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MCC Plus4 Golf Pride

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip
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Key Features

  • Incredible surface texture
  • All-weather surface
  • Durable
  • 4.6 percent larger bottom diameter
  • Made from brushed cotton and soft rubber
  • Suitable for midsize handicappers

Are you seeking the best golf grips to improve your game? Although golf grips rarely draw the attention of sleek novel irons or new golfers, they are critical for maximum golfing performance. With the best golf grips, your game will consequently improve. The staggering numbers of golf players using inappropriate golf grips probably do not recognize how wanting golfing is. Golf experts point out that using the wrong golf grip accounts for five extra strokes on each golf stroke. To be a pro golfer, you should not have a room for unnecessary strokes.

When selecting the best golf grips, opt for those that complement your swing, grip, and the weather conditions. It is recommended that you to change your assortment of grips after each forty play rounds to maintain your swing consistency. This article highlights in-depth insight about the best golf grips and reviews top-notch grips available online.

Best Golf Grips

Choosing the wrong golf grips can negatively impact your game and make it challenging to score appropriately. Since your hands will be in contact with the golf clubs, it’s crucial to choose golf grips that enhance confidence. Top-tier golf grips offer non-slip performance and have high tech make to ensure your mitts have optimal comfort throughout the golfing season or round.

Best Overall

MCC Plus4 Golf Pride

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip

The MCC Plus4 Golf Pride is an excellent upgrade for golfers seeking new grips and an added advantage on the greens. Its outstanding design comes in gray, blue, orange, green, and red colors for a discrete look to the bag.

The Golf Pride MultiCompound is crafted for driving, thanks to its composite material. Made from soft rubber and brushed cotton cords, this grip has a reliable tack and comfy handle.

Golf Pride guarantees that this golf grip can reduce tension, boost golfing power, improve downswing, and operate well despite the weather conditions.

This best golf grip has an unconventional larger bottom that ensures lighter grips

Best Golf Grips for Sweaty Hands

Winn Dri-Tac

Winn Dri-Tac Standard Grip Kit (13-Piece)

This Winn Dri-Tac has WinnDry polymer construction for tacky, all-weather gameplay. Its spiral wrap and contoured design offer a snug fit for additional stability. The product comes with the Winnlite technology that removes a significant portion of the grasp weight to enhance the clubhead feel and improve golfing distance.

This best golf grip comes in a kit that contains 13 strips of dual-sided 2″ grip tape, 13 grips, a container of grip solvent, and a vise clamp. If you are looking for rubber grips that can handle sweaty hands, the Winn Dri-Tac is comfortable and offers additional thickness.

It weighs 1.76 ounces and features shock absorption properties, thus reducing discomfort and fatigue. If you experience too much tension when taking a swing, this grip is a compelling alternative.

Best Golf grips for irons

Tour Wrap 2G Golf Pride

Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Midsize Black 13 Piece Golf Grip Bundle

The modernized Tour Wrap 2G comes in various size alternatives, including black, jumbo, midsize, undersize, and standard. You can also make your selection from the different color options. Golf Pride grips are crafted using hybrid rubber and cord, and the Tour Wrap 2G is a no exception. Its align technology promotes consistency when taking your swing. With the raised ridge, this golf grip offers top-tier alignment and consistency.

The pebble-texture surface and’ plus sign’ pattern provides additional coverage and optimizes control on irons. The kit entails all the gear you’ll require to regrip the club. Besides the best golf grip, you” get an 8oz bottle of Tour solvent, fifteen double-sided tape strips, and a shaft clamp.

These grips can withstand humidity and are a budget-friendly option for irons.

Best Golf Grips for Small Hands

CP2 Pro Golf Pride

Golf Pride CP2 Pro Golf Grip

Advertised as Golf Pride’s softest grip, the new CP2 Pro is suitable for small hands and it has incredible features. Its control core is engineered to steady your swing and minimize torque when your arm’s amid the swing. CP2 golf grips have larger bottoms to enhance comfort and lightness, and they are our best golf grips for players with small hands, arthritis, or cladding no glove. Merging high-performance tech with a tacky feel, CP2 Pro delivers control and comfort for top-of-the-line performance.

The minimized taper style allows uniform grip pressure in both hands, and the high-traction, soft surface ensures comfort in each swing. The grip’s soft rubber material absorbs the shock that travels up a shaft during a swing.

