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Golf is both exciting and frustrating at the same time, even for the most skilled players. Many are times that players find themselves in emotional rollercoasters because their golf game did not go as they wanted it to. During playtime, golfers go through numerous repulsive shots that make them want to give up playing altogether.

It is even worse for beginners that lose several balls before they get the hang of the game. Besides the lack of enough practice, using improper golf clubs can be frustrating. If you want to enjoy golfing, always use the best golf clubs in varying ranges of wedges, irons, and woods.


What Is A Golf Club?

A golf club is simply a long shaft with a head used by golfers to hit the golf ball with the intention of putting it on a hole. The shaft has a grip and a club head that you use to push or hit the golf ball to a target area.
Golf clubs come in varying ranges of wedges, irons, and woods. The club you choose for the shots should match your style of play and level of experience.

To help you out, we review the best golf clubs in the market that make it easier for you to achieve the beat play and even improve your golf handicaps.

Our Top Picks Of The Best Golf Clubs On The Market

Best Hybrid Golf Clubs

Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids

Pinemeadow Excel EGI Hybrids (Men's, Right Hand, Graphite, Regular Flex)

Hybrid golf clubs are not very old in the golfing industry, but they are catching up fast. The clubs, designed for golfers with high handicaps, provide the perfect accuracy and control on the greens. Pinemeadow is not a new name in the golfing scene. The company creates affordable clubs that are especially ideal for beginners.

The clubs do not have the extravagant and fancy appeal of modern M6 hybrids, but they are reliable and practical enough for all types of players. The shaft material of the clubs is graphite with a regular flex. The hybrids come in eight lofts that provide you with easier hits and more chances of replacing irons.

Each of the hybrids features a right weight balance throughout the club’s head that helps to widen the sweet spot. The hybrids also come with a good shape that allows you to use them from different lies. Unlike the irons, the hybrids add distance, improve your game instantly, and are more forgiving. They also come with a head cover that helps to protect the clubs while in transit.

TaylorMade SIM MAX Hybrid

TaylorMade SIM MAX Hybrid

The TaylorMade SIM MAX Hybrid is the club to use if you want to improve your golf. It comes with a classic v design with reduced friction for improved turf interaction and additional versatility, especially when tackling difficult and tight lies. The club also comes with corrective face angles specially designed to minimize miss-hits for less experienced players.

The twisted face also helps to produce straighter shots. Other features that make the club unique include a speed pocket for enhanced sole flexibility that allows adding ball speed, minimizing mis-hits, and engineering additional forgiveness.

The clubs come with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and durable C300 steel construction. They also come in three different colors of titanium, blue and black. The flex of the club is regular with a left-hand orientation.

Best Golf Clubs for Seniors

Cleveland Golf Launcher HB Turbo Driver

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver

Cleveland is not one of the most famous golf equipment names, but the golf launcher HB turbo is turning heads among many golfers. The golf club is lightweight, forgiving, and fast. It is excellent for straighter hits and ideal for the average golfer. The launcher HB turbo utilizes technology to create straighter, higher drives, and add speed.

The golf club also features a redesigned HiBore crown (HB) with aerodynamics strikes at the head’s back and a step close to the face. The new features allow for more precise and better strikes. The ultra-light hosel of the golf club provides higher ball launch and higher forgiveness levels.

Other notable features that will strike you about the Cleveland golf launcher HB turbo driver include weight redistribution that creates deep weighting at the back sole of the club, increasing speed and forgiveness, and raised energy transfer across a larger area, and the Miyazaki specially designed shaft. If you are a beginner, there are many beautiful things to like about this golf club, and it comes at a fair price.

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Best Golf Clubs for the Money

Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver

Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver

In 2017, Callaway made headlines across the green worldwide with its jailbreak technology. The company never disappoints, and the updated version comes with a bumped up performance that beats the last version. The golf club still uses the same technology, but the current one has a lower measure of forgiveness, which provides better performances.

The set of clubs do not come cheap, but they are a worthy investment. The first thing you notice about the Callaway Rogue Driver is its attractive appearance. The club’s feel goes well with the good looks, and these factors alone will make you fall in love with the new look rogue.

The Callaway Rogue Driver offers you everything you need in a quality golf club irrespective of your skills. It provides you with more distance, better on-off center hits, and plenty of forgiveness that you do not find in many other golf clubs. Even better, you will love showing it off on the greens because it is a real beauty.

