How To Know When Golf Cart Batteries Are Dying

A golf cart needs fuel to move around the golf course, and for them, golf cart batteries are their fuel. However, golf cart batteries come with a lifeline, but at some point during their service, they run out of energy. How do you know when your golf cart batteries are dying? Read on to find out.

There are two main categories of Golf cart batteries. The first category is the 36-volt batteries with six 6-volt batteries, while the second category is the 48-volt batteries with six 8-volt batteries constituents. Irrespective of the type of golf cart batteries, they all die at some point, but they show symptoms and signs of damage that you can tell by observing their conditions before they do.

Symptoms and signs that your golf batteries are dying

Damaged or dying batteries have clear indications that are hard to miss if you know what healthy ones should look. If you do not know, the following signs will help you out.

· Battery charge evaporating faster than usual

The first indication that your batteries may be dying is if they do not retain their charge for long. A 36-volt battery should pass a distance of more than 30 miles with a fully charged battery. If the charge evaporates faster than it should before reaching the required minimum distance, then it should be in its dying phase. Test the golf batteries to be sure, and if they show any signs of deterioration, replace them.

·  Time taken to charge is too long

If it takes too long to charge your golf cart batteries, then most probably they could be dying. It should not take more than 5 hours for a healthy golf cart battery to charge fully. If they take anything from 8 hours and above, you should test them for damage and replace them if they are dying.

· If the cable has damages

Another sign that could be an indication of dying batteries is a damaged cable. Damaged cables interfere with the health of the batteries. If you notice the dying signs, you should check if all the cables linked to your golf cart batteries are not disproportional before checking for any other symptoms.

· Failure to produce enough voltage

Voltage production is the primary essential for golf cart batteries. If the voltage system stops working correctly after using the batteries for a long time, your batteries will fail to produce enough voltage to run the cart. Check the voltage system and if it is faulty, replace it and the batteries.


· Low amperage production

Production of amperage also contributes to the condition of your golf cart batteries. Golf carts attain longer distances with higher amperage production. If the golf cart battery's amperage production is low, test or probe the cart or replace the battery.

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Wrapping it up

It is not hard to tell when your golf cart's batteries are dying because they display signs are symptoms that are unusual and different from what you know. Testing and probing the batteries should be the most appropriate ways to determine the health of the batteries.

The four parameters that you need to check for good health are the cable, voltage, amperage, and the electrolyte. However, if the golf cart batteries you are using are over five years, you should not even wait for the signs and symptoms but replace them for excellent service.

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