What Is A Hybrid Golf Club (Explained)

Whether you are a professional golf player, an amateur of just starting to learn the game, you have to use golf clubs each time you play. Golf clubs come in five categories, all used for different functions. The five are the irons, the woods, which also includes the driver, the wedges, the putter, and the hybrids, which is the focus in this article.

The hybrids date back to the 1970s, but it is not until the 2000s that their popularity became evident in golfing. Today, about 80% of golfers choose to use the hybrid club over the irons and woods. The number of users is double what it was 15 years ago. So, what is a hybrid golf club and why is there so much obsession with it?

What is a Hybrid Golf Club?

The meaning of the word hybrid is a crossbreed, and that is what the hybrid golf club is. The hybrid golf club shares the features of both the long irons and fairway woods. It combines the distance and forgiving nature of the wood with the swing mechanics of the iron club. In short, hybrids offer players that struggle with fairway woods or irons the distance they need and the accuracy of the iron.

In addition, hybrid golf clubs fly further and higher, and unlike the irons, they provide a much softer landing. The hybrid is lightweight and the easiest club to use among all the others. It is also the most modern club with features that players of all skill levels appreciate.

The length, club head, and construction material of the hybrid club are similar to those of the irons. In addition, the volume of the hybrid is very much like that of the woods, making handling easy. Other notable characteristics of the hybrid golf club are:

  • The clubhead is hollow, which helps to spread the club weight to the edges
  • center of gravity and profile of the club are low
  • The loft is between 15 and 24 degrees which an improvement on the woods
  • The clubhead of many of the hybrid club brands use different metals
  • Some of the brands have two to three hybrid types, with some being very similar to the woods and irons, while others have flatter faces
  • Some of the hybrids portray moved back faces, which help to move backward the center of gravity, making the positioning of the clubhead easier

When to Use a Hybrid Golf Club


When is the best time to use the hybrid? Who should use the hybrid golf club? Even though the hybrid club is a favorite golf club with many golf players irrespective of their status, some deserve it more than others do. For example, golf players with a handicap higher than 3 need hybrids, more than they need irons or woods, to help lower their scores.

The hybrid is light, and it has a clubhead that increases ball speed. Players stuck in the fairway can also take advantage of the hybrid aesthetics to get out of the sand traps and roughs. However, some people believe that professionals do not use hybrid golf clubs because they already have a firm grasp of the irons and woods.

On the contrary, the hybrids are as popular with the professional as they are with the average players. Some of the most famous and accomplished golf players that use the hybrids include Steve Stricker, Tiger Woods, and Phil Mickelson.

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Wrapping it up

The popularity of the hybrid golf club over the other clubs is unbeatable because of its wonderful features. The club changes the play allowing players to perform better by hitting higher and landing more swiftly. It hits the ball accurately and in a straight line, and it is the easiest club to use.

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