How Do I Stop Hitting The Golf Ball So High

Whether you are playing golf for competition or recreation, one thing is certain. You want to maintain consistency to enjoy the game. However, it takes time to play consistent golf for beginners as they go through many problems that hinder their perfection.

One such problem is hitting the golf ball too high, making it difficult for the player to play in a headwind and maximize distance. If you find yourself in a position, where you ask this question- How Do I Stop Hitting the Golf Ball So High? You should seek solutions from experts or professional trainers or continue to read this article to the end.

Why You Hit the Ball Too High

Hitting a golf ball differs from one player to the next. Some players hit their balls too high, while others cannot make distance or hit their balls completely off the target line. The main reasons why you may be hitting your ball too high are as follows.

  • Using the wrong golf club for the swing
  • Doing something not mechanically right for golfing
  • Improper setup
  • Using incorrect golf balls
  • Playing with an improper mindset

How Do I Stop Hitting the Golf Ball So High


Use the right golf clubs for your swing

Golf clubs play the most important role in golf. You should ensure that your club has a perfectly fitted driver before hitting the ball to maximize ball and club speed, better spin rate and launch angle, accuracy, and center contact. If your driver is too long or has the wrong shaft and loft, your spin rate will be too high, or experience mechanical difficulties during the swing.

Seek professional or expert help

If you have the proper golf equipment, but you continue hitting the ball too high, it is time to ask for help from a professional coach because the issue could be with your mechanics. Some of the wrong mechanics that cause you to hit the ball too high include improper casting and the golf club's release. An expert will show you how to perfect your swing for better ball flight, accuracy, and distance.

Maintain proper posture or setup

Bad posture or setup could also lead to you hitting a bad swing. Some of the most common bad postures are tilting the shoulders too far back and having your weight stuck more on your back foot. You need to maintain an athletic body setup by not over-bending your knees or tilting your shoulders too far.

Use proper golf balls

Using the wrong golf balls may also influence how your shots fly. Golf balls come with different spin rates and setups. Some best golf balls come with more trajectories, while others produce over spin. Try playing with different golf balls and monitor their trajectory until you find your perfect match.

Maintain the right mindset and good vision

Proper mindset and vision play major roles in how you swing your golf club to hit the ball. If you have self-doubt, lack confidence, or interest, you will not play a good game. If your vision has any impairment, you will not focus on the target line. Go to the golf course with positivity and the willingness to improve on your swings.

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Wrapping It Up

Golf is an interesting game, but only if you are willing to go the extra mile and make it better. Maintaining the best mindset on the course and using all the right equipment improves your swing and acquire speed, distance, and accuracy. If you find yourself hitting the ball too high, follow the above guidelines for consistency.

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