The 14 Best Golf Shoes

Golfing is not just about golf balls, clubs, gloves, or a great attitude. It is also, about what you wear to the golf course. Golf attire includes golf shoes, which are also major essentials if you want to enjoy a fulfilling, comfortable, and relaxing golf.

The best golf shoes come in different types, sizes, colors, and brands. Some golf shoes also come with stylish designs and other features that allow you to use them both on and off the golf course.

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Why Wear Golf Shoes? 

The best golf shoes come with special features that ensure you tackle an 18-hole course without having to worry about sore feet or swollen ankles. They provide stability and traction on the course that allows you to swing with confidence.

Golf shoes also come with more durability as compared to regular sporting shoes. This article looks at the best golf shoes for both men and women from leading brands in the golfing industry.

Our Top Picks Of The Best Golf Shoes

Best Spikeless Golf Shoes

Skechers Men’s Max Golf Shoe

Sale Off -$15.04 Skechers mens Max Golf Shoe, Black/Red, 7.5 US

Key features

  • Spikeless bottom
  • Waterproof and rubber sole
  • Ultra-flight inner cushioning

The Skechers Men’s Max Golf Shoe is sophisticated footwear that comes with amazing features. The shoe made from synthetic material construction is waterproof, which helps keep the player’s foot dry at all times irrespective of the golf course conditions. The spikeless rubber sole bottom of the shoe provides it with great traction and versatility.

You can wear the shoes on and off the course without feeling awkward. The outsole system is a high-quality grip TPU designed specifically for this shoe model.

Additional features such as the GOGA max insole that provides the wearer with maximum comfort and cushioning of the foot, the lightweight design that does not leave your feet or legs tired after a round of golf, and six colors and designs to choose from, make the shoe stand out from the rest.

Another notable feature is the AGION insole, which helps eliminate moisture and keep odors and bacteria away. The shoe also comes in both wide and extra-wide sizes. The price of the Skechers Men’s Max Golf Shoe is a bit expensive, but it is a worthy investment.

PUMA Men’s Ignite NXT Lace Golf Shoe

Sale Off -$40.01 Puma Golf Men's Ignite Nxt Lace Golf Shoe, Puma Black-Puma Silver-Puma White, 7 M US

Key features

  • Full ignite foam midsole
  • Spikeless
  • SoleShield micro-thin TPU layer for durability and easy cleaning
  • Waterproof breathable mesh

PUMA goes out of its way with this modern and stylish golf shoe that has added features for stability, durability, and comfort on the golf course. One of the most striking features of the spikeless men’s golf shoe is the midsole foam, which comes with a SoleShield micro-thin TPU layer wrapping for additional durability and comfort.

The technology used on the shoes provides the player with peak performances on the course and style off the greens. It also comes with a branded heel cage that stabilizes and supports the heel by locking it onto the platform.

A breathable, non-stretch, and waterproof performance mesh ensures that the feet stay cool and dry at all times irrespective of the conditions at the golf course. 100 hexagon lugs on the bottom of the shoe help to increase traction, deliver more power, and grip in the swings.

Best Women’s Golf Shoes

Skechers Women’s Max Shoe

Skechers Go Golf Women's Max Golf Shoe, Black/Multi Knit, 5.5 M US

Key features

  • Pocket-friendly
  • Breathable mesh
  • Lightweight and spikeless
  • Comes in different colors and styles

Ladies’ golf shoes focus on performance, comfort, fashion, and style, which you get from the Skechers Women’s Max Shoe. The golf shoes have a design that makes them feel and look like running shoes or sneakers. They are comfortable, lightweight, and come in different styles and colors.

The shoes are spikeless, which allows the wearer to don them after a round of golf. They have plastic grippers at the bottom that provides them with great ground traction. Another notable and attractive feature of the golf shoe is the breathable mesh fabric that keeps the feet cool and dry, irrespective of the weather conditions.

They are easy to clean, machine washable, and pocket friendly. The only downside to the golf shoes is that they are not waterproof. Otherwise, If you are a beginner looking for stylish, comfortable shoes that will last several rounds of golf, do not look further than the Skechers Women’s Max Golf Shoes.

Adidas Women’s Tech Response Golf Shoe

Sale Off -$30.01 adidas Womens TECH Response Golf Shoe black/silver metallic/grey five 5 M US

Key features

  • Water-resistant and breathable upper sole
  • Durable and stylish microfiber leather construction
  • Lightweight and comfortable

The right type of golf shoes can make you swing your club and hit the ball like a pro, and Adidas Women’s Tech Response Golf Shoe is that kind of footwear. The shoe has a durable microfiber leather construction made with the advanced climastorm technology.

