What Is An Eagle In Golf

People that are learning the fundamentals of Golf grasp the basics such as tracking their swings, maintaining perfect postures before taking their swings, a hole in one, and a few terms. However, when it comes to some of the more complicated terms, they get lost. One of those is an eagle and its relation to Golf. In this article, we tackle the question, what is an eagle in Golf?

Explaining What an Eagle is in Golf

Golf bases its language for strokes under par on birds, namely a birdie and an eagle. If you use a single shot to make a score below the part of the hole, you have a birdie. If you make two shots below the par of the hole, you have an eagle. Scoring an eagle is rare but a remarkable achievement in the game, and it does happen.

How to Score an Eagle

There are two ways to score an eagle. The first way of scoring an eagle is by holing out and reaching the green in regulation. The number of strokes made to reach the green with an additional two-putt performance determines par per hole.

If a golfer uses an approach shot to hit into a hole, that is two shots under par, also known as an eagle. Any golfer with reasonable distance and shorter par 5s and 4s can also reach the green in a less than regulation shot and use one-putt to score an eagle. Eagles happen more on par 5s than they do on other pars.

Hole-in-One Explained

Another eagle on the golf course is a recorded hole-in-one because it occurs on a par 3 hole. A hole in one is another rare occurrence even for the most skilled golfers, but it does happen just like an eagle.

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Double-Eagle Explained

A double eagle is even rarer than an eagle, and it occurs when a player makes a 3 under par on a hole, which is more possible on par 4 or longer holes. Again, as rare as it is, it does happen.

Why the Name Eagle?


The term eagle is an extension of the word birdie. It is a larger birdie as birdie represents 1-under par per hole, which came first according to Golf's history. To differentiate between 1 under par on a hole and 2-under par on a hole that came later, golfers decided to stick with the avian them and added the word eagle for the 2-under par. Other eagle terms used on the golf course include eagle-putt, any putt made by a golfer to result in an eagle score, and condor, 4-under par on a hole that some golfers call the triple eagle.

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Wrapping It Up

Keeping up with the different golf terms is not easy, but there is no way to stay ahead with the game if you do not learn them. One reason why many newcomers do not understand a lot about the eagle in Golf is that it is a rare feat to accomplish even for the most skilled professional golfers. However, it is there because some players get to the eagle, double eagle, and even the candor.

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