Best Golf Grip for Driver

Cross Comfort SuperStroke

SuperStroke Cross Comfort Golf Club Grip, Black/Blue (Standard) | Soft & Tacky Polyurethane That Boosts Traction | X-Style Surface & Non-Slip | Swing Faster & Square The Clubface More Naturally (RSS194)

Cross Comfort golf grip is ideal for golfers searching for ultimate comfort. It entails a tacky and soft polyurethane outer layer and a sophisticated surface texture, which improves traction and offers non-slip merits.

With its firm interior rubber, it provides torsional stability and required feedback for top performance. It has a tour-design profile with a minimum taper, which helps in even distribution of the hand pressure. This enables you to swing faster, and efficiently square your clubface.

This best golf grips come in four different sizes, including standard, oversize undersize, and midsize and six color options, which include Black/blue, Black/red, Black/gray, gray/pink, among others

CP2 Wrap Golf Pride

Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Golf Grip

The CP2 Wrap is Golf Pride’s most comfortable and soft performance golf grip. With a control core tech, the 2.5-inch inner core stabilizer minimizes torque by forty-one percent. Its soft rubber construction offers traction and comfort. Its construction material ensures a high tack grasp giving you precise driver control even in arid climates.

The grip’s construction, where the lower hand’s diameter and tack merge, makes it perfect for golfers who do not wear gloves. Most golfers like this high-tack grip since it loosens their hands for better driving and swings. The minimized taper at the bottom promotes a uniform grasp pressure in each hand.

CP2 wraps come in a blue/black color. It also comes in four different sizes: standard, midsize, undersize, and jumbo, to suit various size tastes. It’s the most compelling option for players with joint pain and arthritis.

The more comprehensive lower section and firm inner core inlay make it straightforward to install. It has rigidity for a natural slide in the CP2 Wrap shaft.

Others Best Golf Grips Products

Standard Winn Dritac

Winn Dri-Tac Performance Soft Golf Grips Black (Standard, 5DT-BK)

The Standard Winn Dritac best golf grip provides impressive vibration, dampening, and a smooth feel; thus, you can counter thin shots without experiencing pain in your palms. The grip offers a comfortable feel even when playing in cold weather conditions. Most golf players like its tacky and soft feel, which it derives from its WinnDry polymer construction material.

It comes in various sizes and colors to allow customization for different hand sizes. The grip offers excellent shock absorption, and the 600-inch core size gives you a comfortable swing.

Like most Winn Dri-tac golf grips, it has soft rubber construction for a tacky feel and non-slip performance.

Tour Velvet Golf Pride

Golf Pride Tour Velvet Golf Grip

The Tour Velvet grip provides outstanding traction, thus perfect for golfers with tendencies of slicing the ball.

It’s engineered using a computer for accurate non-slip patterns even to the tiniest detail. These best golf grips offer a smooth texture to hold; they are gentle on your hands when using them.

The grip gives a velvety texture and non-slip performance with the patented rubber blend, but the high-end taper gives a form-fitting and ergonomic structure.

The grip’s soft texture provides incredible feedback when you strike the ball.

Multi-Compound Champkey Golf Grips

Champkey Multi Compound Golf Grips 13 Pack | Come with Solvent,15 Tapes,Vise Clamp and Hook Blade | Micro Texture Control and Medium Feedback Golf Club Grips

If you are searching for responsive best golf grips for your golfing that enable you feel the ball’s impact when shooting your golf shot, Champkey is an excellent choice.

The Champkey golf kit features 13 grips with a threaded upper grip surface that enables substantial control and excellent durability. They are available in midsize/standard style, and every grip is 10.5- inches for superior coverage. Their micro-texture surface enhances comfort and traction, which complements the cotton-threaded upper.

These best golf grips will allow accurate ball feedback since their lower hand is crafted using a responsive material.

The material also minimizes hand pressure, offers a soft feel and excellent performance despite the prevailing weather conditions.

The kit contains fifteen golf tapes, a soft-rubber vise clamp, a regripping manual, a hook blade, and the Champkey spray solution.

AVS Midsize Winn Dritac

Set of 9 BRAND NEW Winn DriTac Midsize AVS Gray Golf Grip - Dri-Tac!