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Best Beginner Golf Clubs

Aspire PRO-X Ladies Women’s Complete Right-Handed Golf Clubs

Aspire PRO-X Ladies Womens Complete Right Handed Golf Clubs Set Includes Titanium F Driver, 3 Fairway Wood, 4-5 Hybrids, 7-SW Irons, Putter, Cart Bag, 4 H/C's (Petite Size -1', Right Hand)

One of the things that make golf unique is that you can get the right equipment that suits your physique, golfing ability, and even gender. The Aspire PRO X Ladies Golf Clubs are some of the top-rated golf clubs for petite ladies. The golfers provide outstanding performances for both professional and beginners alike.

The set of 10 clubs includes one driver, a putter, two hybrids, a fairway wood, and five irons. Each of the ten clubs also comes with the Aspire Premium V6 Women’s Flex Shaft, which combines with an ultra-thin face to deliver excellent distance. The clubs also come with pre-installed Premium Tour Pride Grips to provide a firmer grip for the perfect swing and hit.

The cart bag includes several storage pockets where you can put away all your personal belongings as you tee off. It is also an attractive bag, which will complement you as a woman on the greens.

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Best Hybrid Golf Clubs for High Handicappers

Tour Edge Bazooka Platinum Golf Iron Wood

Tour Edge Bazooka Platinum Golf Iron Wood

One of the things that make the Tour Edge Bazooka an excellent choice for beginners and those working on a budget is that you can choose to buy the whole set or an individual club. The club is a great choice, too, if you want to take your game to an entirely new level. It is the ideal iron replacement and comes with a hyper-steel head that is more hollow, over-sized, and perimeter-weighted.

The club also includes two tungsten soles with enough weights for extreme forgiving performance. The weights also help to fly off-center hits longer and with more accuracy. The platinum ironwood boasts of a cast body with a forged crown that is super thin and lightweight, which helps to launch the ball higher after a hit.

The thin face of the club features three in-built reinforcement bars that provide durability and enhanced distance. It is the perfect budget-friendly choice for beginners, seniors, and those playing golf for recreational purposes.

Best Golf Clubs for Women

Callaway STRATA Women’s Golf Packaged Set

STRATA Women's Golf Packaged Sets

If you are looking for high-quality golf clubs that come with value for money, you could not do better than the Callaway strata women’s golf packaged set. The 16-piece set is one of the best in the market, and it comes with proven performance on the greens. The construction material of the clubs is of the highest quality that provides you with durability and sturdiness.

The ultimate performance, distance, and control that you get from the clubs are all due to modernization and technology used on the golf designs. The driver is titanium, sturdy, and stable. It has a large sweet spot explicitly made for extra forgiveness.

The graphite shaft is 44 inches long with the loft at 10.5 degrees, making it one of the longest women’s golf clubs in the market. The fair wood is 3-wood, built especially for high, and low flying golf shots. The set contains hybrids, irons, wedges, and a putter, which widens your selection for the best club to suit your ability and hit. The stand bag is lightweight but durable.

Best Golf Clubs for Men

RecieseGolf Co. 18-Piece Men’s Complete Golf Club Package

18 Piece Men's Complete Golf Club Package Set With Titanium Driver, #3 & #5 Fairway Woods, #4 Hybrid, 5-SW Irons, Putter, Stand Bag, 4 H/C's (Blue, Tall Size +1')

Precise golf is probably a name that many players do not recognize. Well, maybe not as much as the more prominent brands amid such as TaylorMade, Callaway, or Mizuna. However, PreciseGolf Co. is a name to reckon with when it comes to high-quality golf clubs that provide the best performances, especially for beginners. The set of 18 is affordable, and it comes with all the clubs you need to start your golfing journey on the greens irrespective of the swing style, ability, and requirements.

The full titanium driver is one of the best things you will find in the golf bag. The driver’s construction is outstanding, with a lightweight feature and a large sweet spot for exemplary forgiving. The putter is another club you will fall in love with if you are starting as a golfer. It has a lightweight blade that minimizes hand strength while putting.

The alignment system of the putter is also perfect for beginners. The grips are dual-compound ergonomic shafts, making it convenient for you when you have your fingers wrapped around the shaft. The incredible set would not be complete without a bag. The golf bag is spacious, and it comes with an automatic stand that prevents it from falling to the ground due to the clubs’ weight.