The insole is cloudfoam, which provides the wearer with stability to make the perfect swings. The outsole features thintech technology that helps keep the feet on the ground to better focus on the swings.

The construction materials are lightweight, which makes it convenient to move freely on the course. It is water-resistant, which helps the feet to stay dry irrespective of the conditions on the greens.

Best Men’s Golf Shoes

Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

Sale Off -$14.85 adidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoe, White, 7 M US

Key features

  • Comfortable to wear around the golf course
  • Budget-friendly
  • Sole with a traditional spike setup
  • Flexible outsole

Adidas is like the god of sporting shoes different sportspeople worldwide. The Adidas Tech Response For Men is one of the bestselling golf shoes in the world. The shoes provide golfers with breathability, comfort, and lots of traction as they tackle the distance between holes on the greens.

The shoes’ cleats are easily removable in case you need a change, or the shoes wear out, and they offer you stability. The rubber sole prevents any sliding on the greens, and they are lightweight, ensuring that you do not tire at any moment during your round of golf.

They are ideal for any golf beginner that needs quality and comfort on the course. The only drawback is that the shoes are not waterproof, but they come with a friendly price tag.

FootJoy Men’s FJ Flex Golf Shoes

FootJoy Men's Flex Golf Shoes, Black, 7 M US

Key features

  • Best spikeless lightweight and shoes
  • Outer breathable layer
  • Soft Versa-Trax sole

FootJoy is another brand popular with high-quality golf shoes for both men and women. The golf shoe has a running shoe profile, but it also comes with powerful traction that makes it perfect for the golf course. The shoe is lightweight, with a soft, breathable outer layer mesh that provides comfort irrespective of the hours you spend on the course.

The breathable feature also helps to keep your feet dry at all times. The Versa-Trax feature on the shoe provides flexibility in that you can wear the shoe on and off the course. FootJoy also goes further to ensure that the golf shoes are the perfect fit by giving them rounded toes that allow you to flex your toes with ease.

The flex golf shoe has waterproof features that help to keep water away from seeping into your socks. The Flex is also a trendy shoe that compliments your golf attire for the perfect look and provides you with flexibility that allows you to wear the shoes off and on the course

Best Waterproof Golf Shoes

Skechers Men’s Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe

Skechers Go Golf Men's Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe, Black/red, 7.5 M US

Key features

  • Waterproof protection to keep the feet dry
  • Outstanding traction from a molded bottom plate
  • Dense padding and cushioning system for added comfort

If you are looking for the best waterproof golf shoes, you should not further than the Skechers Men’s Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe. The shoe’s waterproof features provide you with the best moisture protection you could ever ask for, even during the wet conditions.

The shoe may disappoint you at first glance because it does not come with the same flair that you find in other modern golf shoes, but looks can be deceiving. The torque is a high performing lightweight shoe that even a beginner can use with ease.

The torque’s bottom comes with soft spikes that provide the player with the great traction on the course. It is also ideal for mid handicappers and any other golfer that values quality and durability.

New Balance Men’s Sweeper Waterproof Comfort Golf Shoe

New Balance Men's Sweeper Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe, White/Black, 7 D D US

Key features

  • 2-year waterproof manufacturers guarantee
  • Waterproof microfiber leather
  • Ndurance durable outsole
  • CUSH + ABZORB cushioned midsole

The New Balance Men’s Sweeper Golf Shoes are everything any player would dream of wearing while on the golf course. The shoe boasts of several features that make it stand out from the rest. The new balance has durable microfiber leather uppers that provide the player with waterproof protection, comfort, and flexibility.

The manufacturer guarantees up to two years of waterproof protection. It also has the new crush and insole feature that provides the feet with additional cushioning for more comfort, durability, and stability.

The shoe’s outsole bears Ndurance rubber and six replaceable spikes that provide the shoe with maximum traction, flexibility, and grip on the greens. The shoes are lightweight and come in different sizes with different widths to fit wide feet.

Best Golf Shoes For Walking 

Ecco Men’s Biom Hybrid Hydromax Golf Shoe

Sale Off -$14.96 ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid Hydromax Golf Shoe, Black/Black Solid, 5-5.5

Key features

  • Gore-Tex waterproofing
  • Lightweight yak leather exterior
  • Ergonomic interior

Ecco is famous for making high quality and durable golf shoes that you can walk the greens with, in confidence and comfort. The Biom Hybrid Hydromax golf shoe is among the best golf shoes in the market today. The golf shoe construction is 100% leather, with the upper sole featuring lightweight and strong yak leather.

