How To Compress The Golf Ball

You cannot have a worthwhile game of Golf without the golf balls. One of the factors that determine Golf ball quality and effectiveness on the golf course is its compression. Golfers of different skill levels use compression rates to determine the balls to use for different golf course spots. Golf ball compression improves handicap, distance, backspin, and accuracy.

Different ways to compress the golf ball

Anyone that does not know a thing about Golf would assume that compressing a golf ball is squeezing it to make it compress to a smaller size. However, squeezing a golf ball irrespective of how much force you use does not make the ball change.

A golf ball compresses at impact, and all you need is the golf club, your body, and the golf ball. There are different ways to compress the golf ball for the best results on the greens.

·  Use your lower body

Using your lower body helps to get your body in front of the golf ball before an impact. Get closer to the target by shifting your left hip and pushing off the right foot. In this position, your belt buckle should be ahead of the ball.

The move may look subtle, but it is crucial to compress the ball for a better hit. The act allows your center to move ahead of the ball, allowing you to strike the ball first before impact.

· Palm-down strike

The palm-down strike is another crucial move that helps to compress the ball before impact. In this move, ensure that the right arm faces the ground as you reach the delivery zone for the perfect downward strike.

The position also squares the face. If you strike with your palm facing the target or with the gulp facing upwards, you will not compress the ball, but instead, you will end up scooping it off the turf. The key to proper compression is to have your right palm face the ground as you strike the ball.

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· Left side up

It would help if you created balance in your motion by applying downward pressure on the ball using your right hand and right side. You will also need to move your left side up and back to create the balance you need. This position compresses the ball against the clubface to make a swing that catches the ball before it catches the turf.

· Easy drill to compress

Finding the perfect attack angle is what ball compression is all about. One of the simplest drills to find the best attack angle to compress the golf ball is as follows. Once you have your ball in position on the ground, slide a tee behind it.

Using visualization, imagine the ball is the nail, the ground is wood, and your clubhead is the clubface. Now imagine using the hammer to drive the nail further into the wood. With this imagination, your ball will take off on impact in a way that will astonish you.

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Wrapping it up

Compressing the ball on impact using different body postures is not easy to master, especially if you are new in the game. You need to practice as often as you can, sometimes in front of the mirror, to master all the ball compression techniques. Once you do, you will better control the ball with more accuracy, distance, and perfect hit on impact.

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