Which City Has An Airport With A Golf Course Between Runways

In most golf courses around the world, golfers avoid hitting the ball to land hazards such as areas that are out of bound, bunkers, lakes, and thickets, among several others. Can you imagine a city where golfers have to avoid hitting moving or still airplanes with their golf balls?

A slight wrong hit on the ball could hit a passenger plane just taking off the runway, which could become a costly affair.

Which City Has An Airport With A Golf Course Between Runways?

City With An Airport And A Golf Course Between Runways

Welcome to Don Mueang International Airport Bangkok, home to Katarat Golf Course. The golf course sits between two runways, with the teeing point being only 20 yards from the passenger planes. The 18-hole course is a narrow strip inside Don Mueang, one of the world's busiest international airports.


Despite the jets' noise and traffic landing in and moving out every few minutes, the golf course is a favorite with plane-spotters. It is also cheap to play at the narrow 18-course golf strip because it is public. Golfers that want to tee off at the 18-hole golf course have to go through mandatory security checks that include frisking their golf bags using explosive detectors.

Don Mueang Airport officially started operating in 1914. It is home to the Royal Thai Air Force and one of the major hubs for commercial airports in Asia. Since the Covid-19 pandemic majority of the airports worldwide have lost much business, but on a typical year, the airport records over a million passengers passing through by using their commercial flights.

In 2015, the airport made some safety changes after the international civil aviation organization gave it a red flag. The course does not have any separation from the runway, and the only thing that holds people back is a red light that alerts the players of an approaching plane.  The Katarat Golf course, built in 1956, does not have any fairways, which means the only obstacle is a passenger jet on the runway.

The all-season golf course ranks 3rd among the top ten golf courses worldwide, meaning passengers who want to tee can do it all year round.

Wrapping It Up

Playing at the Katarat golf course is a thrill for many players that enjoy the thrill that comes with playing amidst obstacles. The golf course leaves lasting memories for many golfers. The airport is the only place in the world where you can tee off as you watch a huge commercial Boeing 747 land or take off.

No doubt, the view is impressive, but the excitement can land you in trouble if you are not too careful. Compared to many other golf courses worldwide, the Katarat Golf Course does not offer players much besides the swooping planes, the low prices, and walking across the busy taxiway to get back to the course.

All the other services that you expect on a regular golf course are also available here. The benefits include rental services for carts, clubs, caddies, etc.

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