Best Waterproof Golf Shoes

Depending on the climatic conditions that you play golf in, you may want to buy best golf shoes that have waterproof guarantees. This is important because golf course conditions may become wet even when there is no rain. There is nothing worse than playing golf after a bad rainstorm or in the early morning dew wearing golf shoes that are not waterproof. Mud, wet grass, and water puddles may find their way into your golf shoes and soak everything up from your socks to the insides of your shoe.

This can result in an uncomfortable feeling and loss of confidence in your gaming skills. Fortunately, there are many fabulous waterproof golf shoes specifically designed for the golf course. The best waterproof golf shoes will offer protection against the elements, guarantee comfort, and keep your performance high throughout the game.

Best Waterproof Golf Shoes

The Best 7 Waterproof Golf Shoes

Water can affect your performance in any round of golf, whether there is a storm or you just get closer to a lake or pond on the golf course. Sometimes, avoiding paddles of water on the course may be a challenge; this is why every golfer should have a few pairs of the best waterproof golf shoes. This will ensure that you maneuver wet surfaces with ease and keep your performance high regardless of the surrounding conditions.

This blog post will exhaustively explore the top 7 waterproof golfing shoes available today.

New Balance Minimus Tour Waterproof Golf Shoes for Men

New Balance Men's Minimus Tour Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe, Black, 7 D D US

New Balance is a household name when it comes to producing extremely comfortable running shoes. The company is now producing the best waterproof golf shoes through its Minimus Tour Line. These spiked shoes are versatile and can be worn to the country club and the golf course since they are just like the normal shoes.

The Minimus Tour golf shoes have the signature style that distinguishes New Balance from other brands, but they are designed for an all-round performance on the golf course. They also have a flexible synthetic outsole that gives them their water-wicking ability. They also have an OthoLite insole that is very comfortable and water resistant.

The midsole of these best waterproof golf shoes is reduced by 4mm to cushion your feet while providing ample support to the arches. These golf shoes also have breathable upper that keeps the feet dry and comfortable whenever you are playing in hot weather. They also have a stylish design that will leave you feeling good and confident and they will offer ample protection from harsh conditions when you need it.


  • Very Trendy Design
  • Great traction
  • Extremely comfortable
  • 100% waterproof


  • Shoes run a bit small
  • Spikes tend to come off easily

Sketchers Go Golf Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe

Skechers Go Golf Men's Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe, Black/red, 7.5 M US

Skechers Torque Waterproof golfing shoes are available in multiple colors and they have a minimalist design. This best waterproof golf shoes feature H2GO shield technology that ensures waterproof protection that will keep you dry when golfing in wet conditions. The insole features Sketchers’ Goga mat technology that enables high-rebound cushioning and maximum comfort. The inlay sole is contoured to ensure that it feels comfortable on your feet and this makes walking around very easy and will prevent any sore areas.

Your Achilles pad and heels also get maximum cushioning from the generously portioned midsole. The comfort of these Torque waterproof shoes complements its performance. The shoes offer great stability and traction and never sacrifice your comfort or movement.  The upper area of the shoe is made from one continuous piece except the laces. The toe area is rounded and the rubber sole is flexible making walking in the shoes comfortable even for the full golf rounds.

The shoes are also lightweight weighing only 13 ounces and you will not have any problem carrying them in your bag when necessary. With these best waterproof golf shoes, you can enjoy a round of golf on muddy and rainy days without losing your grip, balance, and stability. This is a perfect budget waterproof shoe that will guarantee comfort and waterproof qualities.


  • Features a minimalist design
  • Adequate Midsole cushioning
  • Amazing comfort
  • Superior waterproofing
  • Great Value for Money
  • Superior waterproofing


  • Permanently fixed insoles
  • Colors are limited
  • Fits a bit wide

Sketchers GO GOLF Men’s Mojo Waterproof Golf Shoe

Skechers Men's GO Mojo Waterproof Golf Shoe, Black/Silver, 7.5 M US

Skechers Mojo Waterproof Golf Shoes deliver a trendy sporty look and provide ultimate traction and comfort. Their high-performance design and continuous fabric on the upper part prevent water from infiltrating making them the best waterproof golf shoes. The shoes also come with a 2-year H2Go waterproof protection.

Being some of the best waterproof golf shoes, the Mojo features a high-performance Resamax cushioned insole and Ultra Flight outsole that will keep your feet feeling good round after round. The spikeless GRIPFLEX TPU outsole offers the traction that golfers need with unmatched flexibility for enhanced movement. The shoes are light in weight at just 10.25 oz. and are come in different sizes.


