Which Golf Club Is Designed To Hit The Ball With The Highest Launch Angle

If you are new to Golf, the launch angle may sound strange to you. However, you may have heard of the word loft several times, which is also one of the hardest things for a beginner to comprehend. The loft of the golf club goes hand in hand with the launch angle. So, which golf club is designed to hit the ball with the highest launch angle? Read on to find out.

Understanding the launch angle

The loft of the golf club is simply the angle the clubface backs. If you have a high loft, you get a steep angle. A lower loft leads to a less steep angle. A good low loft example is the clubface of a driver. A driver has a flat clubface, which leads to a low loft without an angle back.

If you compare this with the clubface of a sand wedge, you will notice that the former has a steep back slope, leading to a higher loft. It means that if you have a higher loft, you get a higher launch angle. To simplify this further, it means that if you use a high-lofted club to hit a golf ball, the ball cruises into the air without producing much distance.


In short, the ball flies high into the sky only to land a few feet away from the initial position. On the other hand, a club with a lower loft does not have the ball flying too high, but it allows it to travel much further. Irons with lower numbers and drivers are ideal for distance and not for high trajectories as they come with less loft angles.

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Golf club designed to hit the ball with the highest launch angle

Golf club brands come with varying loft degrees. The golf clubs with the highest loft degrees are the wedges. However, the lob wedge comes with a 60-degree loft or even higher, making it the wedge with the highest launch angle.

A 60-degree loft is high, and it shoots the golf ball straight into the air. The difference between a 2 or 3-wood and a lob wedge is 44 degrees, which affects the ball trajectory and launch angle significantly. The woods have loft angles of only 16 degrees.

Does loft matter?

Another question you may be asking by now is why the loft matters. The club loft affects the ball movement after impact irrespective of how hard your swing is. If you use a club with a high launch angle, your golf ball will not travel far.

This is not very clear because some people assume that you should go for distance. If you hit the ball mainly for distance, it may land in a bunker or obstacle. You will need to get the ball out of a tight spot using a club with a high launch angle.

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Wrapping It Up

If you are playing in a course with obstacles and bunkers, you will need a wedge as one of your clubs to get you out of the mess that follows, landing the ball in a tight spot. In this case, the preferred wedge would be the lob wedge, and that answers the question which golf club is designed to hit the ball with the highest launch angle?

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