Golf Grip Size: What You Need To Know

Most golfers do not know that one of the considerations of the game is grip size. Golf grips can easily be changed and adjusted to enhance your game. An appropriate grip will make things much easier for you when playing golf.

Apart from understanding where your hands are placed, it is crucial to consider the grip size being used. Having a proper grip size will allow you to get your hands where they should be placed.

Golf Grip Size is Crucial For Your Game

The only connection that golfers have with their clubs is the golf grip. Without the perfect grip, there is no way for players to achieve the proper precision and strike that they need in the game. For proper performance on the golf course, players must ensure that this connection is comfortable, consistent, and secure.

If you feel that your hand is larger or smaller than average, then it is best to get custom grips. The truth is that irrespective of the size of your hand, golf grips can be customized. Players can always find an exact match that works for their hands. When you know your grip size and what really works for you, you can enjoy golfing for years to come.

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Golf Grip Sizes

Golf grip sizes tend to be very simple. Grip sizes come in varying sizes and this includes the following;

  • Junior/Undersize
  • Standard
  • Midsize
  • Jumbo/Oversize

All grip sizes are usually based on the standard grip.  Junior and undersize grips are normally 1/64-inch smaller when compared to standard grips.  On the other hand, midsize grips are 1/16-inch smaller than the standard while Jumbo grips tend to be 1/8-inch larger. Although there are some slight variations between manufacturers, the most popular grip companies have relatively standard measurements.

If you require a size that is in between these measurements, you can always add tape underneath it to slightly thicken the grip.

Gripe Size Can Affect Performance

Purchasing new clubs is an interesting experience for golfers. This is because they will spend many hours hitting shots on the launch monitor to ensure they make the right choice. For all the hours, the ball flight, spin, speed, and everything else will be recorded and calculated.

After all these, the shaft of the club will be a custom fit for the golfer, however, is the grip also considered? In most cases, if the grip is not appropriate, then the connection with the club will be wrong and this will cause lots of problems for the golfer and his/her game.

Many golfers admit that switching to the appropriate size grip helps them to shave several strokes from their game. Grip size can have a significant impact on performance measures such as the swing plane, grip pressure, impact position, and control of the club.

Grip Size Does Affect the Ball Flight?

When the grip size is not correct, golfers can see the effect it has on the ball flight. When grip size is small, your grip pressure will be very tight. Conversely, when the pressure of the grip is tight, your arms will stiffen. When everything appears rigid coming through your golf ball, the ball flight will be lower than expected. You will not get the distance or spin that you need on your golf shots.

What Transpires When Golf Grips Are Too Small?


Too small golf grips cause players to grip their golf club with lots of force. This is to create a solid connection with the golf club. You will also not hit proper shots when the golf trip is extremely tight. Your grip is too small if your wrist, forearm, and hands experience tightness through a swing or you find that your hands seem to be digging into your palms.

Another issue with a small grip is that it can cause players to swing insider or too fast sometimes. If you want to have an actual feel of small grip size, you should try swinging using your child’s clubs. You will quickly notice the difference. For the right grip, your hands will be relaxed, and hold the club lightly so that it does not slip away.

Ironically, over gripping leads to energy loss and reduces clubhead speed. A stain in the wrist and hands decrease the power of the body core to drive your swing. Slices and fades will also happen when your club over rotates and crosses the square plane too early.

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What Happens When Your Grip Size Is Too Big

If the golf grips are too big, a player will always feel as though they are trying to get their hands in the right position on the club. He/she will feel as though the grip is not right regardless of the number of times you try gripping and regripping.

With a big grip size, you will feel as though the golf club is slowly slipping out of your hands whenever you try swinging it. This is mainly because the fingers are not well wrapped around the grip body. With this lack of control, you are assured of having a few different shots that will make you lose the ability to release the golf ball.

Oversize grips have been flaunted to assist in relieving players from over-gripping. Logically, if your wrists usually move more than they should, larger grips can help you stabilize them. However, having too big grips will make it challenging to keep your club stable and this will cause mishits.

Players that have joint pain or arthritis may find relief using larger diameter grips. The key is to get the right size where the golf grip size allows for comfortable, but loose contact with the club. This will help to keep the focus of energy transfer from the body’s core rotation to your swing.

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Reasons Why Oversize Grips Can Enhance Your Game

In some cases, opting for an oversize grip will help in saving a few shots off the game. For most players, this is true with the putter. With oversized grips, golfers encounter less wrist action in their golf swing. Normally, players who utilize their wrists and hands too much are thought to be “handsy” players.

If the hands are correctly timed, you can do something to control the golf shots. However, things will get ugly if the timing is off. An oversized grip will be a perfect choice for players who want to be more consistent.

Additionally, oversized grips can be quite helpful for golfers who have arthritis or pain in their hands. This is simply because oversized grips necessitate less bending of the fingers and will make the club feel more comfortable to hold.

How to Test For the Right Grip Size For You?

The best way that you can find the right grip size is by taking several test swings using differently sized installed grips on your golf clubs. You should then watch how your shots react to each one of them. Some golf club manufacturers usually have a general sizing guide depending on the glove size.

Before you commit yourself to change your whole golf club set, you should try out on one club to make sure it will be a perfect switch. This way, you will save money if the grip change is not the ideal choice for you and your game. For golf, it more about feel and this is no different with grips. If your shots are straight and you can gently hold the club without straining your wrists and hands or digging fingers into the palms through your swing, then you have found the perfect size.

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Different Grip Sizes for Driver and Irons


If all your golf grips are in a wide range of sizes, this is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. The only golf club that needs to have a different grip is the putter. If you check out pro golfers, you will notice that their grips from Drivers to wedges are the same.

When you find a golf club grip style and size that works perfectly for your golf game, you should apply it to all the golf clubs in your gear. With the consistency of all your grips, your game will be much more manageable.

Adjusting the grip position from one golf club to the next will result in inconsistency in your scoring. Trying to adjust the grip position for all the different golf clubs when playing will result in inconsistency in your scores. You can save time and lots of hustle by just ordering 13 golf clubs that have the same grips when you decide to regrip your clubs.

For the putter grip, your choice will depend on your personal preferences. You can choose to get a standard grip for all the clubs and for the putter you can get a jumbo grip.

In A Wrap

Whenever you hold your golf club, they must feel comfortable. If your golf grip size is not right, it should be fixed immediately. When your hands are not positioned correctly on the golf club, it will be difficult to have a consistent takeaway or swing path.

Do not allow your grips to cost you any shots during a round of golf. This is one of the simplest fixes that will enable you to hit straighter and make scoring on the lower much easier. Furthermore, changing your grips does not cost much and it will significantly enhance your game.

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