How to Grip a Golf Club Left Handed

Left-handed golfers tend to have a very different experience of the game when compared to right-handed players. This is mainly because a majority of instructional content is meant for right-handed players. As a result, left-handed players must adjust these instructions to ensure they work for their swing. This is challenging, particularly for left-handed golfers who are just starting out.

In addition, most golfing equipment is designed for right-hand players since a majority of players use their right hand. As a result, many lefties who are golf enthusiasts may feel left out when it comes to choosing their golf equipment. Today, left-handed golfers who love the game have lots of options than ever before.

Lefties and Golf

Research has proven that 10% of the world population is made up of left-handed individuals. In North America, approximately 5 to 7 percent of the players are left-handed golfers. This simply means that out of every 30 golfers one is left-handed. This article is meant for left-handers who enjoy playing golf and want to attain lower scores.

The Benefits of Being a Left-handed Golfer

Being a left-handed player does not mean that you are a misfit and will only have demerits when playing the game. There are lots of advantages of being a lefty player as well. They include the following:

Lefties are Memorable

Most golfers are right-handed people, this means that finding left-handed players on the golf course is not something that happens quite often. As a result, lefties are always remembered by their fellow players even after the game ends. This means that you will stick in the memory of other players if you frequent local tournaments or join a new country club. Always remember that you can make some of the best deals on the golf course.

Enhanced Imagination and Creativity

Scientific studies from show that left-handed individuals score higher with regards to intuition, imagination, creativity, and daydreaming. Furthermore, they are also better at visualization and rhythm. Therefore, left-handed players have more creativity and intuition to see shots that most right-handed golfers might not see. This is a huge advantage for lefties, especially in golf where imagination is necessary when playing.

Disadvantages of left-handed golfers

Being a lefty has some advantages when playing golf. Unfortunately, left-handed golfers experience more disadvantages than benefits when playing golf. However, this does not mean that lefties cannot become great players since some of the best pro golfers in the world are lefties. Some of the disadvantages of being a left-handed player are as follows.

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Golf Course Layout

Most golf courses are designed for right-handed golfers.  As a result, lefty players will end up navigating more trees on the tee box because most golf courses have been set up opposite. However, the playing field tends to be equal after you move from the tee box and concentrate on short games and irons.

Purchasing Golf Clubs

One of the biggest challenges about being a left-handed player is equipment choices, especially best golf clubs. Although we have more golf club selections in 2021, lefties still miss out most of the time. In most cases, golf clubs from popular brands and manufacturers usually come with lots of options for right and left-handed players. However, the smaller brands still do not have lots of selection for lefties.

The lack of equipment can make playing golf a bit tricky for left-handed people. However, the situation is much better when compared to decades ago because most manufacturers are now factoring in lefties when producing golf equipment.

Buying Gloves

For left-handed golfers, buying equipment can be such a pain, however, getting gloves is even more difficult. Those who purchase equipment from big stores never have a challenge finding the right gloves for your left hand. However, most local pro shops may not have the ideal gloves for your left hand. This can be quite a disadvantage for players, especially if they get a hole in their gloves while playing or accidentally forget their gloves at home.

To save yourself from any problems when playing, lefties must ensure that they purchase several gloves at a time. This way, you can store them in your bag and always be ready with a replacement in case something happens. This is important because the game can be quite difficult if you are used to playing with a glove and are then forced by circumstances to play without one.

Lack of Instructors

Another disadvantage of being a lefty golfer is the lack of instructors who can properly teach lefties. Although most PGA accredited instructors can comfortably handle both right and left-handed golfers, not all of them can teach lefties. Lefties need to find an instructor who has experience working with lefty golfers as it will help them connect with ease and improve their performance over time.

Teaching Materials Are Geared Towards Right-Handed Players

Another disadvantage that lefty players have to deal with is the lack of teaching materials and aid. Most books and articles are meant for right-handed golfers. For example, books such as ‘how I play Golf’ by Tiger Woods are meant for right-handed players. This means that left-handed golfers need to modify the golfing tips and strategies provided for right-handed players to suit their needs and help them excel in their craft. This is where the imagination and creativity that lefties have come in handy when playing golf.

