Types Of Golf Shots -From Common To Rare

Golf players go through a variety of shots during a round of golf. Some of the golf shots are common in most golf courses around the world, while others are rare. The common ones include golf shots such as putts, drives, and approach, while the rare ones are plugged-lie or low stinger. Golf shots get their names depending on the last spot of playing the golf ball.

For example, the opening golf shot is the tee shot, while all shots played on the course are putt shots. This article looks at the different types of golf shots that you will encounter on the greens.

Different Types of Golf Shots

1. Tee shot


The first type of golf shot made from the teeing ground is the tee shot. Players can use either a diver for long holes or an iron for teeing shorter holes. Long-hole tee shots have a long roll of the ball and a shallow flight, while short-hole tee shots have higher flights and stop more quickly.

2. Putt Shot


Putts are golf shots that use a putter, designed explicitly for the purpose. You hit a putt depending on where the ball lies on the greens. Sometimes the ball goes off the green, and you have to take your putt shot from where it is outside the course. The putter club is also one of the top golf clubs you use more times on the greens. If you are a golfing novice, the putter is the club to spend more time learning and become a good putter.

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3. Approach Shot

Approach shots are golf shots executed to ensure you hit the greens with the ball close to the hole as possible. Approach shots come in different types, which are flop shots, pitch shots, and chip shots.

  • Flop Shot 

Obstacles like bunkers or hills with little green to go with come between you and the green in a flop shot. To make the flop shot, you need to roll the cub a little to make it fly into the greens. The clubs used to make the shots are the lob wedge and sand wedge.

  • Pitch shot

Unlike the flop shot, a pitch shot does not require too much rolling as you take the shot from within 150 yards of the green. A pitch shot's main aim is to hit a high trajectory that stops as it nears the hole. The best clubs for a pitch shot are all kinds of wedges.

  • Chip shot 

A chip shot is another approach shot characterized by a short trajectory of the ball. This low approach shot aims to hit the green by lifting the ball enough off the ground. After reaching the greens, the shot should enable the ball to roll or release towards the hole. Wedges and irons are ideal for this shot, depending on the trajectory you use to hit the ball.

4. Bunker Shot


A bunker shot is one of the most challenging type of golf shots played on the greens, and no player wants to experience it. However, the ball landing on a sand bunker is common, and the main aim of taking the shot is to get to the greens by hitting the sand just below the ball is for the sole purpose of pushing it up.

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5. Fairway Shot

Fairway type of golf shot is very similar to a tee shot, and you play it after the ball lands on the rough or fairway. The ease of playing a fairway shot depends on how the ball lies on the ground. The best clubs for a fairway shot are the irons for accuracy and wood and hybrids to help cover the distance.

6. Recovery Shots


A golfer plays a recovery shot to retrieve the ball from an unfavorable place back to the greens. One of the most unfortunate places that require a recovery shot is a hazard.

7. Flight Path Golf Shots


When you are playing, the golf ball can take nine flight paths. Beginners and amateur golfers are especially prone to making flight paths because they do not have enough experience to avoid misses by hitting the ball straight. Golf shots for flight paths include a hook, straight, draw, slice, and fade.

  • Hook shot

The hook shot curves the ball towards the left, and it occurs when a player uses a closed clubface, has a low grip of the golf swing, or rotates their upper body rather too quickly. It is a problematic move to control, as its execution is not on purpose.

  • Straight or pure shot

A pure shot hits the ball with perfection taking it to near the hole or target line.

  • Draw shot

Draw shot starts with a straight hit but curves from the target line to the left. The cause of the curve could be due to a clubface or a poorly executed golf swing. Professional golfers use the draw shot to avoid hazards and have better-putting angles. Amateurs and beginners find it tricky to manage a draw shot because most do not hit the shot on purpose.

  • Fade shot

A fade shot starts out straight but curves towards the right away from the target line. Causes of a fade shot are an outside-in golf swing or a clubface. Professionals also use this shot to execute perfect angles to get as close as possible to the target line.

  • Slice shot

A slice shot is another poorly executed move, especially by amateurs and beginners. The shot curves the ball to the right away from the target line. If a golfer does not rotate his or her upper body or wears an open clubface while taking the swing, the result could be a slice shot. Professionals, on the other hand, also use the shot to execute the perfect hits.

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Can You Use More Than One Type Of Shot At A Time?

Yes, you can use more than one type of shot at a time depending on the situation or pace the ball lies. A good example is hitting a driver into the trees and using a slice shot or a draw shot to get the ball back into the greens.

Which Is The Most Challenging Golf Shot?

The bunker, flop, and fairway shots are the most challenging golf shots even for professional golfers. However, any golf shot that makes it hard for you to stay within the target line or hit the greens to get the ball into the hole is hard.

Which Is The Easiest Type Of Golf Shot?

For both amateurs and professions, the tee shot is the easiest. Others find the putt shot easier than the tee shot. You swing, and precision determines the ease of a golf shot.

Wrapping it up

Golfing is fun, but it is tricky for first-time learners, especially when it comes to learning how to play without making difficult shots. The above types of golf shots are the most common and ones every beginner should learn and practice if they want to get a good swing at the greens. The most important thing is to practice.

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