What Hand Do You Wear A Golf Glove On?

A glove is an essential part of playing golf. When I first walked into a golf course, I wondered why players wore only one glove on their hand. At the time, I remember asking my father if the players would not have a better grip on the clubs if they wore gloves on both hands, considering they used both of them to make their swings.

I know even today, many people ask themselves that one question-what hand do you wear a golf glove on and what are the reasons behind wearing it on only one hand? This article explains the importance of the one-gloved hand and the hand that should have it on.

So, Which Hand Do You Wear A Glove On?

If you choose to wear one glove instead of on both hands, the answer is simple. If you are a right-handed person, you should wear a glove on the left hand, and if you are left-handed, wear it on the right hand. Some people playing golf for the first time may not even know if they are right or left-hand players until they take their first swing.

If you do not know the right from the incorrect, you will feel awkward if you use a hand that does not feel right. If the other one feels the more convenient hand to use, then that is your swinging hand. Right-hand golfers stand with the outer soles of their left shoes, pointing the target line.

They rotate right when making an upswing and turn left for a downswing. For right-hand players, the left hand is closest to the body, and it is usually the one with the glove on. The opposite is the same for a left-handed golfer. They swing left for an upswing and right for a downswing with the right hand being closest to the body and wearing the glove.

Why Do You Wear A Golf Glove?


Now to the most crucial question, why wear a golf glove? Sometimes wearing a golf glove is purely a personal preference and has nothing to do with golf rules or golf etiquette. Some payers prefer to play without any gloves on their hands, and they make perfect swings. Others claim that gloves leave them with blisters, so they like putting without them on. We also have those that wear gloves on both their hands, and they perform well on the greens.

However, the most common practice is wearing a golf glove on the one hand.

  • One of the main reasons players wear a golf glove is adding extra friction that enhances their grip on the golf club. Wearing a glove does not make you the most outstanding player, but it helps stop the clubs from slipping off your hands, especially if it rains or is sweaty.
  • A golf glove also helps to protect the hands from wear and tear, especially for those playing the game for the first time and practice purposes. Practicing for golf tournaments for professionals involves long-range hits in different weather types, which leads to the formation of calluses on their hands. Callouses are annoying, painful, and they can hurt even the best player's game. Gloves help to limit and prevent damages to their hands for the perfectly executed hits.
  • The weak hand also tends to do most of the work in trying to hold onto the grip, which is why it gets to wear the glove.
  • Some of the senior golf players also struggle with arthritis, and wearing golf gloves helps to minimize and endure the pain that comes with the illness.
  • Golf is an all-season game, and sometimes it gets too cold that it becomes almost impossible to play. During winter, the gloves help to keep the hands warm on the greens.
  • Some people also wear gloves because they make them look like golfers. They look cool with the glove on playing with others that know the game better than they do.

Can You Wear Two Golf Gloves?


It is rare but not unusual to see a professional golfer wearing two gloves while teeing off on the greens. However, occasionally you may come across one or two playing with both gloves on. Usually when this happens, either: -

The weather conditions are appalling because it is hard to play effectively with one hand freezing while the other is warm.

Wearing two gloves makes it more challenging to pick and place the ball from and on the ground with precision. The reason is that some of the activities, such as picking the ball or teeing, require fingertip precision, which the gloves prevent. It also becomes hard to place markers on the ground or grab anything from the pocket or bag.

Overlapping the fingers on the clubs also become very hard when you wear gloves on both hands. Once you lose that firm grip due to problems with overlapping your hands around the clubs, you may not be in a position to make the perfect swing. Golfers also like to feel connected to the game, and there is no better way of doing that by allowing one hand to touch the clubs and enjoy the swing.

Sweaty hands can also make you lose a firm grip on the clubs, and wearing golf gloves on both hands comes in handy for such people. Blisters are also another reason why a player wears two gloves instead of one. During practice, professional players protect their hands from callouses caused by blisters by wearing both gloves. For the first time, people playing the game may also find it harder, holding firmly onto the clubs with bare hands.

What Size Golf Glove Do I Need

Another question that anyone new in golf asks is if the gloves come in sizes and if the answer is yes, how they would know what their size is. Some new golf players, especially those that are not too familiar with the game, wear ill-fitting gloves because they want spaces for their fingers to move freely inside the glove.

People have different hand sizes, which is why golf gloves are not a one size fits all. Just like any other hand gloves, golf gloves should fit like a second skin for the wearer. They should feel comfortable; otherwise, the grip on the golf club will not be firm. One way to find the perfect fit is to measure your right hand's circumference if you are left-handed and left hand if you are right-handed.

For an even more snug fit, choose a smaller size, mostly if your opposite hand circumference measurements fall under two measures. Below is a chart to help you find the perfect golf glove sizes. Chart courtesy of Bionic Gloves Sizing Guide



Are There Any Famous Golf Players That Do Not Or Have Never Used Golf Gloves?

Professionals prefer to use a golf club gloves rather than play without one because they get better control of their swings and clubs. However, even though it helps to wear a glove and is part of the advice they get, not all wear a golf glove. One such golfer from the hall of fame is Fred Couples. 

Is It Necessary To Take The Glove Off To Putt?

It would help if you had a glove to putt unless you have a problem getting a firm grip on your club. For the perfect putt, you need to feel your club. A glove comes in handy when taking full and long shots because it helps prevent the club from slipping from your grip.

Should I Clean My Golf Gloves After Each Round Of Golf?

Frequent washing of the golf gloves wears off the leather. Wash the gloves only when you notice the soiling on them. If you use a machine to wash the gloves, use a delicate washing cycle and if you do it by hand, use the mildest detergents in the market.

Wrapping it up

Golf is a fun game, but it can also be a frustrating sporting activity, especially if you do not take care of your body. The hands play the most considerable role in ensuring that you have the perfect swing with the lowest scores. Why not protect the grip by wearing golf gloves that provide you with more power. They also keep the blisters away, and you can play through the cold weather with ease. I hope the article provides you with all the information you need to know about What Hand Do You Wear a Golf Glove On.

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