The textured X and hexagonal spots on these best golf grips are located strategically for remarkable non-slip performance. Irrespective of the weather conditions, these high performance grips will stick on your hands.

They provide top-of-the-line shock absorption while reading your contact. They are available in midsize, standard, and oversize to fit most golfers’ hands.

Being among the best golf grips, they are available in an assortment of 13 or 9 grips. Most golfers buy these golf grips due to their affordable prices and polymer material that offers a comfortable feel and excellent clasp. They are also lightweight and easy to use.

Karma Dual Touch Midsize

Karma Dual Touch Midsize Putter Grip

The Karma Dual-Touch midsize has an archetypal black cap with a contemporary shade and styling at an affordable cost.

This putter best gold grip has an ergonomic feel that’s comfortable on your hands, enabling you to hit the ball, thanks to its paddle shape and perforated design.

The soft-rubber material offers a reliable grip even in drizzling or sweaty conditions. Since it weighs a mere 85 grams, it is lighter to use.

Standard Lamkin Crossline Golf Grips

Lamkin Crossline Standard 0.580 Golf Grips

Apart from manufacturing the best golf grips, Lamkin is among the oldest and most reputable names in the golf grip niche. Lamkin Crossline golf grips are effective, cheap, and reliable for both the feminine and masculine genders.

They are constructed from a more adhesive material which inhibits torsion during impact. This feature enables more control and consistency during the game. If you are looking for an extra cord, they have full-cord options as well. If you have more giant hands, ensure you settle for the midsize style.

The unique and densely-spaced surface provides grip stability and lateral traction.

The grips are made from long-lasting synthetic rubber for long-term utility and designed for optimum feedback with each shot. They have extra grip traction for superior performance in wet weather. It weighs 50 grams enabling easy usage.

What to Consider When Buying Golf Grips

Golf grips are among the most overlooked items in a golfer’s bag. Players can research and replace their golf clubs, balls, putters, or shoes but seldom consider their golf grips.

The golf grip is the only point of contact when taking a swing; thus, it’s crucial to opt for the proper grip that’s clean and suits your play. The following details will guide you when purchasing the best golf grip.

Best Golf Grips 2


Evaluate how the grip holds and stabilizes in your hand during a swing. The golf grip should enhance your capacity to make a constant swing and assist with alignment. Analyzing a golf grip’s tackiness involves finding one that performs well when comparing it to other grips. It’s not about looking for the clammiest grip. High-grade tackiness implies the grip functions even during gameplay.

The grips shouldn’t have cracks or hardness on the surface. It’s crucial to purchase your grips at the same time for uniform consistency within the bag. The grips should provide a light-pressure grasp to keep your forearm and wrist relaxed and well-positioned to offer maximum swing speed as well as ball distance.

Utilize the two-piece grip for a tacky and softer feel. Two-piece grips entail firm inner cores and soft wrapping on the outer cores to reduce the club’s vibration on your palms. Winn creates the two-piece golf grips.


A golf grip’s durability is the comprehension of wear and tear against performance. When it starts exhibiting degradation signs, you may notice a performance decrease since they become slippery. Recently purchased grips are softer than other versions crafted for long-term utility. Due to their more delicate fabric, grips may wear out quickly for frequent golfers. Thus, you may need to adjust as per the “change after each forty rounds” rule.

When examining a golf grip’s durability, you need to know how it responds after multiple rounds and swings. You also need to purchase a costlier grip to ensure it withstands the test of time. Remember that oversized grips retain their durability and structure much longer. Grips with better rubber compounds will offer a long-lasting value for your hard-earned cash.

A corded grip is tougher and firmer than other grips, thus delivering a durable grip. It offers more traction during rainy seasons and it is more expensive than conventional grips. The Multi-Compound Golf Pride is corded on the upper half, thus, providing reliability.


When selecting the best golf grips, performance is a crucial factor. Some players prefer a tacky grip where hands adhere tightly on the material while others who love swinging hard might prefer grips with less friction.

Irrespective of how you evaluate the grip’s performance, most experts recommend choosing those grips that are reliable on the greens and have long-lasting material. When gauging the performance, note how prospective grip impacts your game.

You should also note the grip’s thickness. Oversized grips are perfect for novices since they improve shock absorption. Most sturdy clubs are taut, and the tautness negatively impacts your game by minimizing shock absorption.