Best Kids Golf Clubs

PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set

Distinctive Left Handed Junior Golf Club Set for Age 9 to 12 ( Height 4'4' to 5' ), Left Handed Only, Set Includes: Driver (15' ), Hybrid Wood (22, 2 Irons, Putter, Bonus Stand Bag & 2 Headcovers

Junior golf players need to have the same confidence on the greens, just like the more mature players. Using just any other type of club may not provide the juniors with the kind of confidence they need. PreciseGolf Co. makes it convenient for juniors to enjoy fulfilling games on the greens with this wonderful golf club set. The set also saves parents the agony of choosing the best golf clubs for their children because the bag comes with all they need.

The clubs’ shafts are graphite, which is an excellent thing because the children will grow up accustomed to the construction that will improve their distance as they grow. All the clubs are lightweight, enabling even the tiniest toddlers to swing with ease. The junior sets come in different sizes, specially designed for varying age groups.

You can get clubs for 3 to 5-year-olds, 4-6, and 9-12-year-olds. They also have specific clubs for left and right-handed orientations. The five clubs include a driver, a putter, a hybrid wood, and the irons. The construction of both the golf clubs and bags are durable, and the set is affordable.

Best Junior Golf Clubs

Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set

Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set

The number of kids playing golf today is increasing, which is a great joy for both parents and the sports community. Nothing is as god as learning skills from an early age because, by adulthood, the level of expertise and skill will be tremendous. Learning golf at an early age also provides children with more exposure to superb golf courses and professional golfers.

However, you have to arm your children with proper equipment that compliments their age, height, skills, and body weight. Callwaway is making that possible by providing the young boys and girls with a wide range of golf club sets that suit different age groups of junior golfers. The clubs also come with a fantastic lightweight stand bag that will not burden the frail shoulders of the child’s shoulders or back as they walk through the greens taking their shots.

The balls’ lofts come with maximum distance and ball height to ensure that your child gets the best out of the clubs. The set of 10 is ideal for any child making an entry into the game of golf. The set also takes away the inconvenience of searching for your child’s correct clubs to begin golfing with. The ideal height for the children using the Callaway Golf XJ Junior Golf Set is 4’4″ to 5’0″.

Best Cheap Golf Clubs

Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy’s Individual Golf Clubs

Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy's Individual Golf Clubs, Right Hand(Ages 9-12)

Hybrids are making it big in the golfing industry because of their efficiency and distance hits. One of the best hybrids doing the rounds is the Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Boy’s, which provides the best alternative to the traditional and standard irons. The set of hybrids gives you a choice of eight lofts designed to offer convenience and ease while playing.

Each of the clubs comes with a high-quality graphite shaft, with a thinner, yet durable material. The clubs also come with a head cover that keeps them safe from extreme weather conditions, wears, and tears. The clubs have more forgiving, and they help to improve the distance with the sole intention of making you a more skillful player.

The hybrids are cost-friendly, and they come with a modern, stylish, and sleek design that is a treat to look at even from those playing with you on the greens. The hybrids have a regular flex and coveted large sweet spots, making them the perfect fits irrespective of skill and ability. Even though beginners may take a while to grasp the clubs, they are the best to use in the market if you want to take your skills to an entirely new level.

Best Golf Club Sets

STRATA Men’s Golf Packaged Sets

STRATA Men's Golf Packaged Sets

The 12-piece Callaway golf packaged set is everything a golf beginner needs to begin playing immediately after opening the golf bag. The set is affordable, and it comes with all the clubs that include a putter, irons, a driver, and hybrids that any golfer needs for the perfect game on the course.

Besides coming as a complete package, other things that make the Callaway STRATA Men’s Golf Set stand out include – the large titanium 460cc driver clubhead that provides plenty of forgiveness from the wide sweet spot. Another inclusion is the hybrid that helps any beginner to grow their game right from the tee box.

The backed iron sets have large cavities and sweet spots with perimeter weighing to keep your shots on target. The set also comes with two head covers that protect the club heads at all times from bad weather conditions, wear and tear. The stand bag is also another utility that makes the Callaway strata a worthy investment.

The bag has a large shoulder strap and two legs that make it easier to walk with your clubs through the course without the bag touching the ground. The complete package includes one wedge, one putter, three woods, four irons, and a stand bag.

How To Choose the Best Golf Clubs

How To Choose the Best Golf Clubs

One of the mistakes players make when choosing golf clubs is to go with what is trending. If you want the proper club to make you a better player, the following factors are what you should consider when you go shopping for your set of golf clubs.