Ecco goes further to line the golf shoe with Gore-Tex waterproof technology, which is best in moisture prevention in golf luxury shoes. The shoe also comes with a splendid breathability, and ability that helps keep the feet dry at all times irrespective of the weather.

The shoe’s spikeless features also give it flexibility as you can leave the course and attend a function with the shoes without feeling out of place. The Biom hybrid pushes the limits of comfortability, and even though it is more expensive than many other luxury golf shoes, it is a worthy investment.

If you are a beginner working on a budget, you should probably go for the next comfortable pair of golf shoes unless you are willing to invest in expensive but high quality shoes-the Ecco Biom Hybrid.

Thestron Men’s Golf Shoes

Thestron Men’s Golf Shoes Walking Sneakers Training Sports Golf Shoe … Black

Key features

  • Microfiber leather uppers
  • Rubber outsole for maximum traction
  • Water-resistant and lightweight
  • Versatile

Thestron Men’s Golf Shoes are also a great addition to the golf course’s winning golf attire. The shoes you can use as golf shoes, casual shoes for a night out of town, or walking shoes come with amazing features that make golfing easy and comfortable.

They have durable micro-fiber leather construction with a breathable mesh that keeps your feet dry and cool irrespective of the greens’ conditions. The shoes also come with excellent performance and a comfortable feel.

The rubber on the outsole provides you with maximum traction and stability through varying conditions on the course. They are water-resistant, lightweight, and the price is pocket-friendly, especially to newbies starting golfing on a budget.

Best Disc Golf Shoes

PUMA Men’s Ignite NXT Disc Golf Shoe

Puma Golf Men's Ignite Nxt Disc Golf Shoe, Peacoat-Puma Team Gold-Puma White, 7.5 M US

Key features

  • Waterproofing protection that keeps socks and feet dry
  • Comfortable soft outer layer
  • Strong ignite foam layer for cushioning the foot

Puma is a name that every sportsperson knows because of its high quality and versatile line of sporting shoes. The Men’s Ignite NXT Disc Golf Shoe is a golfer’s answer to perfection. The advanced spikes shoe comes with a sturdy outsole that provides the foot with the best traction on the course.

It also comes with a highly cushioned insole with a quality support layer that provides the wearer with an ergonomic feel as he walks from one hole to the next on the greens. Puma is one of the few shoe companies with a traction system that boasts over 100 hexagonal nodules for added stability and lower foot anchorage to maximize swing speed.

The shoes also come with less leather, which is an added advantage to low handicappers.

Best Cheap Golf Shoes

Puma Men’s Grip Fusion Golf Shoe

PUMA Golf Men's Grip Fusion Golf Shoe, Black/White, 7 Medium US

Key features

  • Budget-friendly
  • Soft outsoles for maximum comfort
  • Lightweight, breathable, great traction

Without a doubt, PUMA has one of the highest quality lines of quality shoes that provide stability, durability, and comfort irrespective of the sports category. The Men’s Grip Fusion Golf Shoes prove that puma goes out of its way to provide nothing but reliability and quality.

The spikeless shoes’ casual look gives it an attractive appearance that looks great on and out of the golf course. The shoe also comes with soft outsoles and foot beds that maximum comfort. The golf shoe’s heel and top support have a soft neoprene-like material that molds to the foot, providing even more comfort.

Other features that make the shoe a worthy investment include its lightweight, breathable, and water-resistant features. The traction is perfect, and as their name suggests, they provide the maximum grip of the ground, which helps to provide better swings.

Other notable features that will not escape your curiosity about the golf shoes are the two sets of loops on the tongue that help keep the shoes in place without sliding at all times. The shoe is also budget-friendly, which completes the amazing features of the PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Golf Shoe.

Best Golf Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

New Balance Men’s NBG1701 Spiked Golf Shoe

New Balance Men's nbg1701 Golf Shoe, White/Black, 8 2E US

Key features

  • Feather-light, comfortable, and stylish
  • Synthetic leather uppers
  • Locking cleat system +Ndurance rubber outsole
  • EVA foam cushioned midsole

The New Balance NBG1701 Golf Shoe is the true definition of feather-light footwear that also comes with amazing stability and durability. The comfortable shoe is also an ideal shoe for those beginning their golfing journey as it comes with an affordable price tag alongside user-friendly features.

The shoes, which are a new addition to the line of new balance sports shoes, provide the wearer with both worlds’ best. You can wear the shoes for a round of golf, rock them for a night out, or wear them for a casual gathering. The uppers of the golf shoes feature synthetic leather, which gives them a casual yet professional appearance.

The outsole has a smart design f thin and light locking cleat system that works alongside Ndurance rubber sole to provide the shoe with maximum traction on the golf course.

