Best Disc Golf Shoes

Disc golf is a very simple sport to play. However, for you to engage actively in this sporting activity, you need to invest in a few items like the discs, some beautiful clothes, a duffel bag for carrying the discs, and a pair of the best disc golf shoes. The type of golf shoe that you wear plays a major role while enjoying a game of disc golf. The best golf shoes offer you the freedom to move around with ease and will also boost your overall performance.

When it comes to disc golf, the need for a good pair of shoes can never be overemphasized. However, picking the best shoes for disc golf can be quite a challenge, especially for newbies. This is because their many brands on the market that all promise to deliver the best performance and comfort.

This is why disc golf enthusiasts need to know the best shoe brands that can guarantee comfort throughout the game and provides leverage and ensures a perfect shot. In addition to friction and constant torque on the tee pad, the best shoes must withstand abuse in snow, mud, rain, and even treacherous terrains.

Best Disc Golf Shoes

What is Disc Golf?

Disc golf is a game that is similar to traditional golf except that it is played using a Frisbee or flying disc. Players usually throw a disc to a specially designed target that is known as a basket and they will then throw the discs again from the location they landed. The discs come in different colors, weights, shapes, and molds and players will have a variety of discs to throw in various situations.

Disc golf was invented in the late 1960s in the USA and over the years it has spread all over the world. A typical round of disc golf features 18 holes and takes about 2 hours to play. However, this will depend on the terrain, length, and technical difficulties. The basic skills and rules of this game are very easy to grasp and this enables beginners to have fun with friends without much hassle. Furthermore, most cities tend to have a disc golf course and courses are becoming more popular every year.

What is Disc Golf 2

Disc golf is meant to be enjoyed by all people regardless of their gender identity, ages, and even economic status. No one is excluded because disc golf is very easy to learn.  Disc golf offers players a unique way of connecting with nature and experiencing the countryside.

6 of the Best Disc Golf Shoes in 2020

If you have tried playing disc golf with your regular or running shoes, you will definitely agree that they are extremely uncomfortable to wear for more than an hour on the disc golf course. This is mainly because disc golf is mainly played on rugged and uneven terrain unlike traditional golf.  Therefore, additional stability is important and the best disc golf shoes play a crucial role in this.

PUMA Men’s Ignite Nxt Disc Golf Shoe

Puma Golf Men's Ignite Nxt Disc Golf Shoe, high Rise-Puma Team Gold-Puma White, 14 M US

PUMA Men’s Ignite Nxt Disc Golf Shoe looks more like the everyday sneaker and can even be worn as such. However, it has lots of features that you would want in the best disc golf shoes. It features Ingnite foam midsole that are fully covered in soleshield making it durable.  The top part of the shoes has a flat-knit waterproof mesh making it perfect for use even during the rainy season or when morning dew is still in the grass.

The sole features Puma’s ‘’organic traction’’ that is made up of over 100 hexagon lugs that are strategically positioned in proper zones to enhance traction through the swing and even deliver more power and grip. The disk closure system is utilized for lacing this shoe and it is just a dial that tightens the laces locking in your foot. The ignite Nxt Disc golf shoe is a high-performance shoe that is exceptionally comfortable and will help transform your gaming.


  • Sturdy synthetic material that lasts longer
  • Spikeless system to deliver the desired performance
  • Exceptionally comfortable
  • High-performance shoe from a very reliable brand


  • Not 100% waterproof as publicized

PUMA Women’s PG Blaze Disc Golf Shoes

Puma Golf Women's PG Blaze DISC Golf Shoe, Puma White-Bright Rose, 7 Medium US

The PG Blaze Disc shoe from PUMA is a serious golf shoe for women who are serious about disc golf. The top area of these women’s shoes comes features full-grain leather. Furthermore, it has a breathable mesh collar that is supportive and flexible. Furthermore, these PG Blaze Disc shoes have a laceless disc fit system that guarantees an easy, quick, and comfortable fit.

These shoes also feature a molded EVA insole that offers long-lasting support and comfort when playing. The lightweight FusionFoam EVA midsole also enhance support, comfort, and durability of the shoe. As one of the best shoes for disc golf, the PG Blaze Disc shoes have a carbon rubber outsole that wraps around your foot ensuring extra stability. The outsole features low-profile, removable Stealth Cleats and molded SmartQuill traction lugs.

Innovative disc closure technology, performance, and style unite to give a fashion-forward disc golf shoe that is ready to handle the 18 holes out of the box. Women that desire to look stylish, feel better, and enhance their game should acquire the The PG Blaze Disc golf shoes to take advantage of the trendy styling and performance associated with PUMA.


