How To Arrange Golf Clubs In A Cart Bag

When it comes to arranging clubs in a golf cart bag, there is no specific way of doing it. However, some tricks can help you achieve a perfect arrangement. When well organized, players can have quick and easy access to their golf clubs. When playing, you will require 14 golf clubs in your cart bag and a perfect arrangement will ensure they all fit in the bag without a problem.

When arranging, be sure to create adequate space for each club to guarantee a perfect fit. The best golf clubs come in different lengths and you have to balance everything to ensure they fit in the bag. Here is a step-by-step guide to assist you in organizing your golf clubs in a cart bag.

Empty the Golf Bag

You should start by emptying all the contents of your bag. This will help you remove items that you do not need on the course. Too much gear will clutter your bag and make it difficult to carry with ease and comfort. Be sure to empty even the side pockets to remove items that will add unnecessary weight to your bag.

Gather all the Necessary Equipment

Gather all the essentials including putters, irons, wedges, and drivers. Keep them in one place before placing them into the golf bag. This will help you determine what you need and what is not necessary.

Arrange the Putter

You should then organize your putter. Golf bags have 3 individual sections. The backside part of the bag is closest to the straps, while the front is farther away from the straps. Put your putters into the backside part that is close to the straps. Some bags will have a putter sleeve on the back areas where you can place your putter.

Organize the Drivers and Woods


The woods and drivers should also be placed at the back. This is the best section for stacking the drivers and woods. You should place your drivers toward the left while the woods should be positioned towards the right.

This will help you arrange your golf clubs starting from the longest ones to the shortest. In simple terms, your 1-3 irons will remain at the back to prevent confusion with the smaller golf clubs.

Organize the Middle Irons and Short Clubs

The mid-range and long irons are your 3 to 7 irons and they should be placed just after or under the drivers. Be sure to start from the longest clubs to the shortest. The mid-range irons will go to the right, while the long ones will go to the left. This will create a more balanced weight that will ensure your golf cart bag is easy and comfortable to carry.

At the front part of the bag, you should place your wedges and short games. This part should store all your extra wedges and 8 to 9 other golfing arsenal including sand and pitching wedges.

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Organize the Golf Accessories

To make your game more fun and enjoyable, you need to properly place your accessories. The front and top pockets should be used for storing the commonly used accessories like ball markers, tees, golf balls, and many more. The side pockets should contain items that are used sparingly, for instance, rule books, gloves, sunglasses, and many more.

This is the optimum way of organizing your golf clubs in the cart bag. A common rule when arranging your golf clubs is to ensure that the location of any club does not block access to other golf clubs. If your arrangement follows this rule, then you will have an easy time playing golf.

Knowing how to arrange your golf clubs in the cart bag is important for every player. If your golf clubs are arranged wrongly, they will negatively impact your play. Furthermore, a good arrangement of your clubs will make the game more enjoyable and will boost your confidence levels.

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