How To Hit Your 3 Wood Consistently

For most players, the 3 wood is one of the hardest shots in the game of golf. However, with the right strategies, it can become a crucial part of your game. The 3 wood can become one of the most versatile golf clubs in your gear bag.

The 3 wood can effectively handle tee shorts, be utilized from the fairway, and even used for bump-and-run shots around the greens. Since you carry 14 clubs when playing a round of golf, you must ensure that you make the most of all of them.

Hitting the 3 Wood Effectively

To get a good shot from your 3 woof club, you should always start with a steady stance. Ensure that you aim the shot well and swing the golf club at a steady tempo to help drive the ball with accuracy and distance. At first, it may seem quite a challenging hitting with the 3 wood, however, with lots of practice your swing will improve.

The tips below will assist you when hitting a 3 wood.

Achieve Balance

Proper alignment is crucial when swinging any golf club. Therefore, for you to effectively strike solid 3 wood shots, you must focus on your balance. Balance is important when playing golf, however, it becomes more valuable when you try to pick the ball of a tight lie using a long club.

With the 3 wood shots, balance is important because control is necessary when positioning the bottom of the swing arc. This means that the bottom of the swing must exactly match up with the ball position. If your body weight is moving around unnecessarily during the swing, you may end up hitting the shot thin or fat.

To improve your balance, you should stop swinging too much and too hard. Most golfers usually swing hard when hitting the 3 wood from the fairway. This is true, especially when going for a par five in two or attempting to strain in order to cover the distance. You should also avoid opening the shoulders since it results in a steeper downswing that will prevent solid contact. Be sure to keep your shoulders square as it will enable you to strike the golf ball with a flatter angle of attack creating a well-struck shot.

Position the Golf Ball Forward


When striking 3 woods consistently, the position of the ball is a crucial component. Most newbies place the ball too far forward believing that it will help them to get the ball into the air with ease. However, this results in thinning the ball or causing a dropkick where you end up striking the ground way behind the ball.

The best 3 wood ball position is directly below your shirt’s logo. This way, the ball will be positioned in the front center of your golf stance and will be about 1 to 2 inches behind where you put your driver.  Placing the ball slightly behind may seem odd at first, but you will discover the ball will cleanly come out when you are comfortable and balanced.

An incorrect golf ball position will make it hard for you to reach the ball at impact. This is because you will have to slide the lower part of your body to the left and this will throw you off balance. As a result, you will likely hit the 3 wood shot fat. Be sure to experiment with your 3 woods until you find a ball position that works perfectly with your swing.

Try Chocking Down on Your Golf Club

Some players fear choking down on their club because they believe that they will lose distance. The truth is that you will lose some speed through the hitting area if your hands are positioned farther down the grip. However, the loss of distance will be very minimal and whatever you will lose in speed you will surely gain in the contact quality. Controlling shorter golf clubs is easier, therefore when you go down an inch on the 3 wood, it will enable you in managing the club better all through the swing.

Be sure to also practice this technique before putting it into action on the golf course. This is because the club will feel different in your hands when choked down. Therefore, you need to practice this on the range to help you build confidence in the shot. You should also watch out for the ball flight because it will change when you are choked down.

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Choose the Right Lie

Even on the fairway, you may not have the right lie for hitting your 3 wood. This is because not every lie in the fairway is equal. Sometimes, you will have to take a pass on this short and utilize a shorter club. Some of the two lies that are not conducive when hitting a 3 wood include:

  • Ball Sitting Down-if the golf ball rests in a slight depression in the fairway, you should think twice before using your 3 wood. Getting the best spot of the club down to the ball’s middle area will be difficult in this situation. Although you can get away with your 3 wood shot that will come out low and run up towards the target, the safe play is to just club down and lay the golf ball up.
  • Ball Set on a Severe Slope-When the ball halts on a fairway slope, hitting a 3 wood becomes more difficult. Even the pros have a challenge making a big swing using a long golf club on a sloped area. In such a case, it is better to utilize a shorter club for this shot and keep the ball in play.

Final Thoughts

The 3 woods are some of the most versatile golf clubs and this makes it among the most important clubs in your gear bag. When you learn to hit the 3 wood well and in the right situations, it will help shave some strokes of the score. This is true whether you are hitting the 3 woods from the turf or the tee. Strive to improve your technique using the tips mentioned above and build your confidence before you play your next round.

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