Best Golf Balls For Average Golfer

Most people who play golf are average golfers. These golfers don’t have the time or money to spend on golf balls that will give them an edge over their competition.

In this article, I’ll discuss what makes a golf ball great for an average golfer and reveal the secrets that can put a huge advantage in your bag.

best golf balls for average golfer

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Srixon Men’s Soft Feel Golf Ball

Srixon Men's Soft Feel Golf Ball

For golfers who want to feel the ball more on their driver, Srixon Men’s Soft Feel Golf Balls will be my first recommendation. These balls have a specially engineered Super Soft Core that is very resilient yet still provides good distance for anyone with an average swing speed or someone fresh into the game like you!

The high level of softness in these discs also comes from using energetic gradient growth which helps transfer energy at impact so it can go as far before fading away – making them perfect if achieving higher levels isn’t really necessary right offwhen playing alone but your goal might become hitting further down road after some practice.

The new generation of golf balls by combining technology with tradition, putt-play enthusiasts can expect an increased distance and the chance at higher scores.

With improved ionomer coverings on their surfaces to promote launch angles while keeping low spin rates like those in 334 dimple patterns; these shiny spangled beauties are guaranteed not only for smooth sailing but also shorter strokes too!

Reason To buy:

  • The most advanced two-piece construction around
  • Low driver spin and the straightest ball flight of any golf ball
  • Phenomenal feel on full shots, tee shots, chips and more
  • Delivers excellent short game performance with a soft feel and high launch angle
  • Special “Hit Straight” alignment arrow make it easy to line up for maximum accuracy

Volvik Crystal Golf Balls

Volvik Crystal Golf Balls

If you want tons of color options and balls that will fit any level golfer, Volvik is an excellent choice with its Crystal Golf Ball range! With these things on hand; no matter if they’re just trying their luck or have average skills – all while improving accuracy- there’s really nothing else better out there than getting some new gear from this company right now.

The high-quality soft ionomers in the balls make them fly farther and straighter while maximizing consistency. The 350-Octahedron dimple pattern on Volvik Crystal enhances this even more, which provides greenside control for short game playability but increases difficulty with long shots or pots from outside colliders

A great way to keep your skills sharp without breaking out expensive equipment!

Reason To buy:

  • The best ball for beginners to professionals
  • Offer a tour-level performance
  • Extremely easy to play with
  • Choose from a variety of colors

Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls

Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls (One Dozen)

For those on a budget, the Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls provide an excellent option for golfers. The two-piece construction provides players with an impressively soft feel due to its low compression core and straight trajectory that is unmatched by other balls at comparable prices!

When you’re golfing, it can be hard to keep your ball in bounds. This is where Bridgestone e6 balls come into play! These high-quality balls are designed with an improved airflow that helps reduce drag and add distance for those who rely on low-to mid swing speed games of golf or have poor visibility–the perfect solution when playing solo.

The yellow color option might also help improve how well one sees their shots thanks the company’s brand new line up of products.

Reason To buy:

  • Improved feel and performance
  • Softest feeling golf ball in Bridgestones e6 line
  • Surlyn outer cover for a softer, more responsive feel on impact
  • Improved distance off the tee

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls (One Dozen)

You won’t be disappointed with the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls. These tour-level balls are specially designed for high performance, and they come in a pack of one dozen so you can play as much golf this season without having to buy another ball!

The three piece multi layer construction makes them durable enough that even when hit outside your club’s optimal range there isn’t any loss on distance or accuracy due their tough Urethane Elastomer coverings – it really does represent what is possible from today’s leading technologies within our industry.

With Drop And Stop technology which helps generate ultimate straight shots while still giving excellent flight control on approach shot approaches.

The new Pro V1 model is a major upgrade from its predecessors in terms of performance and consistency. The design changes make these balls all-round, with great speed as well soft feel for comfort during play. They also come preloaded with 392 dimples which provide more coverage compared to other models.

The most notable addition is increased aerodynamics; it allows for faster response times while still providing excellent spin rates thanks again at it high tolerance surface texture – making them perfect anytime you want an easy game on either indoor or outdoor courts!

Reason To buy:

  • The most trusted golf ball brand in the world
  • Improved spin rate and a straighter flight for increased accuracy
  • Features proprietary 392 dimple design with advanced ionomeric coating to keep you on course, reduce spin and provide a soft feel
  • Guaranteed weight allowance to +/- 4 grams

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

Callaway Golf Supersoft Golf Balls

The Callaway Supersoft golf balls are a great choice for those who like having soft, forgiving touches on their shots. The two-piece construction of these balls ensures that they have an ultra-low compression core (38), which not only promotes excellently consistent flight but also increases carry distance significantly more than other brands do! With less spin generated when hitting it out there – you can finally worry about maintaining accuracy without worrying too much about where the ball goes.”

For golfers who are looking to improve their game, the Callaway Supersoft balls might be just what you need. These new low drag HEX aerodynamic design and special rubber all contribute greatly in reducing air resistance while also improving shot accuracy which will allow for longer distance shots off the tee as well!

However if someone is not trying very hard or has poor technique then these types of ball may not work so well since they lack spin control like high-spinning models do but beginners would probably prefer them over more expensive options simply because it’s easier on one’s arm when swinging.

Reason To buy:

  • High trajectory to be easy for beginners
  • Low drag makes it easier on senior’s slower swing speed
  • Soft feel is great for high handicappers who have trouble with more traditional golf balls
  • Very affordable price

Snell MTB Black Golf Balls

Snell MTB Black Golf Balls

With its premium cover and snappy design, the Snell MTB Black Golf Balls are perfect for any golfer with an average handicap.