Material Quality

Grip texture not only corrects the grips during wet weather but also determines the golf grip’s traction and tack. Golf grips are manufactured from silicone, rubber, plastic, elastomer, or even leather. This selection, besides leather, has innovated or reshaped materials.

Elastomer, silicone, and rubber provide a comfortable, tacky texture that’s comfy on your hand. The material quality of the grip impacts how the club weighs, thus shifting its balance point. Most grips feature a synthetic rubber construction to enable extreme durability.

When judging the material quality, analyze how the grip performs after thousands of play minutes. Top-tier materials are long-lasting and resistant to wear. They offer outstanding performance over extended periods.


Determining a prospective grip softness can be a challenge since it bears both negative and positive connotations. Softer grips require more frequent replacements; thus, beginners should focus on durability when upgrading their grips.

Expert players prefer softer grips since they improve the feel. They need to enhance the club’s feel and feedback as much as possible. The most effective approach to maintain this performance is grip replacement.

Types of Golf Grips

Due to the various grips available in the marketplace, selecting the best golf grip can be challenging. You have to consider three main attributes: performance, durability, and comfort. You can have performance and comfort but lack durability; thus, it’s essential to know the following types of grips.

Baseball Grip

Beginners mostly use the Baseball/ Ten Finger grip since it is simple to use. However, expert golfers such as Beth Daniel, Bob Estes, and Dave Bar have used baseball grip. This grip offers easy wrist pivoting for extra strength; thus, people with arthritis or weak hands can benefit from it. For a Ten Finger grip, ensure all the fingers clasp the club. Next, the lead hand should acquire a tight grip before placing the little finger behind it. Close your lead hand with your thumb.

Adopting the baseball grip offers comfort and could lead to more relaxed strokes. With all the ten fingers clutching the club, it causes more shot power.

Interlocking Grip

One of the best golf grips is the interlocking grip. It has been utilized by various professional golfers, including Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus. This golf grip locks your hands together; however, the handle may escape into your palms. It’s suitable for individuals with small hands or weak wrists.

To use an interlocking grip, take your small finger in your trailing hand and entwine it with your lead hand’s index finger. Your lead-hand thumb should fit within your trailing hand’s lifeline.

Overlap Grip

This highly used grip wasn’t popular until it was revolutionized by Harry Vardon (British golfer) in the past century. Most current PGA professionals utilize the overlapping grips and are commonly used in golf practice lessons.

To do an overlapping grip, start with the baseball grip, lift the trailing hand’s pinky, and place it on the groove between your leading hand’s middle and index fingers. Ensure there’s no space between the leading hand and trailing hand.

An overlap grip merges control and freedom. By unifying your hands, it boosts your wrists’ control since they swing as one without inhibiting freedom. People with more giant hands and fingers will find the Vardon grip comfy since it partially wraps over the leading hand.

Putting Grip

There are various types of putting grips, and they include; the reverse overlap putting grip, claw putting grip, armlock putting grip, and so on.

In a reverse overlap, your left index finger rests over your small right finger. This grip is implemented in full shots since it helps maintain a consistent feel in both full shots and putts.

The claw putting grip has been popular from the 2000s. It involves placing your thumb flat over the putter grip. The right hand will sit about two to four inches farther from the left hand. This grip increases your left hand’s grip pressure and helps beginners identify the right grip pressure.

The armlock grip is a great anchoring option when you’ve used a long putter or belly putter. With this grip, the putter’s handle locks against your left forearm’s interior.

Other types of putting grips are the prayer and cross-handed putting grip.

Rubber Grips

Modern rubber grips contain more than rubber. They go through a lot of innovation and are blended with different polymer compounds. This provides different feels and causes a tackier grasp during dry weather conditions. Nowadays, most grips are created using rubber, thanks to the Gold Pride’s rubber golf grip revolution in 1949.

Corded Grips

Corded grips have a cord fabric in their grip’s composition. They assist in wicking moisture away and offer excellent traction control when making a swing. Expert golfers highly prefer corded grips due to their impressive performance, even in harsh weather. The additional cord makes it more natural to clasp during slippery conditions. Ensure you wear gloves when using corded grips since they have a rough texture.

These grips come in a half-cord style and full-cord styles. The latter contains cotton fibers fitted throughout the whole grip while the half-cord option has the cord inserted on the grip’s rear-half.