  • Very comfortable
  • Sleek and smart design
  • Excellent breathability
  • Good laces and tongue
  • Great value for money
  • Superior waterproofing qualities
  • 2-year waterproof warranty


  • Gripflex is only ideal for dry weather
  • Not all Sizes and fit are available
  • Color choices are limited

RAX Outdoor Anti-Slip Waterproof Snow Boots For Men

RAX Men's Outdoor Anti-Slip Waterproof Snow Boot with Fur Lined Winter Warm Shoes Black

The RAX waterproof shoes feature thickened EVA midsole that absorbs shocks while waking and gives you extraordinary comfort and guarantees safe and relaxed walking. The rubber outsole of these best waterproof golf shoes is antiskid and the bottom has polygonal lugs that provide great grip and traction. The surfaces of the RAX shoes are made from suede leather that is water-resistant and provides an additional barrier against water. However, it is breathable enough to guarantee all-day comfort.

The shoe features anti-collision double toe protection that will wrap up your toe and protects your fragile shoe toe. The Rax men’s shoes also have a high density cotton linter that will keep you warm during cold weather. As some of the best waterproof golf shoes, the Rax model is light in weight to guarantee easy movement when playing in the golf course.


  • Waterproof qualities
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole with excellent traction
  • Water-resistant and breathable uppers made from suede leather
  • The insides have warm cotton linter for warmth and comfort
  • Thickened EVA midsole for maximum cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable laces

Sketchers Women’s Drive 4 Spikeless Waterproof Golf Shoe

Skechers Women's Drive 4 Spikeless Waterproof Golf Shoe, Silver, 6 M US

If you are looking for the best waterproof golf shoes, then the Go Golf Drive Shine from Sketchers is the ideal choice. They offer a unique, comfortable design and versatility. It has an athletic, trendy design that features shiny metallic material on the uppers that offer waterproof protection. They also have a breathable Dri-Lex moisture-wicking lining that guarantees coziness inside the shoes. These shoes also have an ultra-flight midsole that cushions every step that you make and this makes them perfect for several rounds of golf.

The patented Goga Max Technology insole that is associated with this brand offers high-rebound cushioning and comfortable underfoot. Being some of the best waterproof golf shoes, they also have a sturdy TPU outsole that features spikeless traction lugs that offer you the grip that you require on the golf course and the versatility you desire off the course. The shoes are light in weight at just 9 oz, and they come with a waterproof warranty of two years.


  • Superior water-resistant qualities
  • Lightweight ensuring easy movement
  • GOGA MAX places resalyte technology for high-rebound cushioning and maximum support
  • Agion insole protection impedes odor and wicks away moisture providing long-lasting protection
  • 2 year waterproof protection


  • Spikeless design may not suit those looking for spiked waterproof shoes

Footjoy Men’s Fj Originals Golf Shoes

Sale Off -$10.01 FootJoy Men's Originals Golf Shoes White 7 M Brown, US

The FootJoy Fj Originals are ideal for those who are looking for trendy, waterproof shoes that come at an affordable price. The Fj Originals shoes are designed to be featherweight and high-performance. The EVA midsole is manufactured from EVA foam that maintains its cushioning and never wears off for the lifespan of these shoes. As the best waterproof golf shoes, they also come with the proprietary rubber outsole technology called traction outsole that offers strong turf gripping qualities.

The FJ Originals have 7 spikes that ensure your toes and heel stay on the ground with each step that you take regardless of how slippery the surface is. FootJoy Fj Originals shoes have superior waterproofing qualities; however, they come with just one year guarantee for this. The stylish look and lightweight design make these FJ Originals one of the best waterproof golf shoes on the market today.


  • Very comfortable
  • Great Style
  • Good Value for Money
  • Greater waterproofing qualities


  • Made from faux leather rather than real leather
  • Only 1-year waterproofing guarantee

Nike Men’s Explorer 2 Golf Shoe

Nike Men's Explorer 2 Golf Shoe, White/Black, 8.5 M US

The Nike Explorer 2 Golf Shoe for men provides the lightweight, maximum comfort of Phylon cushioning. Furthermore, it offers additional stability and structure of a tactically debossed upper. The shoe has a sturdy rubber outsole featuring a belligerent Integrated Traction system for excellent grip on different surfaces. The outsole features raised nodes around the edges for a smooth transition and enhanced stability through the golf swing.

With its water-repellant surface, this show will keep you dry when playing on muddy or snowy surfaces. These best waterproof golf shoes also have a pull tab on their tongue to ensure easy and hassle-free on and off. The shoes are also spikeless and have a sporty look making them perfect for wearing both on and off the golf course. This Explorer 2 Golf Shoe from Nike also comes in a range of sizes to suit the feet of different golfers.


  • Water-resistant uppers keep your feet dry
  • Debossed lines offer additional structure and a more stable feel
  • Full-length Phylon offers a stable feel and lightweight comfort.
  • Sturdy rubber outsole offers excellent traction for a range of conditions
  • Manufactured by a reputable brand
  • Provides Value for Money


  • Shoes are slightly expensive than other brands

Do Golf Shoes Need To Be Waterproof?