  • Guarantees a perfect fit and are extremely comfortable
  • Pro-Fit Insole
  • Breathable to ensure feet get fresh air
  • Laceless disc fit system for a quick fit
  • FusionFoam EVA midsole to enhance comfort, support, and durability
  • Stylish design


  • Not 100% waterproof

Salmon Men’s Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoes

Sale Off -$10.18 Salomon Men's Speedcross 4 Trail Running, Black/Black/Black Metallic, 7

The Salomon disc golf shoe has excellent traction and grip and this makes it one of the best disc golf shoes available today. This is a high performance shoe and can be used without any problem and on different types of terrains. The lacing system is very easy to tie and cinching is not a challenge. The shoe features an anti-debris mesh on its outer sole and this makes the cleaning process very easy because the accumulation of dirt is prevented.

The Salmon disc golf shoe has a rounded toe box design that guarantees maximum comfort. This shoe mainly comes in small size, and you need to be cautious when buying it. The shoe appears bulky, but it is lightweight weighing about ten ounces.


  • Shoe is lightweight
  • Well-cushioned interior
  • Quality material that is meant to last longer
  • Has an outer anti-debris mesh that makes cleaning very easy


  • Not perfect for use on very rough terrains
  • Available mainly in small and narrow sizes and many people may not get their sizes

Merrell Men’s Moab2 Waterproof hiking Shoe

Merrell mens Moab 2 Wtpf Hiking Shoe, Granite, 7 US

The Merrell Men’s Moab shoe is a perfect option for individuals who play disc gold on tough, very rough, rocky, or muddy terrains. Such terrains require the best disc golf shoes that are sturdy and durable. The Merrell disc shoe performs excellently on such surfaces because it is sturdy and resistant to water. The shoe has 5mm shoe lugs that give it a good grip on wet, grassy conditions and steep slopes.

This shoe is reasonably breathable because the outer covering is made from a durable mesh material. Hikers love the Merrell Men’s Moab2 Waterproof hiking Shoe because of the exceptional traction it offers during hiking and its breathability factor. With this shoe, your feet will be cool and devoid of sweat and water owing to its mesh lining and leather design.

The shoes’ design features a leather toe cap, making it the best disc golf shoes for players that usually drag toes when playing. The best characteristic of the disc golf shoe is that it can endure extreme use, especially on concrete surfaces. This is mainly because of its high durability index and inner EVA foam cushioning.


  • This shoe is very comfortable even though it is quite tough
  • Offers excellent overall support for your feet
  • Has unmatched traction and grip
  • The shoe comes at an affordable price


  • The shoe is a bit heavier compared to other brands

New Balance Women’s WT410v5 Cushioning Trail Running Shoe

New Balance Women's 410 V5 Trail Running Shoe, Steel, 5 B US

New Balance is a hiking shoe brand that has been operational for years and they have built a solid reputation for themselves in the trail running and hiking fields. The WT410v5 Trail Running Shoes are a must-have for every woman who plays disc golf because they are extremely comfortable, breathable, and durable. These best disc golf shoes come in a wide range of sizes and have a spacious toe box that provides extra toe space preventing any squeezing or pinching.

The outer sole of the shoes offers superior grip owing to its 2mm short treads that enable you to perfect your footwork regardless of the terrain you are on. Since the shoes are breathable, you will never experience sweaty and wet feet while playing. These New Balance women’s shoes are lightweight and their cozy soles give you comfortable disc golf shoes that are ideal for the outdoors.


  • Offers Excellent Breathability and Ventilation
  • Great arch support and durability
  • Wide shoes to reduce squeezing and pinching
  • Pretty Lightweight


  • Slightly more expensive than other brands

Columbia’s Dakota Drifter Waterproof Hiking Shoe for Women

Columbia Women's Dakota Drifter Waterproof Hiking Shoe, Pebble, Poppy Red, 5 B US

Every outdoor fanatic has definitely seen or heard of the Columbia brand. Columbia brand has been in existence since 1938 and has been offering premium quality outdoor products for years. One of the best disc golf shoes from Columbia is the Dakota Drifter Waterproof shoes.

These Columbia shoes for women are manufactured using a combination of suede, rubber, and mesh that gives them a perfect combination of breathability and waterproof features. Just like other Columbia shoes, the Dakota Drifter Waterproof shoes are made using very high-quality materials and are durable. These shoes are also very comfortable and regardless of the terrain or weather, these shoes will protect your feet and will remain comfortable at all times.

Dakota Drifter Waterproof shoes have a spacious toe box and your feet will never feel squished or squeezed even after playing for hours. These shoes also have an advanced lace design as the laces go slightly higher up the foot ensuring a more secure fit.

The midsole support system is a signature design from Columbia that offers lots of cushioning. In addition, it helps in dispersing energy evenly along the whole foot and not just the midsole. This ensures maximum comfort and lowers any risks of getting injured while playing. As one of the best shoes for disc golf, these shoes also have an advanced tread grip that is perfect for any terrain or environments like rocky trails, heavy downpours, and even snow.