Golf Tips For Left-Handed Players


Left-handed golfers need to practice more often to hone their skills when compared to their right-handed counterparts. While you have gotten by over the years playing like a right-handed golfer, when you have the right tools and tips, you will instantly improve your golf game. These left-handed golf tips will help you become a better golfer.

Left-Handed Golf Grips

When playing golf, having a strong and solid grip is one of the fundamentals of the game. When the grip is too strong, you will end you with a draw that can transform into a hook. Conversely, when the grip is too weak then you will get a pull slice, which is the most common shot in the game. You need to get your hands set in a neutral position to ensure that you consistently hit well for every round of golf.

Most instructions about gripping a golf club are mainly geared towards right-handed players.  This guide will enable you to achieve the left-handed golf grip.

  1. You should hold the golf club with your right hand and position it at the top of your golf grip. Take the small finger of the left hand and position it on top of the space that is between the right hand’s forefinger and the middle finger. This is known as the overlapping grip and is a popular grip for both left-handers and right-handers in the game.
  2. Pick up the golf club and position it in your right hand. The left hand’s little finger should then be positioned underneath the right hand’s forefinger. The hands should then be aligned so that they work together to hold the golf club in position. This type of golf grip is called the interlocking grip.
  3. Another golf grip you can try out is the baseball grip. You put your right hand at the top of the golf club and put the left hand directly underneath it as though you are hitting using a baseball bat. This grip can be quite effective and will enhance your game even though it is not as popular as the interlocking and overlapping styles. Keep in mind that the baseball grip does not offer the same level of control as the other two grip styles.
  4. The golf club should be choked down when you are almost hitting the short pitch shot that is approximately 70 yards and less. Instead of holding your club at the end, you should take the pitching wedge and then put your right hand approximately 8 inches below the shaft and the left hand should be below it. This grip will give you a greater feel of the golf ball and more control.
  5. Take the putter to the practice green and utilize the same grip style you use on the fairway shots and tee shots. The major difference is on the pressure that is exerted while holding the golf club. Pro golfers recommend that students’ grip should be a "5 or 6" (on a 1to 10 scale) when you are close to hitting a shot. However, the putter grip on the putting green should be "3 or 4."

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Golf Stance for Left-Handed Players


For left-handed players, a solid golf grip is essential; however, you should never forget your alignment and stance. Before players swing the golf club, there is a lot the happens on the golf swing sequence. If you are not properly aimed, then you will make a variety of corrections to make the necessary adjustments.

Every lefty or righty golfer that wants to set themselves up for success must master their stance. With stance, you must ensure that the ball is positioned correctly and is aligned with your target. In addition, your shoulders, feet, and hips must be in line with the intended target. If any of these body parts are off, then it will cause disruptions and interfere with the full swing.

Own Your Game

If you are a left-handed player, you should own it. You should avoid trying to play like your friends right-handed. Be sure to play the shots that suit your eyes and utilize the best tee box strategies to ensure that you set yourself for the easiest shot. When you accept yourself as a lefty golfer and play your game, you will always start your ball on the right line and will excel in your game regardless of using your left hand.

If you can comfortably play as a right-handed golfer, then golf would be much easier, but there is no guarantee for lefties. Left-hand dominant players may have a challenge trying to suddenly adjust to being right-handed players. Therefore, you should go lefty and make the best use of it regardless of the challenges you will face.

If you find playing righty is much easier for you, you should stick with it.  Some left-handed players even swing with their right hand and the putt with their left hand. Always keep in mind that there is no best way of playing golf and do what works best for your game and allows you to achieve the lowest score.

In a Wrap

The truth is that as a left-handed golfer you will face lots of challenges on the golf course when compared to right-handed players. Even if you have challenges finding a wide array of golf clubs in your locality, your imagination and creativity are big advantages over right-handed players and can help you achieve the best scores in a round of golf.  For most righties, getting creative on the golf course requires more intentional training something that does not apply to lefties.

For most lefties, the world of golf may look like a righty’s world, but you should not fret. With great pro players like Bubba Watson and Phil Mickelson winning major championships, lefties have an opportunity to excel in golf. The world is starting to see that lefties are just as capable of excelling in the sport just like right-handed golfers.

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