Golf Attire – What To Wear Golfing

Many newcomers in golf wonder what the proper golf attire is and if wearing anything else besides what golf rules on dress etiquette dictates is okay. Many prominent golf courses around the world have dress codes that all players have to adhere to irrespective of their skills.

However, local municipal and private golf courses do not have the same dress code rules, and as long as you wear clothes on, you can go right ahead and start teeing.

Golf attire rules vary from one golf course to the next, though specific dress codes for both men and women have worldwide recognition.

What To Wear When Golfing

Choosing the right golf equipment can be challenging for newbies. It becomes even harder when they have to select the proper attire to wear for their first golfing experiences too. Some do not understand the reasons behind dressing in a particular way to play on the greens.

The rules are there for a reason, and one of them is that dressing right can positively influence or affect your performance on the greens. A pair of suitable shoes makes it easier to walk through the greens with ease, while a proper glove helps to provide you with a better grip of the golf club. You cannot use just any other kind of glove but only one specially designed for golfing.

If the weather is lousy and you have to deal with rain, you will need a waterproof windbreaker to keep you from getting wet. Dressing too casually on the golf course will make you look out of place, among other decently dressed players. A decent pair of slacks, shorts, and a collared shirt will look good, and if you are a lady golfer, a dress is a definite no.

Though many clubs today are relaxing the tradition that dictates dress etiquette, a few still hang on the strict rules of dressing on the golf course. Even with the ease of strict restrictions, the basic dress code allowed in the majority of the golf courses around the world is as follows;

Golf Attire For Men


  • Golf shirt

The golf shirt should have a collar and be comfortable, which is why it is wise to wear a fabric that feels cool to the body. The best materials to choose from are cotton that keeps you cool and comfortable or synthetic that allows sweat to evaporate during the hotter seasons.

Some golfers play in turtlenecks which is not a great idea, especially in regular golf clubs, while others prefer short to long sleeve shirts.  Proper dress etiquette on the course, also stipulate that all players should tuck in their shirts, while on the golf course. Wearing quality golf shirts on the golf course helps to keep you comfortable as you play, irrespective of the weather conditions.

  • Hat or cap

If you are playing 18 holes, you may take a while on the golf course and the rules are that you cannot stop play midway whether it rains or shines. Both the sun and the rain are not pleasant to the body, especially when you are tired and desperate to deliver outstanding results on the golf course. A good hat or cap will provide you with protection against the harsh sun’s rays or a drizzle of rain.

  • Shorts or slacks

The majority of golf courses across the globe allow players to wear good slacks or shorts to the greens. You should, however, accompany the shorts or slacks with a good belt loop and not elastic or drawstrings.

Some players prefer their shorts or slacks in bold colors because they are trendy, but old-fashioned neutral styles and colors are more advisable because of their versatility and functionality. The trouser length should touch the shoes while the shorts should be above your knees.

  • Shoes

Traditional metal spike shoes are no longer a required dress code in many of the golf courses today. The best golf shoes to use today are soft spike or spikeless shoes with no metals. Some clubs do not allow tennis soft-soled shoes, but they are comfortable, and you will get away with wearing them in a few select golf clubs.

A quality pair of golf shoes provide you with a firmer grip that allows you to hit faster swings. They also come in handy when you are teeing on an uneven lie or a bank. Golf does not treat shoes with kindness, which is why it is crucial to invest in good quality to avoid regular replacements.

  • Socks

Though you can choose to wear a pair of socks that you feel comfortable in, choosing absorbent quality socks will provide you with more comfort as you play. You could also try to be stylish by choosing a pair that matches with your slacks or shorts.

  • Belt

The belt aims to prevent your slacks or shorts from falling off as you take a swing at the ball. It would help more if you choose to wear a belt that you feel comfortable in but if you want to be trendier, wear a belt that has a contrasting color to your slacks or shorts.

If you are on the larger body size, wear a belt that has the same color as your slacks to prevent drawing attention to your waist.

  • Gloves

Some players prefer to take their swings without the need for a golf glove, while others cannot go to the greens without their glove. If you have to use a glove, remember that they are not one-size-fits-all and you should find a pair that goes with the size of your hand.

Gloves help to provide you with a firmer grip of the golf club for a better swing and more distance, and they protect against bruising, and sweaty palms.

  • Rain jackets and cold-weather gear

The cold weather can affect your swing if you are dressing is light. Dress warm but comfortable and if it is raining, use a lightweight waterproof jacket that will not affect your movements on the golf course.

  • Accessories

The clothing golf accessories that you may need for a round of golf on the greens include sunglasses, sunscreen to protect your skin against the UV rays, and sweatbands to use on the wrists and forehead.

Golf Attire For Women


Women have different dressing codes depending on the golf course or golf club. The basic golf attire for women are as follows:-

  • Dresses

Some women, especially the younger golfers, prefer to wear trendy golf dresses from prominent brands such as Adidas and Nike. Some golf courses do not allow dresses because of the length that goes against their dress etiquette. Even though you may still get away with wearing the dresses on some golf courses, sundresses and similar dress types are a no.

  • Tops

The most famous golf tops for women allowed in most golf courses are turtlenecks, polo-style shirts, and crew-neck tops. Halter-tops, t-shirts, strapless tops, tank tops, drawstrings, and t-shirts are not appropriate for golfing.

  • Bottoms

Slacks, shorts, and skorts are the most common bottoms allowed for women in major golf courses. The length of the bottoms should be knee-length.

  • Shoes

Women golfers have a wide selection of shoes to choose from, but the same rule of avoiding metal shoes stays for most of the golf clubs around the world. Some of the shoes depend on the type of weather, type of game, and a person’s preference. Overall, comfort should be the main thing when choosing shoes to wear for a round of golf.

  • Accessories

Some of the most common golf accessories for women include hats, visors, sunglasses, and visors. Women that are into fashion prefer their accessories in different prints and colors to add to the dull golf attire they wear.

 What Not To Wear When Playing Golf


Avoid wearing the following types of clothes and accessories when playing golf.

  • White pants
  • Three-quarter pants
  • Beltless slacks or shorts
  • Golf attire with many patterns and colors
  • Steel spiked shoes
  • Hard shoes
  • Sandals
  • Trainers

Wrapping It Up

Golf clubs have different dress code rules when it comes to what players wear on the golf course. The main important factor to consider is that whatever golf attire you choose to wear should provide you with enough comfort to make a swing.

It would be best if you also tried not to draw any attention to your dress code, because it may distract other players from concentrating on their games. Keep your golf attire basic, simple, and practical. If you want to go with the trends, do so with great caution, and if you are joining a new club, learn the rules first before you wear, what you feel is right for you and not the club.

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