How To Measure Putter Length

If you talk to any professional golf club fitter, they will tell you that the most important aspect of owning the perfect putter is knowing its length. However, in today’s modern golfing habits, many club custom-fitting establishments do not take putter lengths seriously, as they do with the other golf clubs. Players focus more on tweaking their driver for distance and forget that the putter plays a huge role in achieving the same.

Playing the right putter length provides players with more consistent strokes, better speed control, helps set up, and directly affects the number of putts in a round of golf. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that before you chose a putter, you should know your kind of play, your height, posture and the club length that will comply with these attributes for the best results.

The procedure to measure the length of your putter is easy as long as you have the proper equipment needed for the procedure. Find out how to measure putter length as you read on

How To Measure Putter Length

Before you start the actual procedure, ensure that all the tools you need for measuring the length of the putter are readily available. Fortunately, you only need two items for the measurement.

  • Aluminum straight-edged ruler-48 inches
  • A flat-leveled surface

Some players make the mistake of using a yardstick or tape measure to measure the length but using any of those will not give you consistent results. Others take the measurements while the putter lies flat on the grass, but that too will give you inconsistent results because grass can be uneven, causing measurements that are off.

Bear in mind that the putter shaft has different characteristics that that of an iron or a driver. Unlike the last two golf clubs, putter shaft installation is not directly in the heel but in the center of the head or close to the heel.


Step One-With the center lying flat on the ground, hold your putter up. Do this even if your regular stance at set up hold gets the toe slightly facing up.

Step Two-Take your measuring device from the bottom and place it in line with the putter’s center.

Stage Three: Keep the stick you are using for the measuring procedure very close to the shaft, and then, using the ruler, line the top of the grip

Step Four- Read the measurements. The measurement showing at the highest point of the grip is the length of your putter.

Putter Lengths

The standard length of putters ranges from 32 to 52 inches. However, if you purchase a stick putter off the shelves of a golf warehouse, the length will most likely be 34 to 35 inches. If the measurements are lower by half an inch, the length is the nearest round number on the lower side. For example, if you purchase a putter measuring 35 ½ inches, the length of the putter should be 35 inches.

Even though it is easy and possible to custom-fit putter lengths to suit your preferences and stroke style, USGA has some restrictions. The stipulations are that a putter, just like any other golf club, should have a length of at least 18 inches.

Other clubs that include woods, irons, drivers, and wedges should not exceed a length of 48 inches for their acceptance on the greens. The advantage of the putter is that it does not have a maximum length limit.

How to Determine If the Club Length Is Right for You


Are you looking for new golf clubs that suit your needs? Remember the characteristics of the golf club, irrespective of which type it is, highly impact speed consistency and distance control. Besides speed and distance, the golf club also dictates how your swing will be and how you putt your stroke if it is a putter.

The suitable length of the putter is essential for good play, and the following factors are some of the most important attributes that determine whether the club length is suitable for your game.

  • Stance

Playing the best and most comfortable golf is all about your posture. Checking your posture or stance as you hit the ball should be enough to tell you if the golf club you are using has the appropriate length. Checking the posture is a simple technique that requires you to stand at address and assume your position, taken when hitting the ball.

If your stance is too inclined to get you into the most comfortable play position, it means that the putter shaft is too short for your size. If you get into this position and your hand slides from the handle to the shaft, it means the putter shaft is too long for your posture and size.

  • Stroke

With the ball in the middle of your stance, the next step that follows is to make a stroke; the stroke you putt will have a large impact on your stance. Players have different ways of swinging their clubs for the perfect stroke, but one fact stands out. If the club is not the right length, putting the stroke will not give you the expected perfect results.

The length of the golf club highly determines how good or bad your strike will be. If you use a putter that is either too long or too short for your posture and body size, you will not make great shots no matter how much you practice your swing. The appropriate length gives you the confidence to strike in the most comfortable position, preventing you from losing control and mastery of the game.

  • Height of the player

The player height is a good determinant of the correct club length. As mentioned above, it is also important to ensure that you feel comfortable and maintain a great and comfortable golf posture. Still, your body size provides you with a good starting point in ensuring you find the perfect custom-fitting clubs.

In general, many golf players do not take putter length as seriously as they do the other clubs. They use putters that are either too long or too short, which affects their strokes. If you are not sure about how the length of the putter corresponds with your body size, go to the local Golf equipment specialty, and ask what the average sizes should be. Many players out there are using putters that are either too long or too short for their heights.

A walk in the golf sports store will open you up to the standard measurements of the putters. The putter has lengths ranging between 34-inch and 35-inch golf clubs with a 33.5-inch average. Women putters are a standard 33 inches. The standard lengths do not indicate that all professional players on the course use the same lengths because they all come with average heights. You can have your putter custom fitted to suit your height, among other attributes.

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Wrapping it up

Measuring the length of your putter is not rocket science as it is the simplest procedure to do. What might be more challenging than taking the actual measurements is finding the appropriate putter length that complies with your body height, stance, and stroke.

Ensure that you have all the proper measuring equipment at hand with a flat surface for the most consistent measurements of your putter length. If the putter is not a custom-fit club, the measurements should be range from 32 to 55 inches.

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