How To Stop Slicing The Golf Ball

Slicing the golf ball is frustrating for any golf player who values the perfect play, yet it is one of the golf course's most common problems. Some players never get it right, and the more they try to keep the ball focused in the target line, the more they slice it away, to the right.

One of the things that come to mind when a ball curves to the right is an open clubface. Fortunately, for anyone that cannot stop slicing the balk and having it go to the right every time, you can do the following things to enjoy successful rounds of Golf.

Different Ways to Stop Slicing the Golf Ball

The only connections you have to the golf club are your hands. The hands are, therefore, the leading cause of slicing the ball off the target line. The following things help to eliminate slicing the golf ball.

·  Grip-On the golf Club

How you grip, the golf club determines the direction your golf ball will take on impact. Your left hand should be more to the right, with two or three of your left-hand knuckles very distinctly visible for the best grip.

Ensure that your left-hand palm looks down to the right foot. If you allow the palm to face towards the sky and away from the target, the ball will slice through to the right rough.

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· Maintain light pressure on the grip

Another mistake players make is to put too much pressure on their grips, leading to closing the clubface during a downswing. The grip pressure should be as light as possible if you want to make the perfect swing and have the ball heading towards the target line.

One exercise you can do to ensure that you maintain light grip pressure is by squeezing and softening to relieve your hands' tension. With less pressure, you will have the ball flying straighter and further

· The Palm

While the forearms' rotation provides you with accuracy and power, rotating your palm to face the right directions and positions prevents slicing of the golf ball. For the perfect hit, your right palm should face towards the ground as you take your shot. Once you master this position, the ball will move towards the left after impact.

· Split Grip Drill

The split grill drill involves moving your right hand a few inches down the golf club's shaft to close any gaps between your hands. Once you have your hands in this position, make half swings, and then check how your finish looks.

The finish will have your clubface facing either downwards or upwards. If it faces upwards, you will have a drop shot, while a downward look will give you topspin, which is the better option as it will have the ball curving to the left.

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Wrapping It Up

The above positions may not cure all solutions to the perfect game, but they go a long way in ensuring that you tame the slice. You need to address other problems that could also help with minimizing slicing the golf ball are your takeaway and address position. Other than that, a professional coach will get you in the right direction.

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