How To Increase Club Head Speed In Golf

Do you know how to increase club head speed in golf and why it is important to do so? Many and amateur golfers compare themselves to professionals with the wish that they could achieve the prowess professionals portray on the course. With the availability of advanced technology today, it is possible to measure how well or bad your golfing is as compared to that of a pro.

You also get a chance to improve your style and swing by changing several aspects of your game, one of which is increasing your clubhead speed. This article takes you through tips on how to increase clubhead speed in golf.

Why Swing Speed is Important in Golf

One of the biggest thrills in golfing comes is when you hit the ball and watch it soar high through the air, covering a long distance before it comes to a rest. Of course, the thrill feels even better if the hit is a long drive that gets past your other playing partners.

However temporary the feeling, it proves that when you cover a longer distance, you feel dominant on the course, and one of the things responsible for that is your clubhead speed. Besides playing a huge role in hitting a long drive, clubhead speed is also the biggest factor in compressing irons and more energy transfer.

Research shows that clubhead speed gains 3 yards of distance per hour for every mile. Golf swings have intricate movement sets that differ from one player to the next. However, in as much as the swing movements differ, one area with the highest impact on your performance is the clubhead speed.

How to Increase Clubhead Speed


Before you find out the different ways on how to increase clubhead speed in golf, you should first ensure that you are in a positive and healthy mental status. Golf requires patience and endurance, and without the mental status required for that, you may not succeed.

With that said, you can increase your club head speed by using different methods. Some of the techniques are complex, while others are easy to perform. The five main techniques are:

  • Flexibility and strength training
  • Physical training
  • Better swing technique
  • Overspeed training
  • Monitoring your progress

1. Strength and Flexibility Training

Strength training is as important to golf as it is for other sporting activities. However, you do not have to portray large biceps, a thick chest, or formidable shoulders. Instead, it would help build strength and muscles, which you can only get through strength training.

Other areas to focus on during strength training include the forearm, hips, and abdominal muscles since they are the ones you will use most to increase clubhead speed and gain distance. Strength training requires patience and discipline as it can be time-consuming.

Even though golf does not require as much strength as some other sports, it requires flexibility. Therefore, it is important to pair your strength training with flexibility training to allow your body to leverage, twist, and turn in ways that will generate as much clubhead speed as possible.

If you feel you have the strength required for simulating clubhead speed, you can take flexibility training without pairing it with strength training.

2. Physical Training

Physical training is different from strength and flexibility training as it focuses on players with unfit body physiques. For example, overweight players are more likely to have speed and swing limitations than their physically fit counterparts. Conversely, a leaner body with an excellent physique will hit a long drive with the help of increased club speed.

3. Improved Swing Technique


Every amateur golfer's dream is to play like the professionals, which is doable but not easy. Unfortunately, bodies are not the same, and golfers, especially amateurs and newbies, swing in their most comfortable ways. One of their most comfortable ways of playing is the downswing, which deters the clubhead speed. Others develop swing tension leading to low clubhead speed and unpredictable results.

An improvement on the swing techniques increases clubhead speed by minimizing tension and freeing you from being stuck in the downswing. Some of the activities to take while improving your swing technique include deep breathing that regulates your breathing technique allowing you to focus on what you are doing.

Another technique includes building a pre-shot routine before taking any shot that helps you to visualize where you want your ball to land. The swing technique involves full-body power optimization and making use of its potential. Furthermore, the method provides you with the best baseline to handle and learn many other techniques related to the golf swing, speed, distance, and transfer.

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4. Overspeed Training

Overspeed training is a common feature in baseball, but it works just as well for golf. It is also the simplest approach to use among all the other techniques, and it is a favorite among many golfers worldwide. In baseball, players use bats with weighted donuts to simulate heaviness that helps with faster swings.

In golf, Overspeed training involves using weighted golf clubs that help with clubhead speed allowing you to swing faster and hit further. Weighted clubs also help build muscles with time, allowing you to have more energy and strength to increase clubhead speed. Additionally, it requires slow movements that help you to build endurance and stabilization.

Some instructors do not encourage new golfers to use the Overspeed training technique because they can easily forget other methods of increasing clubhead speed.

5. Monitor Your Progress

Track the effect the training sessions have on your clubhead speed by frequently monitoring each progress. A golf launch monitor will be most helpful as it allows you to report on all your swing components and speed.

Furthermore, swing progress recording also provides you with visual feedback that highlights and identifies any faults and the places you need to improve on for better clubhead speed.

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Wrapping it up

Gaining a few extra yards is every golfer’s dream irrespective of his or her skill level. A possible way to gain this is by increasing your clubhead speed. You can do this by building your body muscles, working on your mental status for discipline, and ensuring that your body is flexible enough to take the swings effectively. Remember to monitor your training progress so you can improve on the rough parts and faults.

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