How To Increase The Swing Speed

Every golfer wants to hit their golf ball farther and add some swing speed. This is mainly because of what we see on television in professional golfing game. There is no doubt that at the professional level, golf has evolved to become a power game and all this was inspired by professional golfers like Tiger Woods.

With golf, you should hit the ball as far off the tee as possible and keep the ball in play. You need to be proficient with the putter and wedge to convert birdies. The few tips mentioned in this article will help you escalate your golf club speed.

Understand Club Head Speed


For you to increase clubhead speed, you must understand what it is. Increasing the speed of your club head is crucial for increasing the distance that you hit your golf clubs. This is because more speed will translate to more energy at impact with the ball.

As a golfer, you need to know the current average clubhead speed. There are golf technology systems that use sensors to analyze the golf swing and showcase what the swing speed at impact is. You need a data point that you can start with so that you can determine whether your swing speed is increasing and improving with time and practice.

The best pro golfers in the world usually have clubhead speeds of between 110 and 120 mph. They tend to swing faster compared to amateur golfers by 10 to 20 mph and this creates a significant difference in distance. An increase of 1 or 2 mph in your club head speed will add several yards to your golfing game.

Timing comes in handy when you want to increase the speed of your swing. Golf swings build up energy throughout the swing and pro golfers around the world know how they can release this power at impact with perfect timing. When timed perfectly, your club head will hasten towards the golf ball at maximum speed.

Put A little Lag

Lag simply refers to the angle between your forearm and the shaft in the downswing. Lag has lots of potential of turning a smooth swing into a great power. In this case, the bigger the angle the more rush you will get through the golf ball. You can increase the swing speed by just releasing the angle in the elbow and the wrist afterward.

Utilize Speed Training Tools

Today, speed training tools are creating lots of buzz in the golfing world. There are lots of specialized tools that you can find today and each one tends to operate in a unique way to enhance your speed. Furthermore, there are tools customized for people of different age groups and for players of a specified level of experience in golf. These ensure that the equipment is accessible across a wide range of players. One example of these tools is MISIG that helps to boost swing speed in golf. These devices works great and you can see a change in your golfing performance in just a few days of using it.

Emphasize On Rotation


The rotation of your upper body against the lower body will have a great effect on the swing speed of your clubhead. The upper body usually turns 90 degrees while the back faces the target and your hips rotate at 45 degrees. The differences between these angles tend to create the torque required and the will to power your swings. Therefore, when you get your body’s rotation to optimal, you can quickly and significantly increase the swing speed.

Use the Wrist As a Lever

While swinging your club, your wrists should work as your lever. The wrists will pivot on the way back when you take your golf club away. To guarantee optimal swing, ensure that the wrists are hinged until before the actual impact.  When you keep the wrists hinged and do not release the angle in them, you will not waste more energy casting the golf club. This way, all the energy cast on the golf club will accelerate its speed. Furthermore, your wrist levers could offer that last-minute energy surge through the impact.

Fix your Grip

Fixing your grip is never an easy thing for most people to do. However, it is crucial for solving most issues related to impact problems, club speed, hooks, and slices. A proper grip will allow you to release the club through an impact, therefore, freeing up the golf club head to attain maximum speed at the right time.

Physical Fitness

Your overall range of motion and strength will significantly affect the goal swing speed. Although the exact effect may be quite challenging to quantify, it has been observed that when golfers become more fit, then the distance and the speed tend to increase. Therefore, you need to find a system that takes into account relevant information regarding your age, time, and commitment so that you can enhance your physical fitness. You need to concentrate and work on your core as it will help you reach your maximum potential.

Golfers who have a strong core and strong legs tend to generate lots of power in the golf swing. When you get to bottom of the golf club swing, you will heavily rely on your core area and torso to power through your golf ball. This is why physical exercise is crucial for increasing the swing speed.

Hit It Freely

Most beginner golfers believe that swinging the golf club harder will make them faster. Generally, this is true, however, in most cases, it tends to cause tension, which slows down the clubhead speed. In addition, there is a higher probability of putting the resultant speed in the wrong direction, which decreases the accuracy. You must always remember to keep the body loose while swinging it freely.

Golf is a complicated, but very rewarding game. There are many golfers who wish to achieve a professional level in all facets of this game. Increasing the golf club swing speed is a crucial part of playing golf. You can try out these aforementioned tips to help you improve your speed and become a better golfer.

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