Best Golf Rangefinder With Slope

The best golf rangefinder with slope is a must-have for any golfer.

A golf rangefinder with slope will measure your distance from the hole and give you accurate yardage to that same spot, but it also measures the degree of elevation change between you and the pin. This information is critical to getting around terrain obstacles like hills or bunkers, so if you want to improve your game this season, invest in a good one!

We wanted to provide a comprehensive resource for golfers who are looking for the best rangefinder available.

best golf rangefinder with slope

Best Golf Rangefinders With Slope for Perfect Distance

TecTecTec ULT-X Rangefinder

Sale Off -$50.00 TecTecTec ULT-X Golf Rangefinder - Laser Range Finder with 1,000 Yards Range, Slope, Vibration, Easy Flagseeker and On/Off

With the TecTecTec ULT-X rangefinder, you will always know exactly how far away your target is. This golfing gadget features a scan mode feature that can warn users about any obstacles in their path to ensure they don’t hit anything along the way!

The ULT-X is a powerful, cost efficient rangefinder that gives you the precision from up to 450 yards away. This makes it easier for you to find your target and aim accurately! You can turn off its slop feature if needed which will ensure accuracy at all times.

At only $250, this device will give a high return on investment!

Bushnell Pro X2 Rangefinder

Sale Off -$100.00 Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder

The Pro X2 has two features that make it a favorite with golfers.

The first feature is the JOLT pinseeker, which vibrates when you’ve locked onto your target to help pinpoint accuracy. It also allows for slope adjustment if playing in USGA events and without requiring any extra parts!

The second amazing tech inclusion of this rangefinder is its sight picture technology: Bushnell’s Crystal Eye Technology uses laser imaging to project pictures into the reticle display, allowing users an accurate shot from all angles including downhill or uphill shots off slopes as well as those taken under heavy foliage cover due to trees or bushes on either side of their line-of-sight.

The Bushnell Pro X2 is a great, versatile golf rangefinder. For example, say you’re playing at a course with significant elevation changes — the slope feature will give you an accurate yardage for any shot so that your shots land where they should.

It has many useful features and it’s well worth the price of $450 in comparison to its competitors’ prices which are nearly double this amount!

Precision Pro NX9 HD

Precision Pro NX9 Golf Rangefinder Laser Golf Range Finder with Magnetic Holder, 600 Yard Range, Flag Lock with Pulse Vibration, 6X Magnification, Slope & Non-Slope Model

No matter what level of golfing you are, the Precision Pro NX9 is the rangefinder that has every feature imaginable. It comes with magnification features for high-quality display and up to 6 different tiers of zooming in.

With this device, you can switch between slope technology on or off depending on your needs (it’s compatible). You’ll be able to use it anywhere from courses at 100 yards all the way out to 400!

The NX9 is one of the best golf rangefinders with slope on Amazon. It has a great customer rating, lifetime battery replacement, and even comes with two years warranty for only $269.99! The free support from Precision Golf makes this product worth it alone as they are always available to help you out if needed.

Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilizer

Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Golf Rangefinder

The Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilizer is a rangefinder that has an easy on/off slope feature, making it useable in tournaments. It’s waterproof and makes for accurate distance to the hole no matter what state your body is in. With its stabilization feature, both your viewfinder and laser are regulated to find the hole with ease.

The name of this product implies all about giving you an accurate distance from wherever you stand toward whatever goal may be ahead of time- whether golfing or hunting down prey via nature trails during rough weather conditions outside! This device gives off a sturdy quality vibe too due to being completely water proof which means humidity won’t get inside either so there isn’t any need to worry at all when using this item.

The OLED display is great for tracking down your target even when it’s hidden behind walls of trees. It also allows you to adjust the brightness levels according to where you are on a course, helping golfers stay competitive no matter their skill level. The device itself has an intuitive interface that makes navigating courses easy and fun!

The price may be steep at $445 but this product can help any golfer improve their game with features like being able to track targets through thick forest cover or adjusting settings based on location etc…

Callaway Tour S Rangefinder

Callaway Laser Golf Rangefinder

The 2019 Tour S by Callaway is a pro-level rangefinder that can measure an exact distance to the flag, even when it’s between 200 and 400 yards away. It has slope compensation technology so you know exactly how much of an angle each putt will have, making it perfect for tournament play.

You should check Amazon because they might be selling this model at a discounted price!

Callaway 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder

Callaway Laser Golf Rangefinder

Finding the slope of a golf course can be difficult, but Callaway’s 300 Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder makes it easy. The device has magnification up to six times for accuracy and its range goes out 1,000 yards in all directions. It is compact so you don’t have to worry about carrying around something bulky or heavy when traveling from hole-to-hole throughout your game day experience.

You never need to replace batteries because this unit’s long battery life ensures hours upon hours of use without interruption while reading data on such large font size provides incredible detail with ease making adjustments simple if needed instead of having to guess at what might work best so that every shot counts.

A helpful tool for both new and experienced golfers, this rangefinder can be tricky to use at first. However, once you get the hang of it there is a multitude of benefits including being able to choose your perfect type of club even if you’re an amateur golfer!

Anyork Golf Rangefinder 6X Laser

Anyork Golf Rangefinder 6X Laser Range Finder 1500 Yard with Slope On/Off ,Flag-Lock Tech with Vibration, Continuous Scan Support ,Free Battery,Red/White/Black Color (Upgrade)

The Anyork Golf Rangefinder has some unique features like the General Mode and Slope mode for scanning landscapes. It also provides instant flag-lock function, 905nm laser technology, liquid crystal display (LCD) screen along with other basic ones.

With this range finder you can easily improve your accuracy by understanding how it calculates distance just by switching between two modes – general or slope based on landscape of target object while automatically locking onto a flagpole within 150 yards..

