Tiger Woods Mistress Golf Ball Set

The Mistress Collection-Tail of the Tiger Golf Balls is another fascinating story of the scandalous life of golf maestro Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods continues to rock the world of golf with one too many scandals, which are as interesting as his wins on the greens. Scandals or not, many golf enthusiasts agree that golf would not be what it is today without tiger woods spicing up the headlines and the greens. Woods cheated on his wife with several women, and somebody decided to capitalize on that scandal by introducing The Mistress Collection-Tail of Tiger Golf Balls to the world.

The Mistress Collection -- Tail of the Tiger golf balls

The popularity of Tiger Wood continues to soar high with the newest collection of golf balls featuring twelve of his mistresses. The twelve women, featured in cartoon likeness by a Canadian company, creative classics, also have their names inscribed on the golf balls.

The website selling the golf balls is tailofthetiger.com, and the interest in the balls is widespread across the world. The slogan the website is using to sell the balls is even more interesting than the mistresses are. Some people think the slogan is going too low for the website, while others find it fascinating and captivating. The slogan is "He likes to play around with them... now you can too!" 

The creator of the golf balls, Mike Caldwell, A Canadian Novelty, said that the balls were not meant to make fun of anyone. According to Caldwell, the Tiger Woods Mistress Golf Ball Set's main purpose is to cheer golf fans that missed his presence on the greens.

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The Injunction


One of the reasons the special balls has attracted lots of attention is because one of the featured mistresses has called for the end of the golf balls production. The alleged mistress is Veronica Siwik Daniels, an adult actress who goes by the name Joslyn James. Siwik, represented by attorney Gloria Allred, claimed to have had a long and intimate relationship with tiger woods.

Through her lawyer, Siwik claims that being a past victim of violence, she was not comfortable with people hitting a golf ball bearing her picture with a dangerous golf club. Siwik also believed that hitting the balls with women's faces on them would lead to people making fun and light of violence against women.

Siwik said that she truly loved Tiger Woods. She further said that Woods led her to believe that he, too, was in love with her. The move, which Siwik considered a huge embarrassment, led to her going into seclusion and not opening up to the press. Other women appearing on the balls are

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Wrapping It Up

It is interesting how Tiger Woods' Yester year's affairs refuse to part ways with him even after he makes a comeback to being a force to reckon with in the world of golf. The golf balls do not come with any clubs, and buying them does not guarantee anyone tiger woods swinging abilities.

They are only special because of the images and the scandals behind the pictures, but each ball will have you parting with around $54. Speculation as to whether Siwik will win her injunction to stop further production of the golf balls is rife with many enthusiasts worldwide. Whether she wins or not, someone continues to profit from her predicament.

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