday bags compensate for the lack of all these features by being cheaper than the rest of the options. For a golfer who plays on a nine-hole golf course and wants a small economical golf bags, a carry bag is the best option for you.

Cart Bags


Cart bags have a superior design that can only be carried on a trolley, a golf buggy, or a cart, whether electric or push/pull.

Cart bags are unique since they have a non-slip or rubber base that enables the bag to stay still on the cart as you move around. This may not be the best bag option for golfers who like walking around the course carrying their golf bags; a stand bag will do for them.

A cart bag is considerably smaller and lighter compared to a tour bag. It weighs roughly 6 to 7 pounds for better mobility when you place it on a cart. It is several pockets for extra clothing, valuables, golf balls, waterproofs, and gloves, although not as many as the tour bags. You can access the pockets with the bag on the trolley since they are on the same side.

Stand Bags

Stand golf Bags

Stand bags are the most versatile compared to other options. They are unique and distinct from the rest because of their retractable legs, which enable them to stand upright, and they are noticeably lighter, weighing around 5 pounds or less. The two legs retract and do not get in your way while you are carrying around; instead, they will give you the ease of access to any golf club as you play around since they enable the bag to remain upright on various terrains on the golf course. This is an advantage over tour or trolley bags, which are most effective only on flat surfaces such as the trolley, caddie’s back, or golf buggy.

Stand golf bags are the most popular and best option for people who love to walk while carrying their golf bags from one hole to the other. Golf bags are heavy, especially when loaded with 14 different golf clubs, but most of the Stand bags feature a backpack-design with double shoulder straps that help in equal weight distribution on both shoulders. Some brands include additional features like a hip pad to give more comfort, inhibiting friction when walking on the golf course.

Some modern stand bags are made so that you can fix the bag on a cart. They have numerous pockets and dividers to fit all your gears and for neatness purposes. Additionally, they feature internal pockets while still focusing on maintaining lightweight.

Travel Bags

Travel golf Bags

Travel bags are available for golfers who move from one place to another carrying their golf clubs. The travel bags can protect the golf clubs and keep them safe on flights lengthy baggage handling and storage.

The best bags are made using hard cases or weighty materials. They are big enough to contain a whole golf bag full of golf gear. The bag is ideal for professionals who travel to play games elsewhere. You can use a travel bag to encompass any other type of golf bag you use locally.

Tour Bags

Tour golf bags

Tour bags are enormous golf bags available in the market, and they are also referred to as the staff bags. They are luxurious and mostly made of leather or other premium materials. The bag is made with a lot of space for all personal belongings and the golf clubs. It ranks as one of the best golf bags and the most luxurious compared to other types.

The name tour bag originates from the fact that the bag is mostly popular with professional golfers when out on tours. Professionals use it because it provides additional space for golf balls, spare clothing, gloves, and waterproofs.

On the flip side, the bags are quite heavy, weighing about 10 pounds, which might be problematic for an average golfer. There is no issue with the weight for the professionals since a personal caddie is there to carry the bag around. However, it might be a significant problem when a professional is playing alone, and therefore it is always crucial to have someone to accompany you.

The tour bag might be heavy due to the multiple storage spaces, the high quality materials, and the unique style. Do not allow the heavyweight to put you off since you can get a trolley to use.

Hybrid Bags

Hybrid golf Bags

Hybrid golf bags close the gap between cart golf bags and stand golf bags. The bags incorporate and combine the best features from the two types to develop a more superior golf bag. There is an advancement in the size of the bags, the number of dividers and pockets. One can also carry the bag on a cart or stand on its own on the golf course since they have both abilities.

Number of Pockets

The best golf bags have pockets made for specific reasons. Some golf bags will have an insulated and cooler pocket for keeping cold drinks. You will also find pockets lined for the safekeeping of valuable things such as mobile phones or keys. There are full-length pockets made for the storage of extra clothing, outerwear, and other apparel.

Most golf bags have two ordinary pockets. However, today golf bags are made with the user needs in mind. Therefore, as you settle on a golf bag with a certain number of golf pockets and features, consider the things you might need to take with you to know how many pockets you will require.

You may also consider a rain hood, an umbrella holder, glove attachment, or even a towel ring in addition to the above features. These extra features are there to add some class and make your golfing life easier.

Strap System

Strap golf Bags

It is loud and clear that you will mostly interact with your golf bag via its handles and straps. Most bags are made with lift handles fixed on the top, and some have the handles at the bottom. The handles help you to carry your bag across the golf course easily.

If you are the kind of golfer who carries their bag, you will need to be on the lookout for the straps’ quality and number. Standard golf bags usually have a single or double strap system. Normally, stand and carry bags are made with a dual-carry system, although you might find one in rare cases. On the other hand, cart bags have a single strap system.