The golf shoe’s midsole is another comfort zone for the foot as it features an EVA foam cushioning that comes with immense absorbent abilities and great tactile for different swing styles and course conditions. They are wear and tear-resistant and built to last.

Best Golf Shoes For Wide Feet

DLGJPA Men’s Lightweight Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes

DLGJPA Men's Quick Drying Water Shoes for Beach or Water Sports Lightweight Slip On Walking Shoes

Key features

  • Made with fluid flow technology for excellent drainage
  • Anti-slip out-sole
  • Breathable upper mesh
  • Lightweight and multi-functional

A round of golf will sometimes take a layer to water pools that soak up the shoes, especially if they do not come with water-resistant features. One of the best aqua shoes to use for any wet conditions on the course is the DLGJPA Men’s Lightweight Quick Drying Aqua Water Shoes.

The shoes provide maximum comfort and easy mobility in wet places. It has a bouncy rubber sole that blends well with synthetic materials to provide your feet with freedom of movement for comfort. The shoe also comes with a water grip outsole that maintains exceptional traction on wet, uneven, and slippery surfaces.

One of the most notable features of the multi-purpose shoe is the application of fluid flow technology that drains water to the outsole from the upper sole. The same technology also provides the shoe with fast-drying abilities and breathability.

The shoe’s material also allows it to fit snuggly on the foot, which makes it easier to make your swings and improve on performance. It also comes with an easy slip-on design with no fussy straps or laces to hold you back. It also comes in 15 colors and different sizes.

Criteria Used For Evaluation

The following are the criteria used to evaluate the best golf shoes.

best golf shoes

  • Waterproofing

Waterproofed golf shoes are good because they keep the feet, socks, and insoles dry even during the rainy season or in case of stepping into water spots to retrieve a golf ball. Manufacturers of waterproof golf shoes spray the shoes with a coating that contains some chemicals to repel water and keep the foot dry.

However, not every pair of golf shoes comes with waterproof features. Some players also wonder if it is necessary to buy waterproof shoes considering that the feature only lasts for between one and two years.

Waterproof golf shoes may not be essential in drier and warmer places, but it does not hurt to have a pair for that day you will need them because, after all, they do not come with additional costs.

  • Insole 

The insole, or the shoe where the foot meets footwear, is one of the most important parts of the golf shoe. It provides a comfortable cushion to the feet and prevents blisters from forming by minimizing friction between the skin and the shoe.

A comfortable shoe is a big confidence booster to the player, so the first thing anyone buying a pair of gold shoes should look at is the insole construction. If the innersole’s cushion is not comfortable enough, riding a golf cart or even waking the course for a round of golf will be frustrating and strenuous.

  • Outsole 

The outsole is the part of the shoe that forms the outer layer, covers the foot, and is one of the most important things to look at when checking for the quality of a golf shoe. The golf shoe’s bottom provides the wearer with maximum stability as it binds itself to the turf.

The upper part of the sole provides flexibility, which is crucial for the player’s movement around the course. The outer layer of the shoe must also have airy spaces for breathing that should help to keep the feet dry at all times.

  • Comfort

A comfortable shoe is the first criteria that a player should go for when shopping for the best golf shoes. Players spend several hours on the course, especially if they are playing an 18-hole round.

Moving from one spot to the next is not an easy feat, which is why wearing comfortable shoes that ease movement is crucial as it helps to maximize performance. A shoe that provides the best fit prevents friction to the heel, blisters, soreness, injury, and even pain.

  • Breathability

A shoe that breathes is also another important criterion to consider when choosing the best golf shoes. Wearing shoes for long hours leads to heat buildup, leading to sweaty and smelly feet. The best golf shoes come with a mesh construction interior that keeps feet dry and odorless by allowing them to breathe and allow moisture into the inner shoe to keep the feet dry.

How to Clean Golf Shoes

How to Clean Golf Shoes

Golf shoes pick lots of dirt, sand, mud, and even pesticides on the greens n any single round of golf. Cleaning the shoes after each round not only helps to keep the shoes clean, but it also helps to prolong their lifespan. The following are the ways to clean your golf shoes after a round of golf.

  • Remove any dirt or grass from the outsole
  • Unscrew the golf shoe spikes and remove any trapped clumps
  • Wipe the upper parts of the shoe with warm soapy water and a cloth or sponge
  • Air-dry the shoes at room temperature

Besides a cloth or sponge, you can also use a brush with soft bristles, or a toothbrush that you no longer use. If the shoe is machine washable, remove the inner sole and shoelaces before putting them into the machine.