  • Do Not Buy Because Of The Name

The first thing you should consider is that not every big name is the right one for you. You may assume that because a professional player won the championships using a specific type of club, you could shine by using the same. Carry out enough research; know your abilities on the greens ad buy a golf club set that fits your requirements.

  • Grip

Grip thickness is another factor to consider when buying a golf club, as it can make a massive difference to your swing. If the grip is too thin, you will develop large hand actions, which could mess up your swing, and an overly thick grip will restrict your hands from making the perfect swing. Buy a club that feels comfortable to hold and swing.

  • Head

If you are a fast swinger, you should choose a golf club with a heavier head as it provides you with more control. A slower swinger will do better with a much lighter head as it increases the club head’s velocity. Choose a golf club that will provide you with confidence and comfort when you are hitting the ball. If you are a beginner, avoid deeper faced clubs because their launch is lower ad hard to master for beginners.

  • Shaft

The clubhead comes into contact with the ball, but the shaft is also as important when it comes to any shot outcome. Flex is not the only thing that a club shaft provides. You should also consider other variables besides flexibility, such as weight, bend points, and kick points.

Heavier shafts provide lower flights, while lighter shafts increase the speed of the clubhead. The kick and bend points, also contribute to the shot results. The length of the shaft differs for both men and women.

  • Loft

The loft is another vital aspect of the golf club to consider when choosing your game’s right fit. The loft angle helps to control the ball trajectory and improve distance. Professional and skilled golfers prefer drives with lower lofts as they have better spin than the higher lofted drives. A higher loft is the best for beginners because it produces less spade spin, which allows consistency and straighter ball flights.

What Size Golf Clubs Do I Need

The following golf club iron sizes should be of help when choosing the golf club’s size that you need for your games.

Your Height      Golf Club Sizes
6ft 9″ – 7ft 0″  Add 2″ to Standard Length
6ft 6″ – 6ft 9″          Add 1 1/2″ to Standard Length
6ft 3″ – 6ft 6″    Add 1″ to Standard Length
6ft 0″ – 6ft 3″    Add 1/2″ to Standard Length
5ft 9″ – 6ft 0″    Standard Length
5ft 6″ – 5ft 9″     Subtract 1/2″ from Standard Length
5ft 3″ – 5ft 6″    Subtract 1″ from Standard Length
5ft 0″ – 5ft 3″   Subtract 1 1/2″ from Standard Length
4ft 9″ – 5ft 0″     Subtract 2″ from Standard Length
  • Driver And Putter Size

The longer the golf club driver, the better the distance, the best drive sizes have an average length of 45.5 inches, but golf rules allow drives with lengths of up to 48 inches. The putter’s size on the hand is a preference of the player, as they have to take into account their accuracy and control abilities.

How Much To Ship Golf Clubs

If you are a professional golfer, you may have shipped golf clubs and other golf equipment at one time or the other. However, if you are getting into the game, you may have questions regarding how much it will cost you to ship the best golf clubs to your location. The first thing you should note is that you need to engage a trusted online seller before you send that money.

You also need to hire the services off a suitable transport company or airline to ensure that you get your golf clubs in excellent condition, and you do not overspend much on shipping. Some of the largest shipping companies are DHL, FedEx, USPS, and UPS. The companies have long services in the shipping industry and understand all the needs of golfers.

They offer modest shipping prices, and they operate in all countries around the world. Each of the companies has its own shipping costs depending on various aspects that include how fast you want the golf clubs to reach you, how far you need the golf clubs shipped, and the total weight of the package. Domestic shipping costs are, of course, much lower than international expenses.

For example, FedEx charges anything between $50 and $ 70 for domestic shipping within the USA with transmits time of four days. If you want the clubs within a shorter tie, the price goes up. UPS will also cost you less than $100 but more for expedited services within the USA. USPS provides free priority cardboard mailing tubes that allow you to ship your golf clubs. You can also choose to use priority mailboxes or priority mail express to shape your clubs but use the same corresponding service.

Using the services also depends on the weight and size of the clubs. DHL offers limited domestic services but is one of the best to use for international shipping services. International shipping costs could be as low as $200 to as high as $700 depending on the country you need the golf clubs shipped, mode of transportation, size, and weight. Besides these shipping services, you can also opt to use third-party services that provide you with huge discounts and much better competitive prices.