Do Golf Shoes Need To Be Waterproof

It is not a must for golfers to buy shoes that have waterproofing characteristics. Most golf shoe brands produce both waterproof and non-waterproof golf shoes. The best thing about waterproof shoes is that you can play in them all year round regardless of the climatic conditions. With waterproofed shoes, your feet will remain comfortable and dry regardless of the surface you are playing on. The best waterproof golf shoes are designed to let you walk through shallow paddles and dew-laden lawns without your feet getting wet. When you walk for just a mile in sopping socks, your feet will feel cold even on a very hot day.

The ground tends to be wet, especially when playing in winter or spring and this is where waterproofing becomes crucial. Your game may be seriously affected when you wear golf shoes that do not offer much with regard to waterproofing qualities. Furthermore, summer months can also come with rain and it is best when you are prepared. With the best waterproof golf shoes, you can boost your confidence in the golf course because you will be able to walk on muddy and wet terrain with ease.

If the golf ball falls close to a pond, your gaming will be affected, especially of water starts penetrating your socks. With the best waterproof footwear, you will focus solely on your game. You can also expect consistent performance and gaming even in wet weather because your shoes will keep you dry and comfortable.

The best waterproof golf shoes usually have padded inside soles that allow you to relax when playing. You can forget about any moisture gathering outside your shoes and enjoy the game because your feet will be dry all through. With the best waterproof golf shoes, you can keep the water in the paddle traps and not in your shoes.

Do I Need Waterproof Golf Shoes?

Getting waterproof golf shoes is important because no golfer wants to have wet and cold feet when they are playing on the golf course. The choice to purchase waterproof golf shoes will largely depend on the location of your golf course. If you frequently play in an area that has a dry, hot climate coupled with infrequent and brief rain or minimal morning dew, then waterproof quality becomes less valuable for you when compared to other features like ventilation and breathability.

The best waterproof golf shoes are a must-have for golfers who play in 3 or 4 seasons and enjoy morning golf rounds in the dew.  You can get waterproof golfing shoes to ensure that the climate does not affect your tee time. The good thing is that there are many brands offering waterproof golf shoes with outstanding waterproofing technology. This prevents water from seeping through and inhibits moisture buildup inside to ensure maximum comfort.

How To Clean Waterproof Golf Shoes

Even though the best waterproof golf shoes are made from durable materials, they need to be taken care of and cleaned to ensure they last longer. Your golf shoes should be cleaned during and following every round of play. It is easy for people to remove their golf shoes, put them in the trunk, and forget about the shoes until you want to use them again. However, neglecting your waterproof golfing shoes or your shoes that are waterproofed using a spray-on coating will not prolong their life.

The best waterproof golf shoes are a significant financial investment and should be cleaned regularly so that they can last for years. If you mainly play in dry conditions, then your shoes will not pick up lots of moisture and will need minimal cleaning. However, if you primarily play golf on wet courses, then your shoes will need better care after completing each round of golf. To clean your waterproof golf shoes, you need to do the following:

  • Wipe down the whole surface of the golf shoe using a towel after completing each round of golf. Additional care is needed when you get home. However, it is crucial to remove water from your shoes as soon as possible.  You should also rub your best waterproof golf shoes vigorously using a stiff-bristled brush to help eliminate any grass, dirt, and other debris from your outsoles.
  • Ensure that you pay close attention to the cleats because they usually hold dirt. If the debris is already caked, you can pry it loose using a golf tee or the sharp point on your cleaning tool. Wash your best waterproof golf shoes using warm, soapy water and a rag to remove any remaining dirt. You can then dry the shoes using a microfiber towel.
  • You can then polish your shoes by applying a shoe cleaner on the outer surface using a rag. Keep in mind that the shoe cleaner or polish that you use will depend on your specific brand and the color of your shoes. Some shoe manufacturers produce specific cleaners for use on their waterproof shoes. Rub a good amount of cleaner on the outer surface of every shoe and then buff it using a clean rag or a brush. Your shoes are now ready for use for another round of golf.

Can You Put Golf Shoes In The Washing Machine?

Yes. Golf shoes can be put into a washing machine. However, it is important that you check the instructions on your shoes carefully before cleaning them. This way, you can determine whether your golf shoes are machine washable or it will not damage the shoes further.

Be sure to remove any dried and fresh dirt using a brush. Remove your shoe laces and put the shoes in the washing machine. You can then add your laundry detergent and some baking soda to help eliminate any smells. Turn your machine on and then wait until the cleaning is done.

After washing, the insides of the shoes should be covered with paper towels to ensure the form and shape is maintained when drying. Allow the shoes and the laces to dry completely and you can then use them again on the golf course.


Whether you value good looks, longevity, performance, or comfort, our list of the best waterproof golf shoes has something for you. We feel that different golfers will find these golf shoes functional and comfortable. They are quite versatile for use both on the golf course and in the club without feeling awkward.

These golf shoes have ideal features, new technology, and they are quite affordable. Be sure to know your needs and pick a show that will deliver the results you are looking for. Waterproof golf shoes will prove to be great purchases that will serve you for many years on the golf course.

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