What You Need To Know Before Going To Top Golf

Advancements in technology and facilities year after year make golf increasingly popular around the world. Topgolf is one innovative concept that has become acceptable over the last few years.  The Topgolf concept provides large multi-level driving bays combining target practice while ensuring a fun experience that is ideal for family outings.

Participants experience a colorful all-around experience since when points are scored the target area lights up. Over the years, the number of TopGolf facilities have grown constantly over time to meet the demand of both golfers and non-golfers who want to experience their innovative games and learn how to play TopGolf.

What is Top Golf

Topgolf refers to a driving range facility that allows you to experience lots of fun and amazing gaming activities. The facility caters to golfers regardless of their abilities and is a perfect way of getting acquainted with golf while having lots of fun with family and friends. The game uses microchipped golf balls that are deposited by an electronic system and then assigned to golfers.

The driving range is made up of different targets that are spread out at varying distances. The targets are just like dartboards, which have a bullseye at the center and various scoring points. The points are scored based on the closeness of the golf ball to the bullseye. If the target is farther from the bay, then a higher point is allocated.

Topgolf is not just for golfers who are looking for a fun environment for practice. Many people have tried golfing after their first encounter at Topgolf locations. This facility caters to everyone and not just golfers. Topgolf offers an all-around experience with great music, beverages, drinks, and great food. Furthermore, the bays are climate-controlled to ensure that you experience fun in a cool environment regardless of the weather conditions outside.

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History of Top Golf


TopGolf is not a recent craze since it started in 2000 with three locations in the United Kingdom and the first location in 2005 in the USA. The TopGolf concept was formed out of frustration because of a lack of clarity regarding the golfer who hits the ball closest to the flag on a driving range. The founders of TopGolf used copyrighted radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology in all their golf balls to make sure that tracking a shot is accurate.

Today, there are 50 TopGolf locations around the world with over 30 of them located in the USA. These are expansive facilities and are usually situated in bigger suburbs like Chicago, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Atlanta, and more.

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How Topgolf Works


Topgolf offers a great family outing where everyone can enjoy themselves all day long. However, with the current COVID pandemic, the facility limits the group size to a maximum of 6 people. All COVID rules are strictly followed to lower any impact on the people using the facility. Topgolf has developed a virtual waitlist system that enables visitors to get to their location on time and reduce interaction with other people. This helps to minimize any effects of the COVID crisis on visitors.

Topgolf ensures that everyone gets an opportunity of using their facilities by limiting the number of games to two per person during the peak periods. Visitors can also book VIP signature bays and Fast Track Slots at least 24 hours before the actual visiting time.

Once you have been assigned a bay, you can register for membership or you can top up your existing card. This will help in allocating funds that will be available for game credits. After registering and are ready to play Topgolf, you can choose from a variety of games that will keep you entertained for hours. The games use microchipped golf balls and some locations have Toptracer technology that allows visitors to see the ball trajectory on nearby screens.

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The Best Games You Can Enjoy At Topgolf


All TopGolf facilities have a range of games that patrons can enjoy. They include the following:

  1. TopGolf

Topgolf is a signature game that is aimed at beginners. This game allows the ball to score regardless of the target it lands in. the points scored increase based on the proximity to the bullseye and the length of the shots. Each participant gets 10 shots during the match. There are 6 targets from a close range of about 30 to 50 yards and long range of not more than 200 yards with increments in between.

This main game is a fun way of making practice more competitive and is ideal for players of all skill levels. This is the easiest and most common way of playing whether you have just one person or a group of six people.

  1. Quick 9

Quick 9 is a game that is intended for beginners who want to enhance their accuracy and speed of play without sacrificing the fun. Golfers are only allowed three shots at the yellow, green, and red targets. The scored points are determined by the closeness to the bullseye and the last ball on each target is given double points.

This game is perfect for 1 to 4 players, particularly if you rent the bay for one hour. Quick 9 has two versions of the game, expert and novice. All rules are similar, however, with experts, targets tend to change to blue, brown, and white, which are farther away making scoring a challenge.

  1. TopScore

TopScore is perfect for those who go to the driving range while focusing on the distance. You get rewards for hitting every ball long and straight.  You will earn more points if you choose a target that is farther and nearer the flag.

This game is best for beginners and intermediate players. Beginners who make decent contact can boost their score by aiming at targets that are farthest away and hitting these targets.

  1. TopScramble

If you are a pro golfer or have some understanding of golf, then TopScramble is an ideal game for you. In this game beginners can be paired with seasoned golfers and they compete in teams. Points are usually scored by every ball and this is counted towards the overall score of the team.

  1. TopPressure

To perfectly score in this game, golfers must be accurate and have unmatched distance control. The yellow target is usually in play for TopPressure. The objective is to hit all nine target sections. However, points are usually deducted when you hit one section multiple times.

  1. TopChip

TopChip aims at testing short game skills and is ideal for golfers who have control over scoring irons. Golfers can fire 5 shorts to red targets, 5 shots to yellow targets, and 10 shots to green targets. The points are scored after hitting the target and points are subtracted for incorrect hitting of the target.

  1. TopDrive

When visiting the driving range many golfers have a desire to confirm how far they can hit the ball. Although it may seem fun, this is not helpful and is the reason why most golfers never improve their game even after going to the range. TopDrive allows players to focus on the farthest targets that are usually white targets and the net. To score in TopDrive, golfers must accurately hit long shots and this is not ideal for beginners.

  1. TopShot

TopShot necessitates golfers to hit full shots rather than focus on the short game. With TopShot, every player gets five shots at each of the four targets. Depending on the target that you choose first whether yellow, brown, green, or red, will determine how challenging since every target will need a longer shot.

  1. TopBreak

TopBreak is based on snooker, the billiards game. This is simply a variation of the customary billiards where you must hit one of the red balls before you move to colored balls. In TopBreak, you need to hit the closest target which is red, and then hit a ball of any color on the range including yellow, white, blue, and green. You will score higher points if you hit a target that is farther away from you.

  1. Virtual Games

Selected TopGolf locations usually offer virtual games in addition to the above-mentioned games. Some of these virtual games include Virtual Courses and Jewel Jam which are just like hitting in a simulator that has TopTracer technology. Virtual games can be enjoyed by golfers of all skill levels.

Final Thoughts

TopGolf is a fun place for the entire family and a great way of hanging out with your loved ones as you hit golf balls around. TopGolf facilities are more than just driving ranges, as they pr ovide an all-in-one entertainment and fun environment for both golfers and non-golfers. You will definitely have a blast whether you are a pro golfer or have never touched a golf club before.

TopGolf is definitely a fun place to be. You can enjoy a variety of games and get to unwind, relax and socialize with other golfers including those who do not play golf. If you want to work on your golfing game, you can try out several scoring techniques, get lessons, or join a league. With lots of options to try out, you will never get bored but will have lots of fun regardless of who you are hanging out with.

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