When using corded grips, it’s crucial to replace them often. The absorbed oil and moisture in your hands will sip through the grips’ rubber, thus accelerating rubber breakdown. People with sweaty hands or who like playing in a humid setting can opt for corded grips.

Wrap Golf Grips

Initially, wrap golf grips were constructed from leather strips wrapped around the upper golf shaft like the tennis grips. Although this style is outdated, you can still find wrap grips from Gold Pride and Winn brands for a nostalgic experience.

Wrap grips are single-piece rubber grips that have textured and styled to feel like old leather-wrapped grips. One of these grips’ significant merits is they enable you to rotate your palms on the golf grip and still feel comfortable, thanks to their 360-degree same texture surface. They are also easier to install because they don’t require grip alignment.

Wrap grips are a blend of corded and rubber grips. Their construction features modern material to deliver a soft feel and sticky touch. Despite their straightforward appearance, they provide immense value. With the innovation of advanced materials, the improved tack of polymer and rubber blends can render wrapped grips a compelling option.

Putter Grips

There are different types of putter grips, including wood and iron, with distinct textures and traction. They have a flat edge in the grip’s front that guides you to the exact position where the thumbs will sit. Putter grips are also available in multiple sizes to boost your gameplay on the course. Thicker grips take your wrists and hands out of stroke. They are most sought after by golfers to perk up their putting.

Due to the wide variety of putter grips, it’s prudent to settle for one that complements your putting technique and hold.


What are the best golf grips?

There are multiple golf grips to select from; thus, choosing one that suits your hands is crucial. Read about the various types of golf grips and essential factors to consider when purchasing a golf trip. Spend time to test each grip and see which one is most comfortable and blends easily with your swing. Each golfer has their play style. Ensure you check out the above best golf grips. We have reviewed the best overall, best for sweaty hands and best golf grip for irons, best golf grip for small hands, and best golf grip for drivers

Soft vs. firm, which is best?

When selecting a grip, you need to understand the differences and perks of a soft and firm grip. Tour players prefer firmer grips since they deliver more tension control and are suitable for their high swing speeds. Firms grips tend to encourage golfers to clutch the club with lighter grip pressures.

Novices and older players can opt for softer grips. These grips make it more natural and comfortable to handle them without requiring swing speed for improved tension control.

What do I require when regripping my golf clubs?

You’ll need various tools when regripping your golf clubs. They include a new grip, bucket, paint thinner, dual-sided tape for adhering the tapes, vice grips to stabilize the club, and a Stanley knife to cut worn-out grips.

Start by cleaning the old grips and their surrounding environment for more straightforward removal. You may not require a vice clamp; however, you need to steady the club when fitting new grips.

Use the knife to cut through the length of your grip. Be careful to avoid the cut from getting to the shaft. Next, remove the old grip from the adhesive, clean its shaft, and prepare it for a new grip. Use the dual-sided tape to generate an adhesive surface where the new grip can stick to. Wind it over the shaft in a consistent manner. Apply the solvent on the tape to enable you to slide the grip smoothly to the shaft’s end.

How frequent should I swap out my golf grips?

It depends on how often you play, weather conditions you golf in, and how firm you clutch the club. Most players replace their grips at least once or twice annually to prevent oil buildup and grip thin-out. I would recommend you to regrip your putter more frequently. It’s the most crucial club and should have a grip that radiates confidence.

Remember that most Tour golfers utilize two distinct grips. They can use regular grips on various clubs and corded grips on wedges.

Which golf grips suit small hands?

People with smaller hands can purchase the standard or undersize grip size. I would recommend avoiding utilizing any additional tape. For most players, the standard (for instance, the CP2 pro Golf pride) is the best grip size.


Best golf grips are crucial for your golfing performance; thus, make sure you acquire the most suitable ones. No golf grip is better than the other. It bottles down to settling for one that’s comfy and coherent with your play style. Ensure you also get the most appropriate grip size.

When purchasing best golf grips, it’s crucial to consider the quality of the material and its durability. Finally, remember to regrip clubs before they wear out and hurt your game. Grips may lose their tacky texture and stickiness after 12 to 18 months. Consider purchasing grips online or go through several grips on reliable sites to read user reviews. You can also purchase grips from local shops and let professionals install them on your behalf.

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