How Many Clubs Allowed In A Golf Bag

How Many Clubs Allowed In A Golf Bag

According to golf rules, the top golf clubs allowed in a golf bag are 14. The rules also allow you to play a round of golf with less than the stipulated maximum number. If a player starts the game with less than 14 clubs and wants to add to the allowed maximum, he/she can do so as long as there is no delay to the round and that cubs do not come from other players on the golf course.

If you exceed the maximum clubs in a golf bag, you could face some penalty depending on the game you are playing. The penalty could come in the form of reducing your scores or disqualification.

Limiting the number to a maximum of 14 clubs in a golf bag keeps the bag light enough to carry, helps to provide more creative shots, and helps to keep the costs of buying clubs down. The 14 clubs include a putter, eight irons, a driver, and three woods.

Golf Club Categories

The various categories of golf clubs are as follows:-


drivers golf clubs

Drivers fall on the wood category though modern ones are titanium or steel. Drivers have long lengths used to hit the golf ball with an attempt to cover long distances. Compared to other golf clubs, a driver has the lowest loft because it has specific uses and characteristics.

The loft angle of a driver ranges from 7 degrees to 11 degrees. The main characteristics of a driver are a graphite shaft, largest clubhead among the pack of golf clubs and it is the longest golf club.

Fairway Woods

Fairway Woods

Fairway woods also fall on the wood category albeit having any association with wood. They have graphite shafts, a bulbous and flat face. Fairways are ideal for distance and control of the ball. They have lofts ranging from 12 to 20 degrees, which allow you to make higher, and softer shots than you could with other clubs.



Irons are also other highly used golf clubs in any typical round of golf. They are versatile and you can use them to hit a golf ball from any hole on the greens or use them for both mid and long-range shots. The club heads of an iron is 100% metal with deep grooves that run from toe to heel. The grooves help to generate extra ball spin.

Iron club heads are thinner than woods and hybrids, allowing them better accuracy for close and high shots.


Hybrids golf clubs

Hybrids are the 21st century golf clubs that come with a combination of iron and wood. The main uses of the hybrid golf club are to make easy airborne shots, minimize mishits, and have better control of the swing and stroke. The design and functionalities of the hybrid make it a favorite with many players on the greens today.


Wedges golf clubs

Wedges too come with specific characteristics and uses. They have lofts ranging from 46 to 64 degrees that are very similar to iron lofts. Wedges are ideal for hitting a ball back to the greens after landing on a turf and sand surface.

They have an angle situated between the sole and edge of the clubface, which also goes by the name bounce that helps to bounce the off the ground much more easily than other clubs do.



The putter is the most important golf club in golfing and the one that players use the most. It has a distinctive feature of a flat clubface and does not have any bounce angles or lofts. The putter has a smooth feel provided by metal or plastic inserts. The main function of the putter is to roll the ball into the hole.


Does Cleaning A Golf Club Help With A Round Of Golf?

Cleaning golf clubs comes easy because they have materials that are easy to dust off and wipe. You should keep your golf clubs clean at all times, if not for the game’s sake, then for personality sakes.

Some of the benefits of owning clean clubs are to prevent rust, which can tamper with performance if left unmanaged. Cleaning golf clubs is also a cheap thing to do because all you need is soap, a bucket, a washcloth, and warm water.

How Much Distance Should A Club Hit?

The distance that you hit with your golf club depends on several factors. Some of the factors include your skills, equipment such as the ball and type of club you are using, the golf course’s situation and conditions, weather, age, and gender. Men have a more substantial swing than women do, and they can cover a longer distance.

Professional golfers can cover anything between 160 and 170 yards. The average yardage for an adult male is around 140-150 yards, while the average for an adult female is 80-100 yards.

Can A Left-handed Golf Player Use A Right-handed Golf Club?

Yes, you can but use a right-hand swing to make your hit. The majority of the club manufacturing companies have clubs explicitly designed for right-handed players. However, some brands provide alternatives for left-handed golfers that find it hard to use right-handed golf clubs. If you are left-handed and feel comfortable using a right-handed golf club, then, by all means, go for it.

Wrapping It Up

The best golf clubs for your round of golf are an integral part if you are to improve your handicap or skill. Golf clubs are parts of golf equipment that novices do not understand easily. The reason is that they come in different varieties meant for different types of play.

However, they are not rocket science, and after a few practices, and knowing what to look for in the perfect club, you get the ideal fit for your shots, distance, speed, and forgiveness.

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