Consider getting a bag with wide, comfortable, and heavily-padded straps. Ensure that the straps are adjustable to fit any size and comfort when carrying the golf bag. The best golf bags have a self-balancing strap system since the straps squarely sit on the golfer’s shoulders. They also tilt easily to give you the ease of access to the golf clubs in the bag.

What to Look for in a Golf Bag?

best golf Bags 2

Are you in the market looking for a replacement for your golf bag? It is vital to have an open mind that the bags might have had many changes since the last time you were in the marketing shopping for your already old bag. Here are some of the features to look for in the best golf bags:


Some golfers prefer carrying and walking with their golf bags. A heavy load will hinder such kind of flexibility. Most modern golf bag manufacturers are trying to make the bags as light as possible and still maintain the sturdiness.

Golf bags have varying weights, with some weighing as little as 3 pounds. Most of these lightweight bags have lesser pockets and storage capacity since the aim is to keep the load as light by any means possible. To maintain a light load, you also need to avoid staffing it with many things that might increase the weight.

The truth is you might be trading durability in exchange for comfort since most of the light golf bags will do not withstand the test of time. Moreover, you will miss out on some essential features such as an umbrella holder or a rain hood to take care of rainy days, insulated storage to ensure that your drinks are cold enough for hot and sunny days. You might also lack that crucial hook for your towel.


An excellent looking golf bag will earn you some compliments. As you make your purchase, go for a bag that meets your needs while still looking good for you.


The best golf bags should be able to ensure maximum security for your equipment. As you shop for a golf bag, consider an option with a separate pocket for your clubs, preferably one with each golf club’s spot. A waterproof golf bag will offer protection for your clubs against the rain, which can ruin them.

Golfers who travel a lot should get a golf bag that will withstand the pressure of baggage handling and flights.


The best golf bags should be capable of storing everything you need for your favorite game, right from golf balls, gloves, extra tees, and other accessories such as your laser range finder or GPS, a brush, and probably a few snacks. Not unless you are a golfer who is always on the go, you do not require a golf bag to carry an entire closet with things such as sweaters or weather-proofs.

You need some special pockets for your drinks, a scorecard, or even a marker. Most modern bags have unique fleece-lined spaces to take care of golfers who do not leave behind their wallets or watches unless while playing. You can keep other valuables such pockets.


Durable golf bags are mostly heavy due to the material they are made of. Most of the high quality bags are made of heavy material capable of withstanding the test of time. The lighter golf bags may give you some comfort but with a compromise of quality. The best golf bags should give you the value for money and serve you long enough.


Should I Get a Stand or Cart Bag?

There is no specific answer to this question since golfers prefer stand bags over cart bags or the other way around. The only way to make the best choice is by considering your likes and dislikes in the golf course. If you do not like to walk or carry your golf bag, you will need a cart or a trolley, and a cart bag will be the best for you.

Additionally, if you are a golfer with a lot of stuff to bring with you, a cart bag might be the only choice for you because of the space and ease of organization for your property.

On the other hand, if walking and carrying your golf bag is not a bother for you, a stand bag is what you should probably consider. There is a wide range of stand bags for you to make the choice that best suits your needs.

Small Vs. Big Golf Bags: What’s Better?

The best golf bag for one golfer might not be good enough for the other golfer. Therefore, the needs of a golfer accurately define the term ‘better.’ If you play in a golf course with nine holes or do not bring a lot of stuff to the golf course, a small bag will be better.

On the other hand, if you are that golfer who brings electronics, fourteen different golf clubs, and other accessories that need more storage space, a big golf bag will be a better choice.

How to Clean a Golf Bag?

Empty your golf bag, and depending on the kind of material that makes your bag, spray some water on it.

Add some soap in warm water, use a soft rag or a clean cloth, clean the dirt on your bag by scrubbing it gently, and use running water to rinse it.

If you find any persistent stains, spray some stain remover over it, leave it for some time, use a clean cloth and gently rub off to remove the stain.

If the bag is satisfactorily clean, leave it to dry under shade or overnight.

For bags mags made of vinyl, a vinyl protectant might help to give some extra shine.

Are Golf Bags Water Proof?

Yes, although not all. Some specially made golf bags are waterproof to give golfers the best storage on rainy days. They help ensure that the equipment does not soak in rainwater since it can destroy the golf clubs—most of the waterproof bags lighter than usual golf bags.

In a wrap 

When settling for the most appropriate type of a golf bag, consider how you intend to transport it. If you are comfortable walking across the golf course, a lighter option such as the carry or stand bag will do. In case you ride a cart, weight might not be an issue for you, and you can go for the bigger options.

There is no accurate definition for the best golf bags since a golfer’s needs will always set the standards, and a bag that meets the requirements will carry the award.

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