There are many features packed into this golf rangefinder that makes it great for multiple sports. It can be used even in the open field, where you get full readings under glaring sunlight.

However, there is one downside to using this device – its view tends to get blurry with constant adjustments needed because of how often the lock-on function needs continuous presses before locking on something accurately and reading data/distance correctly while looking through it or when moving quickly while trying to read distances at certain angles (e.g., fast swings).

Izzo Golf Swami 5000 GPS Rangefinder

Izzo Golf Swami 5000 Golf GPS Rangefinder

Imagine having 38,000 courses with you wherever you go. With the Izzo Golf Swami 5000 GPS Rangefinder, this is possible because it contains these maps already programmed in its system without any extra charges involved.

Another thing that makes this product convenient to carry around? It’s slimmer structure so holding it won’t be a hassle for anyone! Plus now bigger and more colorful LCDs are added on the new version of the rangefinder making things even better.

The controls on the Izzo Golf Swami 5000 GPS Rangefinder might look complicated at first glance, but overall this device is quite easy to use and suitable for most golfers of all ages. One proof: it has a very long battery life — which means that its system only operates what’s necessary.

That said, there are still some disadvantages with this product as well; one such issue being that sometimes the display loses its backlight (which isn’t actually much of an inconvenience because you can just read it anyway).

AOFAR GX-2S Golf Rangefinder

AOFAR Golf Hunting Rangefinder GX-2S/GX-5N, Slope and Angle On/Off Indicator, Continuous Scan, Distance Measuring with Flag Pole Locking Vibration, 600/800 Yards High-Precision 6X Magnification, Waterproof, Battery, Gift

The AOFAR GX-2S Golf Rangefinder is a useful tool for any golf player because of its accuracy and slope mode. It can measure distances from 5 yards to 600 with an accurate level of +/- 0.5 yard, which means it’s more precise compared to other rangefinders on the market today (+/- 1).

Furthermore, if you are playing in flags or trees or reflective areas where targets may be hard to see this device has one benefit over all others: The flag/trees modes have ranges that start at five yards while most competitors’ go up only three meters—which could cost you strokes!

If you’re looking for a more affordable golf range finder, this is the product to get. It’s accurate without extra features and vibrates when it locks onto targets. However, there are some issues with using this device that might make things difficult:

It can be confusing as well because of how the controls work; changing units by accident is possible due to their positioning on top of each other. The pin also tends to lock automatically on closer objects instead of what’s in front if your target which results in slower responses overall from locking target distance or angle measurement

GolfBuddy AIM-L10 Ergonomic

Sale Off -$70.01 GolfBuddy AIM-L10V Aim L10V Ergonomic Golf Distance Talking Laser Rangefinder

The GolfBuddy AIM-L10 is an excellent choice for beginners because it provides precise measurements and has easy to use features. This rangefinder’s large screen, ergonomic grip, and lightweight design make measurement easier on the user while still providing professional results.

Furthermore, this rangefinder is comfortable because of its ergonomic shape and perfect fit in your hands. The size also makes it easy to operate for beginners who prefer a simpler device.

However, there are times when the vibration doesn’t work as expected so you have to be extra careful with all the modes available on the rangefinder before using them properly or else they won’t lock onto anything even if what you wanted was already locked down by another pin from another player..

How to Choose Good Golf Rangefinders with Slope



Complete your research on the market, find out what rangefinder models are available in your price range. Golfers usually keep their requirements limited to the budget they have planned before shopping for a golf rangefinder. The prices may change depending upon additional features and specifications.


Think about how you want to use the device before making any purchase. A rangefinder for professional or avid golfers should be much different than the one for beginners. As a result, it is better to decide your purpose especially if you are buying the device as a gift.

Ease of Use:

Golfing can be an exciting activity; however, it could become frustrating when using devices that aren’t easy to operate. Look for a device that is easy to use, has an intuitive interface and functions with one button click only.


Rangefinders available in the market utilize two types of laser technology; single or multiple beam scanning (MBS). Laser rangefinders that rely on MBS technology are more accurate than those utilizing single beam scanning.


Smaller objects such as flag or hole appear smaller and the magnification factor should be at least 6x. Good models come with a minimum magnification of 7x, but such devices are preferred by most golfers because they enable them to view distant objects more clearly. However, the magnification factor should not exceed 8x.


Operating a rangefinder is possible only if the device has an excellent detection range. Most models have a maximum range of 550 yards, but those with more than 600 yards are also available. Higher the distance it deters from a flag, higher will be your overall accuracy and precision. Thus aim for a product that offers the longest possible reading range.

Size and Shape:

A device that fits into your hand comfortably is more important than those that are light in weight or bulky. It should also be compact so as to easily fit into a golf bag and not make any additional space. Most devices available these days come with unique and foldable designs allowing the user to carry them easily.


For golfers, accuracy is the most critical factor to consider when buying a rangefinder. Ensure that your product of choice has an accuracy level of +/- 0.5 yard. Only this will provide you with accurate distance readings.


Good companies offer slope functions in their rangefinders allowing the users to view distance measurements on uphill or downhill shots. Such models are considered more convenient by many golfers because they can utilize the function with every shot.

Battery Life:

Check the battery life of the rangefinder before buying it. Golfers who travel a lot and engage in golfing activities at different places can quickly recharge their device using a power outlet. However, it is recommended to go for devices having extended battery life and those that utilize fuel cell technology.


Every rangefinder comes with a warranty period, but it is vital for you to read all fine prints first. Make sure the company is providing warranty on parts and labor for at least one year.


A golf rangefinder with slope will help you to find the exact distance to the closest golf balls. When you have a slope and you know the distance to the ball, then you can easily calculate the distance to the hole.

This is an extremely useful tool if you want to play better golf.

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