How To Regrip Golf Clubs Like a Pro

Golf clubs are some of the essential accessories for any golf game, irrespective of your skill level. They do most of the hard work, and their quality can make or break your game. Golf clubs would be incomplete without grips. The grips are the only points of contact between the club and the player.

You might have a great club, but if the grip is torn or worn, you will end up with a slippery club that will affect your performance on the course. You will end up using a lot of energy to have a firm grip on a slippery surface to make a shot. If you exert excessive pressure on the grips, you will reduce the lifespan of the gloves.

How To Regrip Golf Clubs

The pressure might also leave an ugly spot on the point of contact, which might need replacing. Correct gripping without exerting too much pressure reduces the wear and tear as well as your handicap. Besides exerting too much pressure on worn or torn golf club grips, several other factors also lead to reduced grip leading to slippery and ineffective clubs.

Some of these include sunscreen, oil, and grime embedded in the grips. Cleaning the might work for a while to remove the grease or dirt, but eventually, the club grips will lose their tackiness, and you will need to opt for another option, which is regripping the clubs. Read to find out how to regrip golf clubs.

Types of Golf Club Grips

Types of Golf Club Grips

Before regripping the golf clubs, you should ensure that you have all the appropriate grips. Golf grips come in a variety of materials, sizes, and feel. The four main categories are rubber, hybrid, wrapped and corded.

Rubber grips

Rubber grips top the list as the most popular golf club grips among many golf players. Besides providing maximum grip stability, rubber grips are durable, come in standards sets and cost-friendly.

Wrapped grips

Warped grips are also popular because, like rubber grips, they provide efficient stability. They are a favorite because they have genuine leather construction, though you can also get wrapped designs made with synthetic materials. Synthetic is popular too because it does not succumb to humidity and temperature extremes.

Hybrid grips

Hybrid golf grips provide the palm of your hand and fingers with a firm hold using a tight cord for the upper part, which helps with control, and soft rubber for the lower part, which provides comfort.

Corded grips

Corded grips are coarse, and they are the best to use for traction, especially when the weather conditions are highly unfavorable. The material wicks moisture away from the hands and fingers into the gaps that are between the cords. The grips are handy during humid, hot, and wet weather conditions. They are also a favorite with strong swinging players for high swing speeds.

How to Regrip Golf Clubs

How To Regrip Golf Clubs 2

Even though regripping the golf clubs is a straightforward process, you can entrust the task to a professional expert or ask for guidelines for maximum grip stability. Now that you know the different types of materials you can use to regrip the golf clubs, it is time to learn how to do it.

What you will need

  • The first item on the list should be your choice golf grip
  • Vise with rubber clamps
  • Straight blade or knife
  • A clean cloth with a deactivating grip solvent
  • Grip and build-up tape

Step one:

  • After removing the old golf grip, clamp the club shaft close to the grips lower end, with the clubface pointing downwards.
  • Carefully cut open the old grip into a round surface.
  • Peel and scrape off any old grip residue using the clean cloth and grip solvent.

Step two:

  • Check the new grip before fixing it to determine how much the club shaft will need taping.
  • Using a spiral pattern, apply the grip tape starting from the top to the end position of the grip. Apply more grip tape lengthwise and remove the backing paper. For more stability, add some more tape.
  • If you want to increase the width of the grip, build up tape instead and use the same procedure as that of the grip tape. Both grip and build-up tape come in two different widths.

Step three:

  • With the hole plugged at the end of the grip using a golf tee, put some solvent on the grips open end.
  • Distribute the solvent by covering the open end and shaking it with your hand.
  • Pour any excess solvent onto the shafts grip tape, but after removing the tee.

If you still have excess solvent, avoid any messy situations by placing a tray underneath the clamped shaft for collection. Do not discard the solvent if you have any other golf clubs that need regripping.

Step four:

Lastly, while the grip is still wet, align it into place. Ensure that the shaft end nestles properly into the end of the grip. The new tape stays slippery for about a minute. Therefore, make sure the alignment is complete. Give the new grip a few hours to dry completely. After the grip tape dries up, you can enjoy a game of golf with your regripped club.

Wrapping it up

Learning how to regrip golf clubs is not hard as you can do it from the comfort of your home. The only other alternative is buying new golf clubs, but that would cost you more than regripping. The above method is not the only one you can use to regrip your golf clubs, but it is the easiest.

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