First of all, this ball has been designed from urethane to deliver great feel while looking sleek at the same time!

Secondly these balls also come complete as more advanced than Pro V1 Red ones – meaning you’ll get some improvements in their construction too!!

The distance- Increasing steel shafts are known to have a lower compression core, which is what makes these golf clubs so perfect for increasing your shots. Not only will they help you get further off the tee but also enhances short game control with its excellent design of adding weight towards hip level as well as 360 dimpling on both clubheads!

Reason To buy:

  • Tour caliber performance for a fraction of the price
  • Premium upgraded black version is perfect for night golfing
  • Satin Black color offers a low glare at dawn and dusk
  • 10% larger core delivers more spin on shots from far distances

TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls

TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls (One Dozen)

The TaylorMade Project is a golf ball that has been designed with the help of engineers and physicists. This means their covers are made of high-quality urethane, which makes them durable but still offers comfort during contact in order to improve accuracy for players who want more distance on every swing!

It also features Dual-distance tech so you can hit it straighter without sacrificing anything else – like how perfect shots come from both distances combined together rather than just one alone.

This version are a step forward in distance and feel. These professional-grade golf balls contain the three piece design, which combines with their 332 aerodynamic dimple pattern for excellent spin around greens while offering plenty of yards to drivers alike!

Reason To buy:

  • New advanced technology for increased distance
  • Improved performance with the latest enhancements
  • Tour-level balls at an affordable price
  • Dual-distance large core to provide more control on shots
  • Deep aerodynamic 332 dimple pattern for straighter flight paths

Bridgestone Golf Tour B RXS Balls

Bridgestone Golf Tour B RXS Golf Balls, White (One Dozen) - 760778083109

The Bridgestone Tour B balls offer golfers a great choice with four different models to fit any player’s skillset. The best performing option is the RXS, which has soft feel and high trajectory while still retaining valuable properties from other versions of this ball-series like its Seamless cover tech integrated into urethane covers or slip resistant surface treatments on both sides for better grip when hitting offspeed shots around trees in tight areas.

One of the most advanced technologies is implemented in these balls, called Gradational compression. This core helps to promote higher initial speed while excellently getting rid of sidespin for an optimized trajectory and distance output that you can rely on day or night!

One more technology we have here at Tour B RSX products are dual dimple holes which enhance ball aerodynamics by reducing drag so your shots fly further than ever before possible with any other type golfball out there today.

Reason To buy:

  • Ergonomic design for comfort distance is increased
  • Dense outer layer absorbs kinetic energy and stores it to provide controllable speed on the greens
  • Soft cover provides soft feel off the clubface with pressure release at impact, delivering more velocity down the fairway – leading to longer flight
  • SlipRes technology offers long lasting durability.

Wilson Golf Staff Fifty Elite Balls

Sale Off -$7.12 Wilson Golf Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls, Dozen Slide Pack, White - WGWP17002

The low compression on these balls make them ideal for golfers with lower swing speeds, such as those who have a mid-swing speed less than 90 mph. The bright colors are perfect to help visibility and Senior Players that desire an ultra soft feel will also love this ball’s explosive distance!

These balls are designed to help you strike the ball with more distance. With 22% softer rubber cores, they’re even easier on your swing and will send shots flying far distances for an improved golf game!

Reason To buy:

  • Balls with extraordinary softness and feel
  • More two-piece balls per box than any other competitor
  • Unmatched consistency and accuracy for golfers of all skill levels
  • Longer flight distance with a lower spin rate
  • Get the most out of your swing

How To Choose Right Golf Ball for Average Players

best golf balls for average golfer


A lower compression ball will reduce the effect of mis-hits on distance and resilience, but higher compression balls can increase spin for more control around greens.

Average players usually benefit most from using a relatively low compression golf ball with good feel around the greens. Many manufacturers offer multiple lines of golf balls in different compression levels, which allows players to better match their compression level with the type of swing they have.


Lower dimple coverage provides more distance and a higher ball flight. A higher dimpled golf ball will have more control by reducing the amount of backspin, but this can also reduce distance.

Average players usually benefit from a raw or minimally dimpled cover that gives good control with enough spin to hold greens around the course. However, some manufacturers offer golf balls with different levels of dimple coverage in an effort to match a player’s swing characteristics.

Cover Composition:

The majority of balls that average golfers use are made from a urethane or Surlyn (DuPont) cover material. However, some golf balls use additional materials such as polybutadiene and ionomer to provide extra durability and distance for recreational players. Lower handicap players can benefit from using long lasting covers with great durability despite the additional cost.


Distance is primarily determined by ball speed. Average players can typically benefit from using a ball with good distance, but the choice of golf ball often depends on personal preference. Balls that are more durable will generally perform better for average players than balls with softer covers. Most recreational golfers choose their preferred brand and model of golf ball based on price or color, but the match between a player and a golf ball isn’t as important at this skill level.


The spin rate of a golf ball is determined by the type of cover and dimple design. Higher spinning balls can help average players stop or check up on greens, which reduces three putts. A higher spinning golf ball can also help prevent hooking and slicing. A lower spinning ball is ideal for players looking to maximize distance, particularly with shorter irons.


A highly durable golf ball is typically more expensive, but it will perform very well for average players by minimizing the effect of scuffs and cuts. Players who frequently putt with low lofted clubs (such as pitching wedges) can also benefit from using a ball that resists scuffing to maintain good distance control. A lower priced, softer cover ball is often suitable for recreational players with little concern about durability.


An average golfer can significantly benefit from using a golf ball that has been tailored to his unique swing. Choosing the right ball for you is all about matching your preferences with a model of golf ball that best suits your game.

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