Should You Opt for Spiked or Spikeless Golf Shoes

Spiked or Spikeless Golf Shoes

The soles of golf shoes play a vital role because they provide stability and traction as you walk through the golf course. Some golfers prefer spiked shoes to spikeless ones because they say that they get more traction from them.

However, many prefer to wear spikeless over spiked because they come with more versatility. Golfers that are always on the go and do not have time to change shoes after a round of golf prefer spikeless shoes because they can don them in and out of the golf course with ease.

Golf courses that come with difficult terrain, especially during the wet season, prefer spiked golf shoes because they minimize skidding and make it easier to hold onto the ground more firmly.

Importance of Shoelaces

The best golf shoes in the market today do not need shoelaces, but some manufacturers still use them for sophistication and tradition. Some players also like their shoes with laces for the same reasons.

Though the main reason of shoelaces is fastening, other systems such as zippers and Velcro straps do the job just as well. Velcro straps are also easier and faster to use, especially when removing or fastening the shoes.

When to Replace Your Golf Shoes

When to Replace Your Golf Shoes

How well you take care of your golf shoes and how often you use them on the golf course dictates their longevity. Shoes, just like any other type of dressing, do not last forever, and at some point, you will need to replace them.

One of the indications that your golf shoes need replacing is when you start to feel off-balance during a swing. Loss of traction is also another indication that your shoes are losing their grip on the ground. Loss of grip will lead to frequent slip-ups during a stroke or when walking through the course.

Another indication that you need to replace your golf shoes is when they start to allow in water, yet they are water-resistant. If you no longer feel comfortable in the shoes, then it means that the insoles are no longer cushioning your feet well enough, and it is time to opt for a new pair.

Playing golf and walking through the course is not an easy thing, which is why you need to have a comfortable pair of shoes always.

What Materials Are Best For Golf Shoes?

Materials that are best for golf shoes are leather, synthetic, and waterproof lining.

  • Leather materials

Leather is the most popular material used in the majority of golf shoes in the courses. They create a stretch-free and fitting exterior to the shoe. The leather material helps provide the shoe with stability, and it comes with breathable and waterproof features.

Some of the most common types of leather used on golf shoes are yak leather and cow leather. The downside is that leather shoes are more expensive than their synthetic counterparts are but they last longer.

  • Synthetic materials

Synthetic is an alternative to leather, and it is cheaper in comparison. The material involves synthetic polyester uppers that have a thinner and lighter lining than the leather material does.

The material does not look natural to the eye, unlike the leather material, and it does not come with breathable features. Synthetic shoes are also not long lasting and not very common on the golf course.

  • Waterproof lining materials

Many types of golf shoes come with waterproof lining materials that also add to comfort and stability. One of the most common lining materials is Gore-Tex, which is incredibly thin and highly breathable. The material is also waterproof and extremely comfortable. It also provides warmth to the feet, especially during the cold seasons.


Why are metal spikes unpopular on the golf course?

While some golf courses allow metal spiked golf shoes on the golf courses, most of them ban them because of the damage they cause to the greens and fairways. Metal spikes leave marks that are hard to repair. They are also not comfortable shoes to wear, especially if you want maximum performance from your swings.

Where can I buy golf shoes?

You can purchase golf shoes in major sports stores and trusted online stores such as Amazon. You can also buy the shoes directly by ordering through the websites of the manufacturers.

Can I use any other kind of shoes besides golf shoes for a round of golf?

Yes, you can use the normal sports shoes for a round of golf, but they will not provide you with the same traction you get from golf shoes. Golf shoes come with special traction benefits that help with stability while taking a swing.

They lock the foot to the ground, allowing little or no slipping, which helps with balance, confident, and comfortable swings. Many of the golf shoes also come with waterproofing, which is essential as it keeps the feet dry irrespective of the course’s conditions.

Is waterproofing mandatory for golf shoes?

No waterproofing is not mandatory for golf shoes, but the feature comes in handy, especially if you are playing on wet ground or a rainy season. Waterproofing keeps your feet dry, which makes it convenient to play and keep the feet dry.

Do the spikes on a golf shoe matter?

No, the spikes on a golf shoe do not matter. What matters are the strategic placement of the spikes and the options they provide alongside other features for maximum traction.

Wrapping it up

The best golf shoes are a huge business for sporting shoe companies and may go out of their way to beat their competitions by providing amazingly wonderful features. All the above golf shoes come with great features that make golfing comfortable and fun. The shoes’ versatility also beats traditional ones because you can use many of them on and off the course.

If you are a beginner, you will also find the most affordable shoes from the list. We hope that with the above reviews of the best golf shoes, you will have no excuse but to have the best time on the greens.

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