  • Breathable and Waterproof
  • The newly designed lacing structure provides a more secure fit
  • Offers superior grip on most surfaces
  • Very Comfortable


  • Premium Pricing

How To Choose The Best Disc Golf Shoes

How To Choose The Best Disc Golf Shoes

The shoes that are used in the game of disc golf are different from those used in the traditional golf game. Even though both games are similar, because they use the same type of equipment, the only difference is the playing surface.  The game of golf is mainly played on a well-maintained course, while disc golf is usually played on extremely rough surfaces that have steep terrains that show up without any prior notice.

When playing disc golf, you may come across situations when your feet begin to feel uncomfortable. This may be due to wearing shoes that are made from poor quality materials or using the wrong shoe size. This is why getting the right pair of shoes when playing a disc golf game is important.

When starting out, choosing the best shoes for disc golf may be quite a challenge because you may not know the qualities that you need to look for. Before choosing the right shoes to buy, there are several important features that you must take into consideration. We have discussed these crucial features below.

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Breathability and Water-Resistance

When it comes to buying the best shoes for disc golf, making a choice between shoes that are more breathable than waterproof or vice versa is important. The decision you make will depend on the climatic conditions in your locality. Those in desert conditions may have an easy time deciding because breathability will definitely surpass waterproof features.

Players in areas where the weather conditions are unpredictable may have a difficult time making a decision. This is because water-resistant shoes for disc golf tend to be thick and will have fewer feet ventilation, especially during very hot weather. Waterproof shoes are perfect for those who love playing in the early morning because of dew.

Companies that produce the best shoes for disc golf have made a few transformations to their shoes so that players can enjoy both waterproof and breathability features. Water-resistant shoes are perfect for wet and muddy climates. Wearing such shoes during the summer months is a perfect way of getting your feet all wet and sweaty.

Shoe Material

The best disc golf shoes are manufactured using different materials and this gives players a challenge when it comes to picking the right material. The best shoes are made from premium quality materials like fake or authentic leather. Shoes made from leather are quite durable and they can withstand harsh weather conditions and tough terrains. In addition, they rarely fade and will serve you for a long time.

For those on a tight budget, you can go for the best shoes for disc golf made from fabrics that have a rubbery feel as they also last longer. Be sure to check the seam quality because shoes that have poor stitching may fall out easily.

Shoe Weight

The weight of the best disc golf shoes is an important factor when buying shoes for the disc golf course. Lightweight shoes enable golfers to get more explosive shots because they can use their body momentum more.  Lightweight shoes can also affect the style of play, particularly for players that have small statures. However, lightweight golfing shoes do not last and this is the main reason why most disc golf players go for shoes that are quite heavy.

Heavy golf shoes are more durable and will give you value for your money. In addition, they also lower the risks of sustaining foot and ankle injuries.  Most beginners of disc golfing tend to prefer heavier shoes because lightweight shoes increase their risks of getting injured.

Ample Cushioning

Every player deserves shoes that have a proper cushioning layer to ensure they are comfortable while playing disc golf. The best shoes for disc golf are considered comfortable when they have a footbed that is lined with a soft cushioning layer giving your feet a snug-fitting. When a shoe lacks the cushioning layer, golfers may end up feeling pain after playing for a few hours.

Foot Arch Support

Whether your feet have a flat or high arc, the best shoes for disc golf should offer proper support for your feet arch. If your feet are painful after playing a round of disc golf, then it means that the shoe does not provide the arch support your feet needs.  The right disc golf shoe must have a reinforced basal layer to ensure that your feet are not pressed up tightly against your shoelaces.


The best shoes for disc golf is one that suits a wide range of terrains such as dewy fairways, concrete, dirt, and other situations like snow and mud. The tread in your shoes will determine the grip for various terrains providing control and stability and the capability to pivot. Disc golf shoes that have a perfect grip will make you more confident even when moving through wet grass and will enable you to perform better in your play.

Finally, you should always remember that the best shoes for disc golf should be comfortable. You should not just settle for a brand because an experienced or pro plater recommends it as their favorite. If it is your first time playing disc golf, you should try out different brands to get a feel of them before you make your purchase decision.

Wrapping It Up

Finding the best disc golf shoes can be quite a challenge given the many brands on the market today. Regardless of whether you are a beginner who is just learning to play or a pro disc golf player, every individual will benefit from wearing comfortable shoes that have excellent tread. This way, you will not mess up your shots because your shoes will give you the support and cushioning that you need.

It is best that you always check on the shoe size of the best disc golf shoes to ensure that you get a proper fit. With a little online and offline research, you will definitely find a shoe brand that will tranfsform your gaming.

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